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9 Benefits of Ceramic Coating for Cars

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Do you want to keep your car looking as good as possible for as long as possible? Chances are, if you’re a car enthusiast, the answer to that question is a resounding yes.

But with the car washing and detailing industry valued at around $13.1bn, there is a lot of advice and information out there about how best to go about keeping a car in mint condition. One thing that detailers and enthusiasts alike can agree on is that ceramic coatings are the real deal.

Ceramic coating is made of a liquid chemical polymer. It is applied to the exterior of a car as a longer-lasting alternative to waxing.

But why is it so good? Keep reading as we provide some of the biggest benefits of ceramic coating.

1. Protect the Car’s Original Paint

The biggest benefit of ceramic coating on a car is its ability to protect the original paintwork on the car. While cars already have a clear coat of paint over the colored paint, it’s made of a softer compound that wears down easier over time.

Even infrequent drivers will see the effects of wear and tear on a car. Accidental scratches, stone chips, changing temperatures… the list of things that affect your car’s paintwork is long. A ceramic coating is extra protection against these things.

2. Makes Car Maintenance Easier

Because the ceramic coating is hydrophobic, it is highly resistant to any water-based dirt, grease, and grime. So when it comes to cleaning your car, it’s far easier and faster than the normal cleaning process.

When water comes into contact with a hydrophobic surface, it beads and rolls off rather than absorbing into the material. This means all you might need is a jetwash to get your car looking showroom-ready again!

3. UV Protection

While you’ll be able to clearly see the protection provided from tangible things like scratches and dirt, a ceramic coating will also protect the external paintwork from the invisible UV rays that can, over time, fade and discolor the paint.

A ceramic coating is especially beneficial if you park your car outdoors due to the near-constant exposure to the sun’s rays.

4. Environmental Protection

Have you ever noticed strange stains on your car’s paintwork? You probably don’t remember spilling anything on it, especially not something so powerful as to stain the paint. The reality is, acidic contaminants in the air can cause these stains.

If you live in a city with significant air pollution, a ceramic coating could help prevent environmental discoloration of your paintwork.

5. Glossy Finish

With many coatings for paintwork protection, the protection itself is prioritized over the finish. So while something like wax will keep dirt and grime at bay, the finish is nothing compared to a ceramic coating.

Because ceramic coating blends with the original paintwork, the finish is showroom-glossy. It really is the best of both worlds!

6. Cost-Effective

While the upfront cost of ceramic coating is a little more than something like wax, the fact that it lasts so long in comparison makes it much better value for money.

When you wax a car, it’s recommended that you do so seasonally. A minimum of twice a year is normal—once before the warm summer months to protect from UV rays and once before the winter to protect against the weather and salt on the roads.

A ceramic coating should be expected to last 4-5 years, so you can imagine the savings on waxing over that time, especially if you usually pay for it to be done professionally.

Save on Repairs

The protective nature of ceramic coating goes beyond just dirt and grime. It is much more hard-wearing than other coatings.

If you’re precious about your car’s appearance, scratches can become very costly, so another justification for the initial cost of a ceramic coating is the potential savings you’ll make from not having to pay for repairs.

Sadly even ceramic coating can’t protect from dents. Learn more about Auto Hail Repair (Paintless Dent Repair).

7. Glass Protection

The main ingredient in the glasswork on your car is ultra-fine silica sand. The same silica is used in ceramic coatings, so it can bond with the glass molecules to form a strong, protective layer.

The hydrophobic nature of the coating is a benefit here, too, as it’ll make your wipers work more smoothly and efficiently, meaning they’ll need to be replaced much less frequently.

8. Keep the Joy of Cleaning

Part of being a car lover is that feeling you get when you wash your car, step back and look at your pride and joy glistening in the sun.

Don’t worry—a ceramic coating on your car isn’t a miracle treatment that means you’ll never need to rewash it. You’ll still collect some non-water-based debris and dust so you can enjoy the jetwash once in a while.

9. Add Value to Your Car

Take two identical cars—the same age, the same color, the same milage. One has had a ceramic coating from the start, and one hasn’t.

The paintwork on the ceramic-coated car will look infinitely better than the car without extra protection. This not only adds to the value of the car but also adds to the curb appeal. More people will look at it, and so your chances of selling it will go way up.

Would Your Car Benefit From a Ceramic Coating?

It’s never too late to get a ceramic coating on your car. Even if your paint is faded, it will bring back a showroom shine to your exterior paintwork.

So whether your car is 1 day or 5 years old, the ceramic coating could add not just aesthetic value to your car, but sale value too!

If you need any more advice or information on all things automotive, check out the blog, or click here to learn more about us.

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