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Do you prefer using a massage chair for your massages or getting the services of a massage therapist? Or maybe you’ve never had a massage and are undecided on the best option for you? Well, you are not alone in this!
Though a massage chair cannot work in the same way as a massage therapist in certain instances, there are instances when both will offer almost similar relief. The following is a comparison between the two to help you choose the best option for you:
The Touch
The greatest difference between a massage chair and a massage therapist is the touch impact during a massage. No machine-operated device can understand your musculoskeletal system and make the right judgment on the best massage at any time.
Just like normal cuddling, human massage aids in the release of the feel-good hormones that aids in stress relief. A chair massage will not have this benefit and though you’ll get some level of relief, it will not be on the same level as human massage.
Customized Massage
Before your massage session begins, the massage therapist will ask if you have any preference regarding the massage. Based on his assessment too, he will be in a position to know what will work best for you.
Though there are customizable massage chairs that allow you to choose your preferred program and how you want the massage, it is not on the same level as human massage.
When it comes to convenience, the massage chair takes the win. For most massage spas, you’ll need to make your reservation in advance. If the spa is fully booked at that time, you’ll be asked to make your reservation for a later date.
With massage chairs, however, you will be able to have your massage any time you want. If you want to have it in the middle of the night, early morning before going to work or during your lunch break, there will be no restrictions.
The cost of getting a professional massage is lower compared to the initial cost of buying a massage chair.  However, if you consider long-term costs, chair massage gets cheaper as you’ll no longer have to spend money to get a massage. All you will do is to connect your massage chair, adjust the settings, and get your massage.
For professional human massage, you’ll need to spend money every time you want to get a good massage. The cost will depend on your location, choice of spa, and the length of the massage.
When using a massage chair, you’ll be in charge of deciding the right massage technique and the duration of your massage. On the other hand, when you go to the spa, it is the massage therapist who will be in control of the massage process. You can choose to take a nap as he works on your body and still gets the full benefits of massage.
Most of the people who prefer chair massage do so for fear that professional massage will expose their body flaws to strangers. They are not comfortable with having a complete stranger have his way in their bodies. The truth is, there is no point during professional spa massage when your body will be exposed. You will have a drape over your body and as the massage therapist works on your body, he will expose the part he is massaging.
When using a massage chair, you will enjoy your privacy as there will be nobody else in your room. The fact, however, is that no massage chair can offer the same relief as that professional touch of a massage therapist.

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