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Fix Up Your First Place: 5 Tips for Decorating Your First Apartment

On average, two-bedroom apartments are around 1,100 square feet in the United States.

Apartments are the perfect starter home. However, they can be a little dull without decoration.

Since you are only given a small amount of space to work with, you must decorate the correct way.

Continue reading to discover the best tips for decorating your first apartment!


Who says that furniture can’t double as decoration?

If you are decorating your first apartment, one of the most important things to consider is the size of your place. You must get the right-sized furniture so that you still have areas to decorate and fill in.

You may have always dreamed of a big and comfy couch but in an apartment, that isn’t likely to happen. Be sure to shop with a measuring tape and dimensions so that you have enough space to decorate, or not too much.


Many people know that apartments don’t leave you with much space to work with.

This is why it is important that everything you use, even to decorate, should serve a purpose. Many pieces of furniture can double as storage space. Try looking for ottomans that match your apartment-style and have storage space.

Pull-out sofas and tables can also be a unique feature to any apartment and help open up space.

Some people recommend decorating with shelves so that you can display collections. You can use jars to store items and display them as decoration.


Decorating your apartment with mirrors can help you in many ways.

Not only can you find unique and luxurious mirrors to decorate with, but you can also get some with storage inside.

Mirrors also help make your apartment appear larger and less cluttered, especially if you put the mirror across from a window. They allow more light in your home and can make space appear to be double its size.


When you get your first apartment, you likely won’t have basic decorating items.

Getting matching sets of rugs and discounted wall art can make a big difference and get you started on decor. After you have essential pieces you will be able to mix and match decorations to create a unique look just for you.

Basic decor like rugs, art, and table pieces can make a big difference and pull a room together.


Living in an apartment can make you feel stuck between walls.

Decorating with nature-inspired items can help improve your mood and make your space look remarkable. Even if you have a difficult time keeping plants alive, you can decorate with fake options or get a minimal-work succulent or cactus.


Finding an apartment can be a difficult task. But what happens when you move in and have to deal with decorating your first apartment?

Utilizing this guide can help you decorate your apartment like a pro and utilize every inch of space. You will be able to transform a dull space into a place that you consider home.

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