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Staying At Da Nang Hotels? You Need To Know These 9 Things

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Despite not being the main spot for tourists, Da Nang has a lot of things to offer. For your first trip, know these 9 things when staying at Da Nang hotels.

When it comes to a holiday trip to Vietnam, most people would think about Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh first hand, lor. But strangely, not many people talk about Da Nang. It’s a bit of a shame because Da Nang is just as beautiful as any other tourist attractions in Vietnam. Plus, there’s something ethereal about Da Nang hotels, in which many of them are just meters away from the seaside. Kind of makes you curious about this particular region, no?

Therefore, let’s get to know about Da Nang region first

Da Nang is Vietnam’s third-largest city, behind Ho Chi Minh and Hanoi. What separates it from the other two is that the city’s location is on the coast, right beside a vast ocean. Adding to that is the perfect blend of traditional and modern cultures preserved by the locals, making it even more unique. And even more, natural environments become common attractions, such as water sports and mount climbing.

Because of that, Da Nang hotels offer many things you can’t find in other hotels around Vietnam. For a start, they tend to be situated on the seaside, allowing visitors to feel like they’ve found a private beach. Then, there are many other unique attractions exclusive to Da Nang only which you really should know and visit! Here are 9 of those attractions around Da Nang hotels.

1. Visit Ba Na Hills

2. Ba Na Hills Resized

This is one of many other luxurious attractions around Da Nang hotels. As a collection of hills in a rather low-to-the-ground area, Ba Na Hills possess amazing buildings in a vast area. And, in the middle of them all, lies Ba Na Hill Fantasy Park, a modern theme park full of exciting entertainments. Among the facilities lies a wax museum, where you can find lots of celebrities’ wax statues.

But if you take a glance at the hills, you might be thinking, “Alamak, that’s so high above the ground!” Don’t worry though. There’s a cable car to take you straight to Ba Na Hills.

2. Climb Marble Mountains

3. Marble Mountains Resized

Marble Mountains consist of five limestone hills that are mixed with natural marble. Located 9 kilometers away from most Da Nang hotels in the city, it might take some time to reach this landmark. But once you arrive here, you’ll be greeted with a beautiful natural panorama, topped with ancient Buddhist shrines and pagodas. Wah shiok, you need to check it out!

In the past, tourists had to climb a lengthy step through the mountains. Fortunately, there exists a lift to ease the journey to atas now, although for an extra cost of S$2.35.

3. Witness the magic of Dragon Bridge

4. Dragon Bridge Resized

Have you ever seen a bridge so immersive that you can’t believe a bridge can be a work of art? If you haven’t, then you should visit the Dragon Bridge. Located not in Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh, but in Da Nang, it’s a majestic bridge with a length of 666 meters. This makes it the longest bridge in Vietnam, plus the most beautiful one thanks to the golden dragon shape of the bridge.

It is said that the golden dragon represents good fortune. And, if you walk to the Dragon Bridge at 9 PM during weekends, lights will shine the bridge. At the same time, the dragon’s head will spit water and fire. Locals also light up fireworks annually in June, making the bridge even more glamorous and lively. Ergo, wherever Da Nang hotels you stay at, visiting this bridge is mandatory.

4. Visit Linh Ung Pagoda

5. Linh Ung Pagoda Resized

Son Tra Mountain hosts Linh Ung Pagoda, one of the most well-known pagodas in Da Nang region. The pagoda has a blooming lotus-shaped platform with the tallest Goddess of Mercy statue in the whole region. Furthermore, there’s a 67-meter Buddha statue with 21 smaller Buddha statues inside it. This is a place to visit when you’re around Da Nang.

5. Take a boat to Cham Islands

6. Cham Island Resized

Okay, these places aren’t exactly in Da Nang city, and they’re quite far even from most Da Nang hotels in the seaside. But if you’re a fan of the ocean world, Cham Islands is a must-visit landmark. A beautiful garden will greet you, as you walk further into the ocean world full of coral reefs and fishes. But what about swimming in the area? Sure can lah, you can even snorkel in the underwater world.

So, what should you do to visit the Cham Islands? Well, take a boat in the morning and enjoy your visit the whole day there. Bonus point if you bring snorkeling gear with you.

6. Shop at Con Market

7. Con Market Resized

Wow, the name sounds deceiving, meh? You might think Con Market is the place that sells bootleg merchandise, but that isn’t the case here. Con Market is the place for everything you need to buy in Da Nang, full of handicrafts, clothes, and souvenirs. Plus, local foods in the market are both genuine and oh so shiok, you’d have to visit Con Market.

