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How to Keep Baby Cool in Stroller?

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Your child is more prone to heat stroke than you are, and they’re not always able to say they’re overheating. This is why it is essential that you know how to keep baby cool in stroller. Here are seven different solutions so that you can keep your child safe while you take them outside when it is warm.

Here 7 Ideas for How Keep Baby Cool in Stroller

01. Shades

The simplest way to keep your child cool is to provide shade. You can’t always stay out of the sun. You can try to provide shade with sun-shades. These are often built into strollers, though you can add one, as well.

Side shades may provide additional shade, but they may limit air flow around your child, creating new problems. You could cover your child in a light blanket to provide a limited amount of shade and prevent sunburn, but take care so this won’t cause the child to overheat.

Use muslin cloth instead of a heavier blanket, if you don’t use something made out of more reflective material.

02. A Mesh Baby Carrier

Strollers can do a great job of keeping your child insulated from the cold, wind and rain. Unfortunately, they cause children to overheat unless you take special care to keep them cool.

One solution is to switch to a mesh baby carrier. This type of baby carrier allows your child’s skin to breathe.

Another option is a mess baby wrap that resembles a standard baby wrap but allows for much more air flow.

03. Stroller Fan

The best stroller fans differ from your standard portable fan in a number of ways. They generally have soft blades or protective cases that prevent injury to curious fingers. They often run at a slower speed for the same reason.

Stroller fans sometimes have clips that let you clip it onto the thick supports of the stroller if you don’t want to connect it to the stroller sunshade. Better yet, you can use many models of stroller fans with the car seat or at your desk.

You could look for stroller fans that can deliver a cooling stream of mist, if you want to take it to the next level.

04. Stroller Liners

Stroller liners are similar to the cooling layers on some memory foam beds. It may have air cooling channels carved into it. Or it may take the form of an open matrix that lets air pass through.

This reduces the sweating and risk of overheating for your child. And you don’t have to install a sunshade that limits your ability to see what your child is doing.

A side benefit of this approach is that you might be able to use it in the car seat in addition to the stroller.

05. Cooling Towels

Cooling towels are designed to help keep kids cool. They only need to be put under running water for a minute or two. They lay it against your child or put it behind their head to help keep them cool.

Cooling towels are reusable. They can be used anywhere, including the stroller, car seat or crib. One potential issue is that having the moist cloth in the stroller can foster mold growth. It may worsen some skin conditions, as well.

Cooling towels differ from the wash cloths many parents use the same way, because they’re designed to hold their moisture for an extended period of time. For more updates, continue your visit to

06. Insulated Cups

Insulated cups are designed to keep the liquids inside cold. Give your child chilled water or juice to drink to keep them cool.

Note that this only keeps the child cool if they’re drinking it, and you must still monitor your child’s body temperature.

Don’t assume that the insulated cup will cool your child off just sitting in the stroller. Nor should you assume it can keep a bottle of formula or milk cold all day.

07. Cold Packs

Cold packs may be kept in the fridge or the freezer. Once chilled, they can be put in the stroller to help keep your child cool.

One problem with this approach is that most cold packs should not be in direct contact with your child’s skin. Some units come with a protective cloth or plastic cover. Note that these need to be cleaned or sterilized periodically to avoid skin infections.

Unlike cooling towels, the cold pack won’t drip water into the blankets and padding of the stroller. Like cooling towels, they’ll only stay chilled for so long. But they aren’t rechargeable the way cooling towels are.

This makes cold packs a good idea if you’re going out for a short walk on a hot day, not if you’ll be out in the heat for hours.

Final Verdict

Parents must take steps to keep their young children cool while they’re out and about. Select the right solution for your particular situation, and consider owning two or more methods to keep your child comfortable.

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