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Oxy Addiction Side Effects

Some may think that because oxycodone can be prescribed by doctors, it’s less dangerous than street drugs like heroin. However, addiction to painkillers can creep up on you. Oxy addiction side effects can be devastating and lead you to turn to heroin as a cheaper alternative. In fact, almost 80 percent of heroin users took prescription painkillers first. The best thing to do when you notice an addiction is to reach out to an Oregon dual diagnosis center that combines a Heroin Addiction Treatment Program and therapy, for lasting recovery.

Why Is Oxy So Addictive?

Many people believe that they’re immune to addiction because they’ve never used drugs before. You might think that you have enough willpower to know when your medication use is becoming a problem.

Oxy Addiction Side Effects

Those who take a prescription medication as directed are less likely to become addicted than people who use oxy recreationally. Still, even managing pain with prescription medication can quickly lead to addiction.

Some oxy addiction side effects can serve as warning signs that you might be becoming physically dependent on the substance. These include:

• Needing a higher dosage to relieve your pain

• Thinking or worrying about getting or taking your medication

• You take different dosages than your doctor prescribed

• You go to various doctors to obtain more medication

• You’ve been using the medication even though the pain has subsided

• You get defensive if someone talks about your painkillers

Many physical and psychological oxy addiction side effects occur with frequent and high dosages. These range from mild to hazardous. Although the desirable impacts of the drug include pain relief, mental relaxation and the release of tension, unpleasant oxy addiction side effects often happen.

Oxycodone can interfere with your digestion, leading to nausea, diarrhea or constipation.

Taking the medication in high doses or for a long period of time can lead to problems passing stool.

Because the drug affects your brain, it can make you feel confused and disoriented. You may nod off during times when you would otherwise be awake and alert.

Some of the more dangerous oxy addiction side effects include depression, seizures, reduced heart rate and slowed breathing.

Are Withdrawal Symptoms An Oxy Addiction Side Effect?

Because your body loses its natural chemical balance when you take oxycodone, it must work its way back to homeostasis. While this happens, you might feel ill.

Some oxy addiction side effects include flu-like symptoms. You might experience nausea, vomiting, chills, sweats and fever when you stop taking the pills.

As you continue along the journey to recovery, you may experience psychological side effects too. Many people feel irritable or depressed as they work toward reconnecting with themselves outside of substance abuse. Mood and mental changes can last for months or even years.

With the proper treatment, you can reframe your mindset, redevelop your spirit and support your emotions as you shift into a state of healing. At Pinnacle Peak Recovery, we provide drug and alcohol addiction treatment for prescription pill abuse and other substance abuse disorders.

An Oregon Rehab Center will offer a wide range of therapy to address the entire person instead of just drug abuse. Our treatment programs include:

Men’s drug rehab programs

Women’s drug rehab programs

Oregon Rehab Center

Dual Diagnosis Treatment

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