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Microblading Training in DFW: Why Choose Us

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Howdy friends! DFW Microblading team here! So there is alot of microblading training in DFW area. Places that have 3 day courses, 5 day courses, online training… What is the difference and why would you choose one over the other? We want to take a moment to explain to you why we believe that our course goes above and beyond any other and why you should become a certified microblading artist through DFW Microblading!


The simple answer; you can’t. And we know that. Our course is a 2 day intensive with a third day for you to come back with 2 models for us to watch you microblade and critique the work. This is a quick turn around. Here’s what other places will tell you…They will say that after a 2-5 day course, you’ll be able to get out there and work on people the very next week. We call B.S. on that. For each of us at DFW Microblading, we spent months practicing and perfecting the art before charging for our work. So why is our course only 2 days long?

The purpose of the 2 day intensive course is to give you all of the information you need to be able to feel confident in practicing on your own and eventually coming back in and doing 2 models in front of us. There is A LOT that goes into microblading; more than you think. Color choice, different types of strokes, different skin types, proper depth, insurance, permits, marketing, pigment brand and ingredients, mapping the brows…etc. It’s a long list and we know that it can’t all be learned in two days. That’s why we give you 30 days in between taking the 2 day course and when you come back to do live models. In this time, we continue to work with you. You’ll have access to our team to send pictures, ask questions and further your education. You will also be added to a private facebook group where all of our former students glean off of each other and the instructors provide feedback.

Ok So I Got My Certification…Now What?

Now, you get out there and practice, practice, practice!!! This is not something you learn overnight. It takes hours of practice to master the skills. Microblading training in dfw tends to leave you to learn on your own and figure it out. We will remain there for you every step of the way. Even after you’ve received your certification, you will have our email and FB page to continue to contact us for any questions you may have. We become like family. We’ve got your back!


Becky Shelton, the owner of DFW Microblading, had taken several different courses before creating her own. Each course she took left her feeling lost and frustrated. It was just never enough to fully understand it all. That was when she took it upon herself to create her own course. Months and months were dedicated to creating the curriculum that we have today. Basically, she’s tried it all and done it all so that you don’t have to. We’ve found the most natural methods and best quality pigments, needles, tools…and she isn’t greedy with her knowledge. Everything she has learned has been put into the curriculum for you to learn as well. Here at DFW Microblading Training, we are dedicated to creating experienced and skilled artist to go out there and change women’s (and men’s) lives, one pair of brows at a time.

Our courses are restricted to 3 students per instructor. We want to be able to give as much one on one time as we can. No person will get left in the dust. If you’re stumped on a specific section of the course, we will work with your through it instead of move forward without you being able to grasp it.

  • Definition of Microblading
  •  Blood Bourne Pathogens; Safety, Sanitation, and Sterilization
  •  How to Give a Proper Consultation
  • Eyebrow Head Patterns
  • How to Choose a Model
  • Numbing Agents – Cream or gel
  •  Needle Chart and Information
  •  Skin Tones, Undertones & Fitzpatrick Scale
  •  Color Theory & Pigment
  • The Healing Process & Importance of Aftercare
  •  Measuring the Brows
  •  Tools and Setup
  • The Procedure
  • Product Lists/Supplies
  •  Licensing and Laws In your State
  •  Forums, Blogs, Advertising & Insurance

training for microblading ft worthYou will receive a microblading kit with all of the tools, needles and pigments that you need to perform the procedure. This kit is looooooaded with goodies so that you won’t have to buy more product for a long time.

If you are looking for Microblading Training in DFW, we hope that you consider us! We absolutely love what we do and are extremely passionate about it!

-DFW Microblading Team

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