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Quality Native Syphilis (Treponemal) Raw Material

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White Antibodies is one of the largest bulk manufacturers of Treponema pallidum antigen used for the diagnosis of syphilis

Bulk Treponeme antigen

(Nichols Strain) directly from the current infection pool

  • Material supplied at 6×10 Organisms per ml – other concentrations available
  • All material supplied in Phosphate Buffered Saline and Azide at 0.1%
  • COA supplied with each batch
  • If you need a antigen that meets the sensitivity and specificity demands required to meet the Gold standard in your application contact us today.
  • Treponeme production has a seasonal production cycle, please contact us for advance availability.

Our Treponemes were originally sourced from leading GUM clinics in London in the 1970’s however it is possible that the bug has changed over time, to this end we replenish our seed stock to ensure we have the most current sub strains infecting the population.

We hold several cell lines of the Nichols strain of T.pallidum in secure offsite Liquid Nitrogen stores for use to seed production batches.

With over 30 years of experience refining production processes we have developed two key purity grades of antigen.

  1. Grade One – a cleaner harvest using refined processes.
  2. Grade Two – A superior antigen for use in TPHA manufacture containing background (ballast) cells of immune response which protects the treponemes during signification during kit manufacture.

Improved Sensitivity & Specificity

Have a question? Wish to make an enquiry? Contact us and find out more, we’re happy to help if we can!

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