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MAPCO Machine Shop Releases New Website

MAPCO Machine Shop, a Pennsylvania-based auto machine shop, has released a new website. MAPCO offers various maintenance services including engine building.


Sunbury, PA, April 30, 2021 – Of all the automotive machine shops in the Sunbury area, none stand out more than MAPCO Machine Shop.

What began as an auto parts shop, quickly evolved and expanded with the addition of the machine shop which would come to be known as MAPCO. For over thirty years MAPCO has provided top-quality service for their customers, and they have only continued to expand.

Now, the MAPCO team is proud to announce their new website! The Sunbury, PA machine shop has taken a step into the future with their new slick webpage design.

At the very top of the website, you can find all the basic contact information. This includes the address, phone number, and hours of operation for MAPCO.

Directly below the contact banner is the services section! Here is where you can find all the services provided by MAPCO. Services provided by MAPCO include engine building and rebuilding, driveshaft assembly, balancing and repair, engine dyno testing and tuning, u-bolt bending, hydraulic hose making and repair, and much more!

When it comes to driveshafts, the team can help you with assembly, repair, and balancing! The team also works with custom driveshafts!

For engines, the team can do so much more than building and rebuilding. They can help you with engine boring, engine head surfacing, valve jobs, and crankshaft grinding and balancing.

Not many machine shops specialize in hydraulic hoses like MAPCO does. They can repair and make custom hoses for you! The team also specializes in steel line fabrication. Looking to have a Parker hose cut and fitted? MAPCO has got you covered!

MAPCO can complete their u-bolt bending process so quickly that you do not even have to leave the shop! The team can work with any length and size.

Some other miscellaneous services provided by MAPCO include sonic testing, brake drum, and rotor cutting, and flywheel surfacing and balancing.

“We are always expanding because it allows us to help more people in the area!” said the CEO of MAPCO.

MAPCO is the proud dealer of both Parker Hose Fittings as well as Allstar Performance Parts.

One area that MAPCO excels in is customization.

“Every event, every driver, and every machine is different,” said a representative of MAPCO.

MAPCO emphasizes and embraces the fact that every car has a different and unique build, and, as a result, custom parts are necessary for optimal performance. With MAPCO Machine Shop, every job is one of a kind!

The wide range of experience and expertise found within the MAPCO team is why they have been the best for so long! No job is too daunting for this team.

Looking for an automotive machinist? Look no further! Visit their website today.

About MAPCO Machine Shop: MAPCO Machine Shop is based out of Sunbury, Pennsylvania, and has been in business for over thirty years.

Contact Information:

Tammy Wolfe
MAPCO Machine Shop, 150 West St., Sunbury, PA 17801

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