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Metal Roofs Stand Strong Against High Winds in Columbus, OH

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Everyone is familiar with how traditional roofing shingles can fly off in high winds. It’s not unusual to walk out after a strong storm to find big clumps of shingles spread on the ground. It’s as bit distressing to think your costly shingle roof could be developing problems and need expensive repair or replacement.

That’s why many home and business owners have transitioned to quality metal roofs. Metal materials have performed better in high winds in all kinds of storms including high energy thunderstorms that blow thorough Columbus during the warmer months. There are examples of metal roofs staying intact even after being hit by a Category 4 hurricanes, which fortunately we don’t get until they’ve wandered through several states and finally land here to burn out.

Uplift Tests Show Impressive Results

If you want to see evidence metal roofs perform well in high wind conditions, you only have to look to uplift tests performed by researchers. These tests are held in labs where researchers shoot high speed winds at roof structures. This not only shows manufacturers how to build stronger roofs, but gives a very quick idea of which roofing materials hold up best under extreme conditions.

Metal roofs regularly perform well in 140 mph winds and can stay in strong in gusts up to 180 mph. That’s well within central Ohio wind speeds and Garvin Metal roofs are a favorite here and other areas where devastating winds are a fact of life.

Proper Installation Is Essential

Experts confirm quality metal roofing alone won’t give you superior protection from high winds. Your roof must be designed and installed by professionals who know what they are doing.

Excellent wind resistance is the result of superior attachment methods such as interlocking and overlapping panel systems. When our teams of experienced installers puts these in correctly, high winds have a hard time blowing under the roof panels to cause uplift and blow them off. That’s one of the reasons people are seeing their metal roof undamaged by strong winds.

Protection Against Natural Disasters

Metal roofs are also highly respected for their performance in fires and earthquakes. A wildfire that will ignite a traditional shingle roof will find a metal roof far more resistant. This is particularly impressive when branches, leaves, and debris catch fire and float high into the air and onto the roof. The metal roof protects in situations where other roof types cannot.

Metal roofs are often lighter in weight and have a lower bearing pressure. This creates lesser force in an earthquake. While we don’t have a lot of earthquakes in Columbus (except for a robust shaking from thousands jumping up and down when OSU scores), it’s nice to know your roof will be impervious when others need significant repair.

Your Expert Consultation and Custom Quote

Our team of metal roof experts is happy to discuss your home or business to propose the best roofing and installation to fully meet your needs. Metal roofs are very durable and last decades for impressive cost savings. We can explain our process, propose proven solutions, and provide a quote for the roof you need here in Columbus, OH.


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