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Overcome Two Buying Barriers For New Insurance Clients

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What are the buying barriers you see when networking with new insurance clients? 

Insurance agents are always networking, whether you are at a networking breakfast or a backyard barbecue. (Incidentally, you are actually more likely to turn a lead into a customer from a backyard barbecue than from a networking event as 88% of customers are looking for a more personalized experience from their insurance agent.) No matter where you are shaking hands and chatting though, you’ll hear many of the same concerns about signing up for insurance with you.

After several years in the industry, your responses to these concerns will roll off the tongue, but for now, we have some hints for you. Before you memorize these though, keep in mind that reading the room is the most important step in overcoming barriers. You’ll want to provide just enough information to pique interest, but not so much that you’re annoying someone.

Here are two of the most common concerns – or barriers – and how to overcome them. 

“I already have insurance.”

This is the most common barrier. It seems obvious that a business owner would already have insurance, so this is an easy one to overcome.

To overcome this concern, we have two suggestions:

First, ask if your new friend is happy with their current insurance agent. Most likely, you’ll hear something along the lines of “I guess. They do the job but there’s no personal connection.” You may hear that they have never met, or you may even hear a complaint. No matter what the actual response, you can answer that you pride yourself on personal service.

Second, close the loop. Ask if it would be ok if you call your new friend to see if you can beat their current insurance costs. “If we can, then great. If we cannot, then at least you’ll know you are getting a good deal.”

With this approach, you are showing honesty and humility. By asking for their contact details, you are holding all the cards and by asking for a phone number rather than an email, you’re more likely to get hold of them. Often, our agents find they gain a new client, even if their costs are slightly higher as that personal touch and trust is worth the extra cost.

“I hate dealing with insurance.” 

It’s no shock that insurance costs are a tough pill for businesses to swallow. But they are a necessity that comes in very handy when needed! So, don’t be offended. Respond to this concern by leaning on that personal touch.

Tell your new friend that you sympathize, and that’s why clients enjoy working with you. You will take on the strain of keeping up with industry standards, and make the claims process easy on business owners.

Follow up by asking for their contact details to provide them with a free quote, so that you are in control of the follow-up. Trust me, someone who claims to hate dealing with insurance is not going to follow up with you!

What about you? Do you hear different concerns from your leads? We might be able to help! Reach out to our team via email and let us know the barrier. We will give you our best ideas for a response.

At Normandy Insurance, we want to help independent agents get ahead. Check back weekly for our marketing tips and advice on growing your insurance business. If you’re writing workers’ comp or general liability, make sure you add Normandy Insurance Company to your portfolio of options. Get appointed with us or send us a submission to [email protected].

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