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Party In The Back Yard

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Are you bored? Do you have absolutely nothing to do, and you and your kids are just chomping at the bits to do something fun? Well, why not create your very own drive-in movie theater?

You can have all the fun you want right at home. This is an especially great idea when you are stuck at home with nothing better to do, and nothing in the outside world has allure.

Your very own drive-in theatre with help from your Outdoor Theatre System is definitely a new and exciting adventure that you should partake in.

Tips And Steps For Making The Perfect Drive-In Movie Theatre

There are certain things that you should definitely keep in mind when you start prepping for your drive-in movie theatre. To help you keep a checklist in mind, here’s a list of tips and steps that you should not skip.

After all, every little detail matters, if you want the evening to be perfect then make sure that all possibilities are covered and taken care of.

1. Keep An Eagle Eye On The Weather

Since you are planning a party right in your backyard, where there is no covering and safety from the horrors of changing weather, keep an eye on the forecasts and choose a day where the weather is pleasant and none of your hard work goes to waste in a bout of rain, hail or storm. Another reason you should keep an eye on the weather is to see what kind of beverages and food you should be serving. After all, if it is cold, you need to serve some hot things to warm yourself and your guests up but if the weather is warm, then its; time for some cold drinks, beer, and food.

2. Go With The Tide Of The Sun

No drive-in movie theatre in the world is open when the sun is out and neither should yours be. All the best movies are seen in the dark. There is just something about the dark lighting of an environment that brings out all the visual and special effects of a movie effortlessly, in a way that the sunlight or any light can not. The eye-popping visual effects will only make your night better and not worse so make sure to start the movie and invite your guests at a time when the sun is going down. To pass the time until the sun has set perfectly, make some small talk, or have a few refreshments as a starter for an amazing night.

3. Keep Clear Of Errant Cables

In the case of any movie theatre that is being created at home, there is certain cable management that needs to be done. The constant running around after set-up and during set-up, you might forget to check the ground for any errant cables, you might trip and fall causing you to go to the emergency room. This is not something you want on what is supposed to be an extremely fun party. So make sure that your cables are set in across a traffic zone. Make sure to tape them down, and also place a rug over them. This way, the smooth rug will prevent any trips or falls.

4. Don’t Forget Your Theme!

While creating a drive-in movie theatre let your imagination run wild and free after you’ve set up the actual outdoor theatre system. Make your backyard into a thing of beauty and fun. Pick any theme you want and go with it! If it’s Christmas time, then holly jolly Christmas tree, a little Christmas décor, and some Santa hats and thistle are what you need. You could even go for a  Halloween theme. Make everything look extremely spooky, yet not so spooky that you scare the kids away and give them nightmares. Straddle the line of fun and downright terrifying. Personalize it any way you want. It could be a birthday theme, a clown theme, a fairy theme, etc.

5. Decoration Ideas That Certainly Won’t Go Amiss

Other than your theme, here are some decoration ideas that will increase the charm and fun of your drive-in movie theatre party.

  • Make use of a red carpet, like the one the celebrities walk before a premiere, add in some lovely pictures posed to perfection. Make it a game!
  • You could create some traffic signs, leading your guests to the backyard as a real live drive-in theatre does.
  • Create some signs leading the guests to the food tables and stalls.
  • Create some shoe-box trays, that will give an authentic drive-in feel.
  • Get some soft pillows to lean on and some blankets to cuddle into when the night air gets cool and you just want to snuggle in close to your friends and family.
  • Make some movie posters and stands that give the whole place a funky and festive look

6. Box Cars Are A Great Idea For Kids And Adults Alike

Every drive-in needs a car, so get some huge cardboard boxes, cut them out from the top, and DIY them into a car. Decorate it to your heart’s content. Make an activity out of it, one that you enjoy with your friends, family, or children. Put your pillows and blankets into these boxes, and just snuggle in. You could use these faux car boxes after the drive-in party as well. Keep them in mint condition and reuse them for the next party or when your kids have a sleepover.

7. Don’t Forget The Food

Last but certainly not least, do not forget the food. No drive-in movie or any movie party in general is complete without food, more importantly, popcorn. Buy some different flavored popcorn, fizzy drinks, burgers, and hotdogs and enjoy your movie to the fullest. Oh! Make it even more interesting by buying some all you can eat candy packets, some chocolate Maltesers, and some mini sandwiches won’t go amiss either.

A drive-in movie theatre is a perfect way to spend your time with your friends and family. Enjoy a good 2 or 3 movies, eat some food, make conversation and most of all have a grand ball of a time! If you would like to plan a drive in movie event please reach out to us directly to learn more about our movie packages here.

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