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New She Grows Haircare Line Brings Quality Products with Premium Ingredients for Healthier & Longer Hair

The new haircare line has launched high-quality hair products, including a cleansing shampoo, nourishing conditioner, balancing deep conditioner, hair food scalp serum, ayurvedic scalp serum, and a shea and mango butter. These products boost hair growth, maintain overall hair health, and are suitable for all hair types. Learn more here.


Orlando, FL, March 23, 2022— Most women have had it rough finding the perfect hair care products for their hair types and with high-quality products. Most mainstream products are made to keep you going for more and rarely address the key roots of hair problems. After mastering the secrets behind healthy long hair and sharing her progress with her YouTube followers, She Grows Hair Care founder saw the need to curate high-quality products to share with other women. She brings high-quality hair care products made with natural premium ayurvedic ingredients for healthy growth and glow of any hair type.

“She Grows Hair Care brand dream started at my home. I wanted a hair growth serum which I knew every ingredient in it. We have reformulated our formulas numerous times to achieve the perfect blend to ensure our clients get the best quality of hair care products. Providing products that make our client’s hair feel great is our pride, utilizing only beneficial products free from harmful additives. Shop our products today to handle all your hair problems from the root, “ said Subrena Trowers, She Grows Hair Care Founder and CEO.

Hair growth oils derived from all-natural, premium oils and ayurvedic blends boost hair growth and help achieve volume for individuals with thin hair. She Grows Hair Care hair oils contain only beneficial ingredients, some with ayurvedic properties; both that are gentle on sensitive skin. All products are free from irritants such as parabens, sulfates, and sodium.

“Our hair growth oils are curated to boost hair growth, enhance hair styling and manageability and retain its length. If you want to discover your healthiest, longest, and most beautiful head of hair, then this hair line is for you,” added Trowers.

Hair shampoo is one of the crucial products for a healthy and beautiful head of hair. Unfortunately, most mainstream shampoos have harmful lathering agents such as sulfates that strip the hair of natural oils. Without natural oils, hair strands become brittle and break easily. Dry hair is also vulnerable to split ends giving hair a dull appearance. The Hydracreme Shampoo from She Grows Hair Care cleanses hair while nourishing the strands and scalp.

After cleansing the hair gently, customers can condition and rejuvenate their hair using the Hydracreme conditioner. It has a thick formula infused with helpful Provitamin B5, rice protein, and Fenugreek extracts. They can also use the Hydrate & Repair Balancing Hair Mask which is the perfect blend of protein and moisture to give your hair strands everything it needs in one. Other high-quality products from this hair care line include hair and scalp serums for hair growth and hair butter to seal in moisture.

About She Grows Hair Care: She Grows Hair Care is a beauty and cosmetics company specializing in products that help women achieve their best head of hair. The Florida-based beauty company offers hair shampoos, conditioners, growth serums, hydrating masks, and scalp care oils. These products are made with premium and harmless ingredients to boost hair health, make styling easy and maintain hair length.

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