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You’ve got everything prepared for this big birthday bash you’ve got coming up. You’ve got a massive chocolate cake, a killer playlist to keep the party jumping, and an itinerary that would make even Kanye West sit down for a breather. But now you have a problem.

How are you going to transport all these people to your party destinations while still keeping the spirit and vibe of the party alive? Luckily, there’s a simple fix: get a party bus or limousine.

But now there’s a whole other question that has to be answered. Which one do you choose?

Well, we’re here to tell you all about party buses versus party limos and which one is the best fit for your event! So strap your seatbelt on, cause we’re heading out!

Party Buses: Pros And Cons

Deciding to partake in a party bus rental has a whole busload (HA!) of benefits.

For starters, party buses are huge. We’re talking your entire extended family and all your friends, plus maybe even their friends huge. So, if your birthday party is going to involve a guest list the size of California, party buses are the way to go.

And let’s say your party is on the smaller side. Well, the vast expanse of the party bus gives your group plenty of room to chill and partake in all the fun activities on the bus. We’re talking party games, TVs, light shows, fog and lasers, the works.

Hell, some party buses even have their portable Wi-Fi system for you to use! This can open even more entertainment opportunities like video games or streaming for your party on the go!

Both buses and limos share a major pro in the convenience department. You have a way to transport you and the other partygoers from place to place with a certified driver. The driver will meet you wherever you specify or even “follow” you if you ask.

In terms of where party buses hit some downsides, a big part is their appearance. They aren’t exactly elegant vehicles, and rolling up in one to a gala may not make the best impression. Their size and sheer wealth of activities will also inevitably lead to a mess, which means a high cleaning bill for you.

Party Limos: Pros And Cons

Limos, on the other hand, are all about sleek and classy. If you want your party to ride in the best style imaginable, limos are the way to go.

Their size and atmosphere make them excellent fits for small, intimate gatherings as well. So if the party is going to be you and a few friends, the limo will work better for you than the bus.

On the downside, however, limos tend to have fewer activities and space than buses, meaning that wild game of Twister you planned isn’t going to happen in a limo.

It’s Party Time

Excellent! It’s time to get out there and get this celebration started!

For more information on how to have the best birthday party ever, check out some of the other posts on our blog!

Now get out there and rock the night with those party buses or limos!

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