It’s also located near most Da Nang hotels, so it won’t cost you a lot of time to get there. Take a walk to the market while you witness the domestic life of local Vietnamese folks at the same time.

7. Enjoy sunbathing at My Khe Beach

8. My Khe Beach Resized

The catchy name of this beach adds the charm to the fact that it’s among the most beautiful beaches around Vietnam. That might sound very bold, but the clean sand and ocean that stretch up to 20 miles justify the claim. Additionally, the ocean is wavy in a good way—you can safely go surfing or snorkeling there. It’s also close to many Da Nang hotels, and some are even situated by the beach.

But if you’re not into playing in the water, by all means, go sunbathing. And while you’re at it, you might want to try some fresh, delicious, and sensible seafood at the local restaurants around.

8. Walk around the famed Pham Van Dong Beach

Believe it or not, Pham Van Dong beach is famed not only for its beauty but also its prestige. Several films have been shot at this beach, exposing it to the wider audiences across Vietnam and other countries. And the fame certainly lives up to the beauty of the beach; the seawater and sand are clean and natural. Furthermore, the beach sand is so soft and gentle, you’d have the urge to walk around the beach eventually.

Don’t worry lor, Pham Van Dong beach is located very close to many Da Nang hotels in the city. And just like My Khe beach, some are built just beside the beach.

9. Go full party mode at Sky36

Sky 36 Article Photo Business ResizedSource: Sky36 Bar

Before you continue, take note that Vietnam is not very popular for its nightlife because of the government rules. At night, many attractions and shops are closed, including night cafés and bars. But, some places around Da Nang hotels in the city still offer decent and exciting nightlife. One of them is Sky36, a rooftop bar with an ethereal night view of the city and its surrounding landmarks.

Smart-casual dress code is the standard attire at Sky36, but you can wear whatever suits you. While you’re there, enjoy delicious cocktails and mouth-watering bar snacks. And if you look around, you’ll witness the beauty of Da Nang River as well as the illuminated bridges.

That’s a lot of things to remember, but what about the best Da Nang hotels to stay at?

Da Nang city still has so many things to offer, aside from its unique and beautiful landmarks. For one, there are many hotels to choose from in the city, all according to your budget and choice. But when it comes to the best Da Nang hotels in the city, you’ll have to consider its location and value-for-money. Of course, the best ones will cost you slightly more, but they’ll definitely worth the price lah.

With that being said, there are some recommended Da Nang hotels for you. Here are three of them:

1. Brilliant Hotel

If a hotel that lies in the middle of the city is your aim, then Brilliant Hotel is the one to choose. Aside from great services and facilities, it’s very close to many landmarks in the city, including the airport and My Son Sanctuary. But for a 4-star hotel that costs S$152, it’s the most expensive of all the other Da Nang hotels on this list.

Address: 162 Bạch Đằng, Hải Châu 1, Hải Châu, Đà Nẵng
Distance from Da Nang International Airport: About 5km or 15 minute drive

2. Diamond Sea Hotel

Here’s a more affordable Da Nang hotel on the beach, located just 5 minutes away from Dragon Bridge and My Khe Beach. Diamond Sea Hotel is close to the seaside and offers a majestic view, in addition to its great services and facilities. For S$80 per night, it’s a bang for the buck.

Address: 232 Vo Nguyen Giap Street, Phước Mỹ, Đà Nẵng
Distance from Da Nang International Airport: About 8km or 15 minute drive

3. The Blossom Resort

Yet another gorgeous Da Nang hotel on the beach at a similarly affordable price. The Blossom Resort is so close to My Khe Beach and Cham Sculpture Museum, plus its night view is amazing. Additionally, this hotel offers a remarkable onsen facility and foot massage service, making the S$88 bill worthwhile.

Address: khu đảo xanh mở rộng, Lô A1, A2, Đà Nẵng
Distance from Da Nang International Airport: About 4km or 10 minute drive

So, a few takeaways about these Da Nang landmarks…

Without a doubt, Da Nang is the place to be for its beautiful sea attractions. Furthermore, other attractions around the city are just so gorgeous, you’d have to visit the city if you’re in Vietnam. Adding to that is the diverse selection of Da Nang hotels, with some even situated beside many well-known beaches. Therefore, if you plan to stay in Da Nang city for a while, choose your hotel wisely.

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