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Private Jet Party: What Happens When You Get Too Rowdy on a Private Jet

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Flying by private jet is considered one of the most convenient and opulent ways to travel from one place to another, offering privacy, serenity and efficiency. You get the place to yourself, don’t have to bother with the preboarding hassle of a commercial flight and have flight staff ready to accommodate you along the way.

But taking this route comes with great responsibility. As a passenger on a private jet, it’s your responsibility to treat the aircraft and flight staff with the utmost respect throughout your travels. After all, you’re technically borrowing the private jet for your convenience, and this should reflect in the way you carry yourself throughout the flight.

Making it a priority to leave the jet looking just as clean and polished as it was presented to you should always be at the top of your mind. Doing the opposite could lead to safety concerns, legal ramifications, financial consequences and losing the privilege to fly with a specific charter service provider or aircraft owner.

So if you’re getting ready to have a bachelor party on a private jet, or you’re thinking about throwing your significant other a birthday party on a private jet, you may want to consider the consequences of getting too rowdy. Here’s what you need to know about having parties on private jets, and how to avoid getting blacklisted by a charter company.

What’s Considered Rowdy Behavior on a Private Jet?

The most important thing to remember when boarding a private jet is the fact that it’s not a nightclub, nor is it your best friend’s back patio in the middle of the summer. Private jets are a luxurious entity that should be treated with respect; when you’re a charter client, you’re flying in privilege and that shouldn’t be abused.

The Federal Aviation Administration has strict rules when it comes to party behavior on a private jet. When it comes to FAA rules for private jets and alcohol, alcoholic beverages brought onto a private plane must remain unopened in their original retail packaging and can contain 24% but no more than 70% alcohol by volume. The quantity limits are set at 5 liters per packaging and 5 total liters per passenger.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that private jet flyers should test their limits and drink as much as their permitted. You can drink, but it’s important to understand your own limits and remember that you’re a guest on the airplane. Treating the aircraft with respect, above or under the influence, is always essential.

When it comes to FAA rules for private jets regarding other substances such as marijuana, it’s important to know that it’s illegal to bring cannabis on any flight, private planes included. This law applies to all of those attending the flight – passengers, pilots, and flight crew members are all expected to abide by these rules.

But rowdy behavior doesn’t always have to involve substances and narcotics. Being unruly in any capacity is considered zero tolerance by the FAA as dangerous behavior. This can involve the refusal to comply with safety instructions, engaging in verbal or physical confrontation with flight crewmembers or other passengers, making threats toward the crew or other passengers, and any other “riotous” behavior like screaming and kicking.

Consequences of Rowdy Behavior

Rowdy behavior on a plane isn’t tolerated, and comes with almost immediate consequences. In fact, there are FAA regulations against being drunk. The FAA states that boarding a traveler who appears to be intoxicated is a violation of Section 121.575 of the Federal Aviation Regulations (FAR):

“No certificate holder may allow any person to board any of its aircraft if that person appears to be intoxicated.”

But no matter the nature of the rowdy behavior, and whether or not alcohol is involved, there are  consequences. The most impactful result generally involves landing at an unintended destination and being greeted by authorities.

Here are some of the other specific ramifications of acting up on a private jet.

Safety Considerations

Private jets are small, compact spaces. Choosing to get rowdy and disruptive can have a major impact on the way the flight crewmembers and pilots can carry themselves and do their job correctly. If you’re an unruly passenger who doesn’t abide by the rules and safety regulations, you’re putting yourself and the other passengers, flight attendants, and pilot at risk.

Legal Involvement

Private jets are subject to the same aviation laws and regulations as commercial flights. This means that, if you are unruly or engaging in illegal or disruptive behavior on your flight, you could face serious charges or fines that could result in time spent in jail. If you are caught doing anything illegal on the private jet, the flight crew may contact the authorities to meet you when you land.

Financial Repercussions

Private aircraft don’t come cheap. They’re very expensive to operate and maintain, which is one of the biggest reasons they’re considered a more opulent travel option. What this means is that paying for damages caused by rowdy behavior will also be a large expense.

Flyers who add to the wear and tear of a private jet during their flight will be expected to pay for the repairs. Financial repercussions involve more than repair and maintenance costs, however. If a flight(s) is delayed, disrupted, or cancelled due to poor behavior, the passenger may be responsible for covering the costs lost by the aircraft owner or charter service.

Other consequences could result in large cleaning fees or potential damage to the plane that you are on the hook for.

Poor Flyer Reputation

When a party on a private charter ends badly, the flight crewmembers, aircraft owner or charter service will remember your name. This can significantly impact your ability to travel via private plane in the future. If you have a reputation for getting rowdy on a plane and disrespecting the rules, an aircraft owner may be less likely to welcome you into their plane.

In short, rowdy behavior on a private jet can lead to various consequences, some of which may involve legal issues and financial losses. The easiest way to reduce your chances of navigating these issues is to remain on your best behavior throughout the flight.

How to Avoid Being Rowdy on a Private Jet

Being a pleasant and respectful passenger is the easiest way to thank a private aircraft owner for letting you travel in style. Being on your best behavior is the easiest way to respect the person giving you the opportunity to fly in a private jet.

Here are a few helpful tips and tricks to keep in mind if you want to avoid being a noisy, rowdy guest on a private jet flight.

Understand the Expectations

You likely aren’t going to see an ad for “private party jet rentals” and that should be your expectation going into private air charter. While the idea of partying on a private jet may be lavish, it could come with severe consequences. Setting this expectation early on can lead to a relaxed flight experience. Make sure to talk with a private jet charter agent in advance about the rules and requirements to expect before you book your jet.

Drink Responsibly

Since alcohol is permitted on private flights, be sure to drink responsibly. Understanding your limits can keep you from getting overly intoxicated and rowdy, causing inappropriate or disruptive behavior to the flight crew and other passengers.

Follow Safety Instructions

Private jets are subject to the same safety regulations as commercial flights, so keep this in mind as you enter the private jet.

Be Kind and Respectful

Remember: The owner of the private aircraft graciously permitted their asset to you. Proper private jet etiquette is to show respect to the aircraft owner by treating the jet with respect as well. Be a passenger that flight crew and pilots can’t wait to fly with, as they’ll share their experience with you with charter service providers and other aircraft owners.

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By refraining from throwing a private jet party and understanding your responsibilities as a private jet passenger, you can feel confident in having a satisfactory travel experience from the time you get on the plane until you leave the aircraft and prepare for ground transportation to your final destination.

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