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Peach Haus Spreads the Joy of Palisade Peaches Nationwide

Peach Haus, a family-owned business, supports small farmers by delivering Palisade peaches nationwide. The company also supplies locally run restaurants and breweries with fresh peaches. Peach Haus prioritizes sustainability and organically grown partnerships and provides employment opportunities for young adults and teenagers to develop their skills in an entrepreneurial environment.


Denver, CO, March 9, 2023 – Peach Haus, a family-owned and operated company, is proud to announce its third year shipping the most flavorful, juicy, and sweet palisade peaches nationwide. Peach Haus has been selling these gems locally in the fruit stand space for ten years. Palisade peaches are a prized seasonal fruit grown in Palisade on the western slopes of Colorado.

Peach Haus peaches are renowned for their extra juicy and sweet taste, thanks to Colorado’s long sunny days and cool summer nights. These delicious fruits are usually only available locally. However, despite Colorado’s constantly changing climate and spring freezes, Peach Haus is committed to supporting small farmers by spreading peach joy nationwide.

With high skill and attention to detail, the 3rd and 4th generational Palisade peach farmers read weather patterns, tend to the orchard, and create a bountiful harvest with the best-tasting peaches.

“We are very passionate about our peaches,” said Kaila Reber, the founder of Peach Haus. “Our commitment to sourcing the highest quality peaches is reflected in every juicy bite. From the orchards to your plate, we take pride in providing you with the freshest produce possible. We can’t wait for you to taste the difference that Palisade Fruits can make in your next meal,” Reber added.

In addition to providing high-quality peaches, Peach Haus is committed to sustainability. Therefore, the company partners with farmers who focus on organically grown produce. This commitment to sustainability and quality makes Palisade peaches a favorite among chefs and food enthusiasts. Local menus tend to feature Palisade Peach specialties during the fruit season’s peak months. Peach Haus supplies locally-ran restaurants and breweries with tasty menu options and peach-infused brews.

Peach Haus also allows young, motivated adults and teens to learn daily operations in an entrepreneurial environment. The company believes in providing first-time jobs to help build a skill set for a successful future. As Peach Haus enters its third year of shipping nationally, it continues to grow and spread the joy of Palisade peaches across the country. The company also hopes to help more youths develop skills to help them sustain themselves and gain self-independence. Peach Haus promptly provides help and more information to all clients interested in purchasing palisade peaches via their website.

About Peach Haus:

We are a family-owned business specializing in producing and delivering Palisade peaches across the United States. Our peaches are cultivated on the western slope of Colorado, known for their ideal climate and soil conditions for growing high-quality peaches. We strive to ensure our customers receive fresh, delicious Palisade peaches by making nationwide deliveries through our private trucks.

Contact Information:

Contact Person: Kaila Reber
Organization: Peach Haus
Phone Number: 855-267-3224

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