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Product Spotlight: Pre-Applied ND Anti-Seize

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ND Industries employs a pre-application method known as ND Anti-Seize, where custom dry film lubricants are administered to fasteners and assemblies. This process is implemented to counteract issues such as galling, seizing, and corrosion. Pre-applied bolts, subjected to the same torque as uncoated bolts, demonstrate an elevated torque clamp load.

How ND Anti-Seize Works

When customer components are shipped to ND Industries, they undergo our distinctive ND Anti-Seize pre-application procedure, during which dry film lubricants are applied to fasteners and assemblies in large quantities. The custom-formulated materials are subsequently dried, and the finalized fasteners are carefully packaged before being returned to the customer.

These processed parts are delivered in a state ready for immediate assembly or can be stored until required. The prolonged shelf life of ND Anti-Seize-treated parts is attributed to the inert characteristics of the materials utilized. Nevertheless, it is advisable to conduct re-certification of the parts to ensure that external factors have not compromised their performance.


Utilizing the ND Anti-Seize process has a plethora of benefits, including:

  • Time Efficiency: The utilization of Pre-Applied ND Anti-Seize parts allows for automatic feeding through standard devices, expediting your operational processes and enhancing overall productivity.

  • Cost Savings: The ND Anti-Seize processing method proves to be more cost-effective than the application of bottled anti-seize at the assembly point.

  • Quality Assurance: Pre-Applied components are meticulously coated according to specifications, ensuring a consistent level of performance that surpasses that of bottled products.

  • Fatigue Reduction: ND Anti-Seize processing contributes to a decrease in installation and removal torques, alleviating the burden on fastener fatigue.

  • Profitability Boost: Enhance the value of your fasteners without expanding inventory by delivering self-lubricated fasteners to customers.

ND Anti-Seize applications encompass a wide range, including Steering Columns, Engine Applications, Brakes, Rear-End, Transmissions, Areas of Vibration, Areas of Heat, Military Fasteners, and more. Furthermore, ND Anti-Seize meets or exceeds the performance criteria outlined in the General Motors GM 6108M specifications and standards.

For pricing or more information about ND Anti-Seize, contact Mudge Fasteners at (800) 634-0406.

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