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Parking Boxx: The Reliable Solution to Your Company’s Parking Needs

Parking Boxx, with headquarters out of Beaverton, OR, has over 75 years of parking system experience. With dealers throughout North America, and parking gate systems in operation from Los Angeles to the Caribbean to Newfoundland. Parking BOXX reliably runs sites with thousands of daily vehicles and millions in annual parking revenue.


Beaverton, OR, September 9, 2022 — If you are searching for a top-quality parking system but don’t want to pay top-dollar, look no further than Parking Boxx. In the parking business since 1939, Parking Boxx has over 80 years of experience in parking systems experience with service partners all throughout North America.

Parking Boxx believes that paying for parking should be a fast and easy process so they are happy to offer various parking solutions designed with your convenience in mind:

  • Full-feature gated parking systems:Parking BOXX’s full-featured parking ticket system begins with an entry lane. Upon entry, a barrier gate arm is in the down position, which requires the parker to take an action at the Entry BOXX or Access Control Pedestal prior to the gate arm opening. The system is user-friendly even for parkers who are new to automated parking systems.
  • Flat-rate gated parking systems:Flat-rate parking systems allow you to collect payment when a transient parker is entering or leaving your parking lot.  At any given time, there is only one fee that is charged, for example, $5, regardless of the time parked in the lot.
  • Gated parking access control systems:Parking Control restricts access to parking areas. Generally, only authorized or paying customers can enter and exit gate access control systems parking areas.   Parking control equipment that incorporates barrier gates can help improve the parking areas’ safety, and parking revenue control systems can also generate additional revenue.
  • Smart parking meters: Smart Parking Meters offer three primary modes: Pay & Display, Pay by Space or Pay by License.  All modes offer configurable parking rates by date and time.
  • P-123 Parking App: 

Parking BOXX”s brand new Parking System Phone Payment App allows you to scan your ticket on your phone to pay for parking!          Pay for any duration by selecting any time from now to into the future. The parking app also allows you to add validations and            view your payments and receipts in the app!

Parking Boxx’s Core Values speak for the integrity of their business. They believe in developing enthusiastic customers and providing an awesome work environment. They are known for their responsiveness and follow-through and for being absolutely great at what they do. If you want the absolute best parking management system, then Parking Boxx is your answer!

About Parking Boxx:

Parking Boxx is the ultimate solution for any business’s parking system needs. Opened in 1939, they have decades of trustworthy experience and success in assisting companies with their multiple options in parking management systems.

Contact Information:

Organization: Parking Boxx
Address: Beaverton, OR
Phone Number:(800)518-1230

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