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CBD Dosage: How Much CBD Should I Take?

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A lot of people ask us about CBD dosages.

  • What’s the optimal CBD dosage?
  • Can you take too much?
  • How long does it stay in your system?
  • What’s the best way to consume it?

So, we’ve taken all those questions and answered them for you!

How do I figure out how much CBD to take?

Our starting dosage recommendation is 20-40mg per day. In fact, we’ve formulated all of our products with this number in mind.

There’s no proper dosage of CBD to get a desired effect since the ideal CBD dosage varies from person to person. It’ll take some experimentation. We recommend starting with a lower dose since you can always add more. Go up by whatever amount you’re comfortable with, although a single milligram or even 5 mg might be too small of an amount. We’ll leave the decision of a recommended dosage increase up to you.

If you’d like to start on the lower end, you can try our 250mg or 500mg CBD Oil (tincture). A full 1-milliliter dropper contains about 16.5mg of cannabinoids. If you’d like to upgrade your CBD dose a bit, try a  CBD Capsule or CBD Gummy; both contain about 25mg of cannabinoids per piece.

On the higher end of the dosage scale, you’ll find our 1000mg CBD Oils, which contain about 33.3mg per dropper, and our  2000mg CBD Oils, which contain approximately 66.66mg per dropper!

Can you take too much CBD?

According to a  2011 study on the safety and side effects of consistent CBD use, even a high dose like 1500mg per day was tolerated well by humans. This was later backed up by another study in 2017.

Is it okay to take CBD from multiple sources in one day?

Many people consume various forms of CBD daily, such as  CBD oilstopicals, and hemp flowers. No matter what CBD product you take or how often, write down the doses to know what does and doesn’t work for you.

Although it isn’t unsafe to mix various CBD drops in one day, we recommend using only one at a time if you’re still attempting to find the perfect dosage for yourself. That way, it will be easier to identify what worked. Otherwise, it would be hard to say if it was CBD isolate or broad-spectrum CBD that did the trick.

Can CBD interfere with medications?

As of this time, there are not enough studies about how CBD interacts with other medications. So, speak to your doctor before you begin taking CBD if you’re also taking any medications.

Which delivery method of CBD dosing is right for you?

This depends on how you feel about different forms of CBD consumption, what you’re hoping to get out of CBD, how quickly you want the CBD to take effect, and how long you want the effects to last. You wouldn’t smoke some hemp flower, for example, if you wanted to use CBD on your chapped lips.

Our  CBD lip balm is better for that!

How do you accurately measure your CBD dosage?

This depends on what method of consumption you take. Other than our single-use  CBD Bath Bombs, the two easiest methods are our CBD Oil and CBD Edibles. You can figure out how much CBD you get by weight for our concentratesCBD flowershakepre-rolled joints, and small buds, but not by use since you can’t quite measure the dose of CBD in an inhalation.


Our CBD oil droppers are marked to indicate how many milliliters you’re consuming each time. In general, one dropper holds 1 mL of liquid. So, just divide the total amount of CBD in the bottle by the number of mL in the bottle, and you’ll know how many mg of CBD you get per full dropper. If you have a 30 mL bottle with 1,500 mg of CBD, then one full dropper will give you a 50 mg dose of CBD. To get even more specific: one mL contains about 20 drops, so if there’s ~30mg in a mL, then each drop will contain ~1.5mg of CBD!

CBD Edibles

Our CBD gummies, sublingual tablets, and capsule each contain an exact dosage.

CBD Concentrates and CBD Flower

These require you to do some simple math. Luckily, you always have your dosage calculator with you–your brain! One gram is 1,000 milligrams. So, just multiply 1,000 by the CBD rating of the product. One gram of our  Merlot Reserve Wax that’s 82.11% CBD contains 821.1 milligrams of CBD per gram.

If you know how much weight you’re starting with and how much you consume, then you can figure out how much CBD you’ve consumed. For example, if you smoke a half gram of our  Pacific OG Outdoor and it’s 8.6% CBD, then half a gram is 43 mg of CBD. Good luck if you want to figure out how many mg are in each inhalation!

What is CBD bioavailability, and why does it matter?

Bioavailability is the percentage of a substance that gets into your bloodstream. It’s important to know what the bioavailability is of whatever substance you’re consuming and how to increase and decrease its potency.

This  2018 study says that the bioavailability of ingested CBD is 13% to 19%, which means that on an empty stomach, if you consume 100mg of pure CBD, at most roughly 19 mg of it will be absorbed. That number is pretty low, huh? Well, that’s why we use MCT Oil for nearly all of our CBD oils. MCT Oil is high in caprylic acid which helps it bypass the stomach and go straight to the upper digestive tract where bioavailability increases substantially.

As we explained previously,  sublingual administration is important because it leads to greater bioavailability. That’s because the CBD can be absorbed straight into the bloodstream without being digested. Inhaled CBD has the greatest bioavailability (if you don’t like smoking, try vaping)!

Does the quality of the CBD vary from product to product?

No, our CBD only comes from hemp flowers grown without pesticides, fertilizers, or synthetic sprays. And all our concentrates are third-party verified for purity and CBD content. That’s how you know  Tweedle Farms is Legit!

How long does CBD stay in your system?

CBD usually stays in your system for two to five days, although sometimes it can remain for a few weeks. There are a few factors to consider:

  • Water Content
  • BMI
  • Body Weight
  • Metabolism
  • Sensitivity
  • When you’ve last eaten
  • Method of consumption

Topical CBD like muscle rubs don’t enter your bloodstream, so they’re never in your system.

How much CBD can I take and still pass a drug test?

Even though there’s a negligible or untraceable amount of THC in all our products, we still can’t promise that you’ll pass a drug test because you just might not!

If you’re concerned about legality, make sure your CBD extract explicitly says it comes from hemp. Both hemp and marijuana are cannabis plants, but to be considered hemp, you have to have .3% THC by dry weight or less. So, it should be “CBD hemp oil” instead of just something vague like “CBD balm.”

Bottom Line

So, there are the most common questions about CBD doses. Every CBD user has their optimal dose to achieve the desired effect. Experiment to figure out yours!

And make sure to collect plenty of  Tweedle Rewards along your journey!

*All products are 100% THC free and compliant with the 2018 Farm Bill*
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