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7 Woodworking Project Ideas for Beginners

Woodworking is one of the oldest and most fundamental skills. It is a great hobby to have, and it can even be quite lucrative, depending on what direction you take your business. Whether you’re a beginner or planning on gifting the workshop to someone else, you should do a few things before you start up.

However, it takes time to figure out where to start. For those newbies, try to figure out what woodworking project to do. 

Before jumping right in, there are some projects that beginners can complete without worry. Understand what this simple hobby is all about. 

Read on to find seven woodworking project ideas for beginners you can use to get your workshop right.

1. Modern Bookshelf

It only requires basic woodworking skills and materials to assemble. Materials include plywood, screws or nails, and a drill.

You can customize the size and shape of your bookshelf to fit any room and layout. In this way, each shelf can accommodate your specific needs. 

The bookshelf would be any wood filler to hide any blemishes or cracks. Stain or drill the pockets. You can achieve a modern look by using different colors and textures of wood.

If you need help making your bookshelf look more modern, try using software for woodworkers for more ideas.

2. Candle Holder

This project is simple for anyone’s needs, from making a unique gift for a friend to making a home decor accent for yourself. For those starting, a simple yet sturdy candle holder can be made from a piece of scrap wood or even from the purchased lumber.

Start by measuring the size of a candle and drawing a template around the candle with a pen. Cut the template along the lines with a jigsaw and drill small holes along the perimeter, then sand the edges and apply a finish. Place the candle into the centerpiece and secure it with hardware components.

3. Wall Planter

It is an easy project that You can do in a few hours. The design can be as simple or complex as desired. The most straightforward design would include a wooden frame to the wall, with sections cut in the center. Depending on the size, the planter can be for single or multiple plants.

All you’ll need is wood, glue, screws, a drill, a saw, and some essential tools. Start by drawing a plan for your wall planter, then start to measure and cut your pieces of wood. You can join them together using screws or wood glue, depending on how strong and durable a joint need.

Use a bit of sandpaper to give the pieces a smooth finish, then paint or stain it to your liking for a beautiful result. Hang it on your wall and fill it with plants for a unique and beautiful addition to your home. 

4. Cutting Board

Cutting board is a simple yet valuable project that makes great gifts. They offer versatility, as they can fit any size kitchen counter and can be with engravings or decorative designs.

To build, you will need a saw, disc sander, router, glue, clamps, an edge guide, and sandpaper. Using a nice piece of hardwood, use a table saw to cut the board to the desired size and shape. Then use the disc or rotary sander for sanding the entire board.

Craft a unique design or engraving with a router and apply glue to the board’s edges. Align the edges and clamp them together. Allow the glue to dry, and finish by sanding the entire board with fine sandpaper.

5. Simple Shoe Rack

A simple indoor shoe rack is an easy and valuable project. It can be moldings and boards and fit any size entryway or closet.

The most important part of this project is to decide the exact measurements of your shoe rack and have the wood cut to size. Sand and prime the boards before starting the project, then assemble all the pieces using nails, screws, or wood glue. Use a few simple tools, like a wood saw and a drill, to make the project even more accessible.

You can then assemble the pieces and finish the project with whatever type of paint or sealant you like. It is easy to start building projects without worrying about too much detail.

6. Drawer

This type of project is perfect for newbies as it teaches about measuring, sawing, joining, sanding, assembling, and finishing. A complete drawer requires understanding of different types of joints, such as dovetails, miters, biscuits, and pocket holes.

An appropriate choice of wood and a strong understanding of the glue used for joining will also help to make the project successful. Even without expensive tools, beginners can do the best tasks using simple tools. A hand-held or table-mounted router is also a great solution to decorate the piece.

7. Crates

It is one of the most direct and valuable items to create. They can store items, display items, or even become a piece of furniture. 

Crates are great woodworking ideas for those starting, as they can be customized and built with the right tools. An unfinished one can be with paint or stained and can store tools, boxes, or even books. It can be in various kinds of wood, sizes, and shapes.

Beginners can start with basic and then move on to more elaborate, detailed designs. Crates can also be made from recycled wood and combined with other materials like leather and rope to create a unique and eye-catching accessory.

Have Your Best Woodworking Project

Woodworking is a classic skill that can be learned, even by those unfamiliar with it. With simple tools and instructions, anyone can take on one of these beginner-level woodworking project ideas and make something special with their hands. Start your woodworking adventure today and get creative with your project ideas.

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