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Action against hunger during the health crisis was tackled by rarely recognized “warriors” like the volunteers and the distributors, who played a major part.

The global health crisis brought many challenges and among the major ones being food insecurity. This was propelled by the fact that most children were not attending childcare and school in-person plus the changes in the employment status. This was where food volunteers and distributers were needed most.

Mr. Rakesh Patel, an East London property landlord, couldn’t withstand seeing volunteers struggling with distributing food to victims of the health crisis. Therefore, together with other businessmen, he helped volunteers distribute over 2,000 bags of food to those in need. These bags carried sugar, rice, pasta, bananas, chickpeas, coffee, biscuits, squash, and sardines among many others. Mr. Rakesh’s charity work was aimed at making a difference in the community especially ensuring food reaches the elderly and the vulnerable during the health crisis. Without his support, the distribution of food from volunteers would have not been possible. Thank you, Mr. Rakesh Patel.

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