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Electrician & Electrical Repair Services in Converse, Texas

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Located in eastern Bexar County, Converse is a city northeast of downtown San Antonio. Bordered by Live Oak and Universal City to the north and San Antonio as well as unincorporated parts of Bexar County to the south, there are an estimated 29,500 people who live in this suburb of San Antonio.

Converse is a great place for families with plenty of things for kids to enjoy. From playtime at Converse City Park to storytime and excellent summer reading programs at Converse Public Library, the city is full of engaging activities for all, especially the little ones.

There are also several amazing restaurants including Bayseas Catfish House, a casual eatery that offers a plethora of seasonal seafood in a laid-back setting.

Bolt Electric is proud to offer electrical services to families in Converse. When you want or need electricity, the worst kind of shock (other than an electrical shock, of course) is to flip a switch and watch as nothing happens. That’s where one of our local electricians come in.

This wonderful community embraces its modern day technological advances – electricity included. Who isn’t thankful for that? That is why when you need power and want to be sure you have functioning electricity at the flip of a switch, one of our local electricians at Bolt Electric can help.

What Is An Electrician?

An electrician is a contractor hired by you or by a company to install, repair, and rebuild anything related to electricity. For example, if you needed to add a new electrical outlet or to install a ceiling fan in your living room, you would want to call an electrician. Or if you tried using your blender and your microwave at the same time and now your kitchen has no power, you’d definitely want to call an electrician.

What services do local electricians offer?

Not all electricians are the same. You’ll find some “handyman” types who offer a great price, but may not have the tools and resources that a larger company can offer. You might hire a company to do commercial work at your commercial business, only to find out that they don’t have the correct certification for the type of work that you need to have done. Or you can find one who is certified, licensed, and insured with all the tools needed to complete the job.

At Bolt Electric, we offer electrical service for residential homes and commercial businesses alike. If you want to know how you can find licensed electricians in your area, a quick “licensed electrical contractors near me” search will bring up plenty of Google results. Just be sure to check carefully. If the electrician doesn’t have a website with their licensing info listed, chances are they don’t have the licenses and resources you need. If there is no website at all, you can call them to ask, which will take extra time and you may end up with nothing. Also, the law in Texas states that any licensed electrician must display their license number on the side panel of their service vehicle, the license should start with the letters, “TECL,” followed by a series of numbers.

Types of Service and Repair Electricians in Converse, TX

There are two types of electrical service and repair:


  • residential electricians
  • commercial electricians


If you were to look up “electrical service and repair near me,” or “electrician near me,” the results show a large variety of companies. Residential electrical service and repair can be performed by smaller companies, even one-man or woman operations. A good residential service and repair electrician will still offer the same level of professionalism and expertise that they would offer in a commercial setting.

Commercial electrical service and repair electricians should know how to safely install the heavy duty wiring so that your store or office building gets the maximum amount of power with the least amount of hazard. And of course, they will have the proper commercial electrician tools to get the job done right.

What Do Electricians in Converse, TX Do?

Electricians provide electrical services in Converse, TX. As such, they keep the city running smoothly, from street lights to stoplights, from power lines into your home and office. In an electrically powered world, without electricians, we would be left in the dark, in the cold, and lacking many of the conveniences we live with today.

With over 30 years of experience, Bolt Electric is proud to repair and even maintain parking lot pole lighting for commercial businesses and property management companies throughout Converse, Texas. Nearly two million residents and business owners can count on our professional parking lot pole lighting electricians to work smart.


Our parking lot lighting services can also include parking lot pole light maintenance! It is possible you were not aware that such a service was available; and really, not just any parking lot light repair company will do. Call our specialists for light maintenance that ensures lighting systems will function at peak performance.

Pole Lights Repair in Converse, TX

Parking lot lighting can be the difference between having plenty of customers, or a nearly-empty parking lot. It is the difference between the safety of your employees and visitors, or lack thereof. So, whether you own or manage a large shopping center, or even a small retail location, high-quality functional parking lot lighting is key in sustaining your business and protecting customers.

Parking Lot Pole Light Repair in Converse, TX

Just about every commercial property has light poles surrounding their building and in their parking lot as commercial lighting is required. To stay up to code, it would be wise to have a professional electrical contractor conduct light pole repairs and maintenance.

Our bucket trucks can reach up to 40 feet, so one of our certified electricians can properly repair your light pole quickly and effectively. No matter what the issue, all it takes is a service call to one of our specialists at Bolt Electric to solve your lighting issues, including:

Dead light bulb– We can remove and install a new light bulb in your pole light to keep your property well-lit every night.

Burned out ballasts – Used to monitor the amount of electrical current flowing through your fluorescent light bulbs, a ballast will need to be replaced every so often. On average, ballasts can last anywhere between 40,000 – 100,000 hours and are necessary for fluorescent light poles.

Faulty capacitor –Your light pole’s capacitor is used to store electrical charge and blocks direct current while allowing an alternating current to pass through your light pole’s circuit. This helps keep voltage and power flow stable. Your light poles might flicker frequently if the capacitor is not functioning.

Faulty photocells – If you notice that your light poles are flickering or turning on during the day, a faulty photocell may be the reason why. Photocells monitor how much light is present, which keeps your outdoor post lights off during the daytime and turn them on at night.

Let our friendly and knowledgeable team of electricians diagnose and repair your parking lot light pole, or any other lighting issues you may have, so you can have one less thing to worry about while you operate your commercial property. Don’t delay in calling us today to request service and repair.


We install LED lighting too! If you haven’t upgraded to LED lighting yet, which is one of the most energy efficient lighting options available, the switch to LED lighting could save you a decent amount of money on your utility bill. Did you know that since LED lights are more efficient, you get the same amount of light with roughly a quarter of the energy! You will see lower energy consumption on Day 1 of your switch.

From a commercial business standpoint, LED lighting can also save you in many other ways. They require less maintenance than other forms of lighting, LED lighting can lead to higher sales through better staging, and could improve safety and productivity in your office. Who knew that lighting could have such a big impact on daily life? Up to 60% instant rebate is available on some projects.That is definitely worth considering!


Below are some of the benefits of LED Lighting:

  • Save up to 75% on energy bills
  • Lower maintenance costs
  • Longer lifespans lead to fewer replacements
  • Increased safety from fewer blows

When you’re looking for an electrician, if they recommend LED lighting, that is a really good sign they are looking out for your best interest. You should also look out for online reviews from previous customers, look for examples of their work and then check to be sure they are licensed in Texas. There are few things more dangerous or inconvenient than a bad wiring job, so avoid fires and power outages by choosing the best quality of service.

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