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Press Release: Movie Ratings meet Predictive Analytics

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November 1, 2019

For Immediate Release

The Movie Brutha

Anthony “Ant” Johnson

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Film critic, Anthony “Ant” Johnson, has finally met his match: a film critic that thinks almost exactly like him when it comes to film.  Anthony has built a movie rating application that makes up the brains of AntBot.  “I’ve been a film critic for over 7 years and during this time I’ve also worked closely with data analytic software. I decided it’s about time I merge both of my worlds – software/data analytics and film critique – into one project. Believe it or not, I’ve sat on this idea for many years but over 5 years ago the predictive analytics industry was not where it is today.”


AntBot, in a weird way…is an artificial version of me,” says Anthony.  “Think of him as part me and part robot.  A cyborg of sorts built on my thoughts and opinions.  AntBot has been programmed with years of my film ratings and uses information related to those films such as director, length of film, genre(s), etc. to predict what I might rate the film if I hadn’t actually viewed it.  I live to create – and to date I’ve never come across a film critic that cloned themselves to review films.  It’s a fun way to merge technology and entertainment.”  Fans of Anthony’s reviews can answer a series of questions about a film of their choosing from AntBot and in return our favorite new robot will spit out a rating between 1-10 (with 10 being a perfect score for a film).


Anthony entered the film critique space in 2013 after being frustrated with the lack of African Americans in the film critic industry, which often times left him feeling disappointed with many film reviews from critics that do not look like him.  “As a proud member of the African American Film Critics Association (AAFCA), I know that who we are, where we’re from, and our life experiences factor into how we see film.  As a result, without diverse representation, many film projects are misunderstood or dismissed based on a lack of understanding for the subject matter.”


When asked who’s better at rating films, AntBot or Anthony himself, Anthony did not hesitate with his answer: “Me of course! AntBot is cool but he could never replace me.  AntBot doesn’t have feelings –  he doesn’t understand racism, jealously, love, kindness, or hate.  For him to understand these traits I’d have to teach him a high level of emotional intelligence…and I’m not sure he nor I nor any of us are ready for that yet!”


Check out AntBot by visiting and clicking on the AntBot Movie Rater.

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