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Put a Ring on It! 7 Convincing Reasons to Get Married in the Near Future

You’ve been thinking about proposing to your partner for a while now. When you mention to your friends and family you get a mixed reaction. Most of them give you their congratulations and support.

Then there are the ones that make the tired “ball and chain” jokes. Marriage can’t be as bad as these wisecracks make it out to be right? The answer is no, not by any means. 

Marriage is a beautiful process that binds two souls together. Other than the expense of the ceremony, there are a lot of reasons to get married. Keep reading to see a list of all the benefits so you can decide if matrimony is a path that you’re ready to walk.

1. The Process  

Marriage a beautiful and fun process. You find out why you should book your stag or bachelorette party, have your best man and maid of honor plan it, go shopping for dresses and the tux, have the ceremony, and then celebrate your love at your reception. 

Planning all of this and making things official with a piece of paper brings couples closer together. You can’t get that out of only living under the same roof. 

2. Splitting the Bills is Nice 

Okay, you shouldn’t pop the question to the first person you date who seems nice in order to get a little bill relief. That would be a horrible idea. When you do find the right person though, splitting the bills is nice. 

It’s much easier for two people to handle rent, utilities, and groceries than it is for one person to do it. Especially if you’re both working. Sure you can do that when you’re not married if you live together but being married puts that extra layer of trust and commitment there. 

3. You’ll Feel More Secure 

While some people get divorces (we most certainly hope you don’t), signing a marriage certificate acts as a protective layer that makes the commitment a little more secure. 

You’re more likely to try and work on your differences instead of letting your relationship fall apart. Being married to someone also means that you have someone who has your back in all that you do. 

The person you marry is your best friend and they will stand with you in all the challenges that you may face. It’s a warm and secure feeling.  

4. It Protects Your Health

New research has shown that married people have a lower rate of heart disease. So, getting married will literally protect your heart.  Married people have better health in general. 

You’ll have someone at home who is always there to make soup for you and give you medicine when you’re sick. They may push you to make healthier lifestyle choices as well. 

Many adults go without health insurance because it’s so expensive. Some people do get health insurance through their jobs which makes things a lot more affordable. 

If your partner has such a luxury at their job the two of you can get married and share it together. 

5. Tax Time 

Spouses who file jointly on a tax return can enjoy some sweet tax breaks. There is no telling what you will get out of this. Some couples don’t get anything while others get a lot. 

Say, your partner files a 1099 rather than a normal W2. This would mean that they would owe money to the IRS rather than receive any.

They may get some tax break for being married. So, filing jointly will take at least a small chunk out of what they have to pay. 

6. In the Event of Tragedy 

You don’t want to think of losing a loved one but tragedy can strike at any moment. When it does, it would be best if you were married. If your spouse dies and you’re married then you’ll have rights to their assets without having to pay any kind of taxes for it. 

Boyfriends and girlfriends don’t have the same type of luxury. There is also the matter of illness. If for example, you were to get sick your spouse wouldn’t be able to take paid sick leave to take care of you. 

Bosses are more than willing to give time off for an ill spouse but not so much for a sick boyfriend or girlfriend. Lastly, if your relationship doesn’t work and you get a divorce, you may be able to get alimony. You don’t get this option if you didn’t tie the knot. 

7. It’s Easier to Become Homeowners 

You’ve found the house of your dreams but you can’t afford it and you got declined for a mortgage because of your credit score. If you and your partner were married this scenario would have worked out a lot differently. 

You and your spouse can go in and apply for the mortgage together. Both of your credit scores will be used. This means that if one of you has a great score and one of you has one that needs some work it may be balanced out enough for you to get approved. 

Good Reasons to Get Married to the Love of Your Life  

Are you wondering if you should tie the knot with your partner? There is some negative stigma around marriage but there are plenty of good reasons to get married.

It can take financial stress off you and it gives you someone to turn to that you can trust. So, if you feel like you’re ready to take this next step in both your lives, don’t let anything hold you back. 

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