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New, Guaranteed Publicity Service Harnesses AI for Shocking Results

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The new reality of public relations is here, and organizations need to ride the wave if they’re looking to create a robust and innovative movement. Where traditional public relations firms lack, hyper-evolved programs like Stitch Publicity’s Guaranteed Publicity service fills the gap.

The program is driven with a simple concept in mind: guaranteed publicity for the client 24/7. Unlike typical public relations services where media engagement and industry prominence remain stagnant, this program uses the ingenuity of artificial intelligence combined with a dynamic database of 700,000 media contacts further optimized by machine learning technology. When publicity is automated, results are no longer smoke and mirrors; they’re tangible and sustained, adding potent value to the clients’ movement daily.

Contrary to conventional public relations services that render mediocre progression forward and lackluster results due to the vulnerability of human inefficiency and motivation, this next generation of automated publicity strategies is taking movements to new heights. To cut through the noise, organizations require tools that most traditional public relations firms don’t have access to. Contrary to old-school publicity strategies employed by public relations firms, the Guaranteed Publicity service allows organizations the opportunity to tap into new and unlimited potential.

Adding to the benefits of Stitch Publicity’s Guaranteed Publicity program, the cost of powerful publicity is no longer an obstacle that inhibits access. This program is offered at a deep discount so that clients can receive a fully optimized and superior PR program at a fraction of the price of traditional publicity solutions. By creating an entry-level publicity service, organizations can attain round-the-clock results that reflect the positive impression of their brand and position them at the forefront of their industry niche lane.

Information is constant in the modern world, meaning new movements and ideologies need more strength to take off than ever before. Organizations are in dire need of reliable, tested publicity strategies that breathe life into their goals and reflect their value. When given the right tools to navigate the modern world, organizations can witness the power of their reach.

Stitch’s Guaranteed Publicity service aims to create long-term, rapport driven media connections for the client, introducing them and their ideology as the solution to a particular question or need within a niche industry. Including continuous media outreach to over 700,000 journalists, bloggers, influencers, and media hubs, clients can expect 4 to 8+ engagements per month.

Each media engagement is accompanied by its very own viral media outreach campaign, harnessing the power of an automated publicity strategy. By continuously placing the clients’ organization at the forefront of media opportunities, the Guaranteed Publicity program offers the potential to turn the company’s ideas into industry trending movements.

As influence veterans, Stitch Publicity has over a decade of experience working directly with publicists, political campaigners, Federal Agencies, and dozens of political campaigns. After recognizing the potential in digitally steering organic social movements, the company applied these tools and tactics to brand enhancement for private sector organizations.

Demonstrating the potential of the service, their clients have gained robust coverage in the likes of The Wall Street Journal, BBC News, Vice, and Forbes. Continuous and multi-vector media opportunities that launch movements are no longer a pipe dream with automated publicity services.

With several A.I and machine learning components that optimize a continuous cycle of potency and efficiency, the service is in motion infinitely, scanning, and identifying potential media engagements every nanosecond of the day. Connections between the client and the media are formed, with existing relationships nurtured and updated. The program delivers multi-vector AI authored pitches daily, delivering results that are simply unattainable via traditional public relations methods. In addition, clients can also receive access to a full-service production studio, content ghost-writing and press release writing services, industry niche influencer outreach, keynote speaking opportunities, and much more.

Harnessing a new era in technology, Stitch Publicity’s Guaranteed Publicity service gives organizations access to next-gen technology at a fraction of traditional PR cost and works 24/7 to offer tectonic shifts in the hyper elevation of the client’s brand and industry niche position.

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