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Did you know that despite being France’s national dog, the poodle actually comes from Germany?

You may have a poodle yourself, but perhaps you feel like you don’t know much about this breed. For example, how often do you need to groom them? And how do you groom your pup?

Here’s a short guide to poodle care so you can treat Fido in the best way possible.

Some Basics

You might have heard that poodle breeds are low-maintenance when it comes to grooming, but that couldn’t be farther from the truth. This is especially true if you have a doodle breed.

Many people think that grooming is only necessary if you’re planning on making your pet into a show dog. However, all breeds and sizes of dogs will need to be groomed to some extent.

As you may have already noticed, your pet’s fur is probably very thick. Not only is their coat constantly growing, but it’s also shedding all the time as well.

If you don’t get rid of those hairs that fall out with shedding, this is what causes matting. Matting is both unattractive and not very wholesome for your pet.

What Happens If You Don’t Groom Your Poodle Regularly

Obviously, if you don’t take care of your poodle’s coat, it can quickly become matted. It can get so bad that there’s no hope for it but to shave the coat off. Not only will this be an unpleasant experience for your dog, but it can also leave them looking quite pitiful and bald.

In addition, it’s possible for your poodle to get a skin infection from ungroomed fur. You’ll have to shell out some money at the vet to get treatment for your puppy. Plus, they’ll be in pain.

Lastly, without grooming, your dog’s fur can look dull and unhealthy. So if you keep up with this, your poodle mix will be healthy and happy!

What to Do for Home Grooming

After reading the above, you might be wondering: what grooming needs does my poodle mix have? Thankfully, you can perform some grooming at home for your pup.

You need to be prepared to brush and comb them every single day. You’ll need a slicker brush and bristle brush; this should be enough, especially if you’re not planning on putting your pup in shows. With these tools, you’ll be able to keep your poodle’s fur nice and knot-free.

If you feel confident enough, you can even trim your dog’s coat with a good set of clippers. Otherwise, you can leave this up to a professional groomer to take care of (more on this later).

Also, contrary to what you might think would help with their fur, you shouldn’t give them baths at home. This is because you don’t have the right tools, knowledge, or skills to properly look after their coats. Again, you should leave this up to an expert.

A Quick Guide to Home Grooming

First, you’ll use the slicker brush. This will get rid of all the loose hair from your dog’s coat. Make sure to be gentle!

Next, you’ll want to use the bristle brush. With this brush, it’ll detangle your poodle’s hair. Use a gentle but firm touch.

You may have to experiment with several brushes to get the right ones that’ll do the job correctly and keep your dog comfortable. Some may not be optimal, which you’ll notice if your dog’s fur quickly gets matted shortly after you groom them. This is because the bristles may not be long enough to really get deep into your dog’s coat.

You’ll also want to take a closer look at your brushing technique. There are many great online tutorials available, so make sure you do your research to give your pet the best at-home grooming possible.

Take Your Dog to a Professional Groomer

One of the best tips for taking care of poodle mixes is booking regular appointments with a professional groomer. It’s important you bring them to a groomer every 6 to 8 weeks. Otherwise, your dog’s fur might get extremely matted, even if you do a good job at home.

You may hear breeders say your pup shouldn’t visit the groomer until they’re at least a year old. However, this is untrue.

The earlier you take them, the more comfortable and at ease they’ll be when they go for a visit. This will make groomer visits a lot less stressful for both of you.

When under the care of a professional groomer, your dog will be pampered. These experts not only give dogs thorough brush-outs, but also gentle baths. They’ll even get their nails trimmed and their ears cleaned.

What’s great is you can even have them give your puppy a fashionable haircut/style. That way, when you pick up your dog, they’ll be waiting for you, all cute and groomed!

Make sure to schedule grooming appointments in addition to home grooming for the happiest and most beautiful dog ever!

Practice Good Poodle Care

Now you have all the knowledge you need to practice good poodle care for your dog. Make sure that in addition to good grooming, you give them proper food, water, treats, and exercise. That way, your poodle will thrive!

If it’s been a while since the last time your pup got groomed, don’t feel too bad. As long as you follow a good grooming schedule now, then things should be fine for your dog. And shower them with lots of love, of course!

Does your dog need some good care? Then schedule poodle mix grooming from us today. We are house-call specialty groomers!

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