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Open for Business! 3 Impactful Grand Opening Ideas

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If you want to run a successful business, you need to foster relationships in your community. A business can only be a hit if it has the support of consumers and other establishments within the community it resides in. You need to position yourself front and center in people’s brains.

There’s no better opportunity to do this than during your business’ grand opening. A grand opening is a time where it’s quite acceptable to be loud, proud, and boisterous about your company. You can capitalize on the excitement of bringing something new to the neighborhood with the right grand opening ideas.

If you pull off a great opening, you’ll be able to keep customers coming back again and again. Need some ideas to launch in the right fashion? Read on and we’ll walk you through a few of our favorites.

1- Give Away Branded Items

There’s nothing people enjoy more than being given free stuff. If you want to put your potential future customers into a good mood, providing them a few free items might do just that.

How can you make this act of generosity work in your favor? One way is to give away promotional items that are branded with your business’s name and logo. If you give away something that a customer might use frequently, they’ll be forced to think of your business again and again.

Tote bags, pens, soccer balls, and baseball hats are just a few of the many good ideas for gifts you might want to consider.

2. Get The Word Out

There won’t be anything grand about your opening if you aren’t able to get the word out about it ahead of time. You might want to consider investing in large advertising products to make sure your customer base doesn’t miss word of your opening.

Bus stop adverts near your business is one of the most efficient ways to make sure customers hear about your existence.

Having a listing on Eventual Listings is another way to ensure people in your community hear about the event. You might even find a few helpful resources there that can help push your grand opening into the stratosphere.

3- Partner With a Charity

People like feeling like they’ve made a difference in the world. It’s scientifically proven.

Giving them the opportunity to do so might help to drive them to make certain decisions, like attending your grand opening sale.

If you make a pledge to donate a share of your profits to a local charity, it might push a number of consumers to come out and purchase goods. They’re not just supporting your business, they’re also giving back to a need in your local community.

The charity you partner with might also help to promote your grand opening and get the word out to people you otherwise wouldn’t be able to reach.

The Bottom Line

If you’re looking to open your new storefront soon, you’ll need to have a few great grand opening ideas up your sleeves. The above are just a few that I think can help to make a big difference.

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