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Link Whisper Review: Is Link Whisper Worth the Money?

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Adding internal links to a WordPress website is one of the more difficult aspects of maintaining SEO (Search Engine Optimisation). It is a time consuming, and work-intensive process. Historically, there really hasn’t been a very good solution for overcoming these challenges. However, the Link Whisper plugin for WordPress has changed that.

Now here’s why I’m excited about this tool…

Last year, on my Formula 1 website F1 Chronicle I published an article about F1 engines. It was a long, detailed piece focussing on Mercedes engines.

Since adding Link Whisper to the site and adding multiple internal links back to that article, it has shot to the #1 ranking on Google, and I’m now receiving search traffic to it every single day.

The kicker?

It outranks articles from Mercedes themselves, Wikipedia, and other big-name sites with infinitely bigger budgets than me!

You can see the results for yourself:

Now, onto the more technical aspects of Link Whisper, and why I think it’s a game-changing tool to have in your arsenal.

What is Link Whisper?

Link Whisper is a plugin, designed for use with websites built through WordPress. Managed entirely by artificial intelligence, the program uses algorithms to monitor articles created through the WordPress editor to suggest internal links which are relevant to the piece. The amount and types of articles are taken into account when recommendations are made. Link Whisper also gives you the ability to revisit older, previously written content in order to add additional internal links. This allows you to maximize all of the content on your WordPress website.

How does Link Whisper work?

The first step is to install the Link Whisper plugin onto your WordPress site. Once installed, open the WordPress editor, initiate the plugin, and begin writing your new article or blog. Whisper Link will begin to work automatically.

After a few words have been typed, Link Whisper will begin analyzing what is being written, as well as all of the other articles and blogs that have been published to your site.

It will then use that information to generate suggestions for possible internal links. The suggestions are fluid, and updated or adjusted in real-time. The process is essentially the same for existing articles. Simply open the article, and initiate the plugin. Suggestions will appear almost immediately. If you chose to make use of an internal link, check the box above the suggestion, then click the “save” icon. The link will then be automatically added.

What are the benefits of Link Whisper?

  • Automatic link suggestions as you write: Link Whisper will make suggestions for possible internal links throughout the writing process. You simply have to choose whether to accept or ignore the suggestion.
  • Find opportunities, and add links to existing posts: Old and “orphaned” articles or blogs can be given new life, and a second chance to generate results by adding additional links to them. This affords the opportunity to get the most out of the work you have already done.
  • Automatic linking of keywords and URLs: By simply entering the keyword, and the URL that you want it to be linked to one time, it will be reflected as such in all existing, current and future articles and blog postings.
  • Internal links reporting / Link Status Dashboard: This feature allows you to quickly and easily monitor the success of every article and blog on your WordPress site, and immediately identify any possible broken links. This reduces potential downtime, and maintains efficiency.

What are the disadvantages of Link Whisper?

  • Link Whisper is only available on WordPress sites: This one is pretty self-explanatory: for as great of a tool as Link Whisper is for adding internal links, your site must be built and maintained through WordPress in order to make use of it.
  • Cannot add no-follow attributes: In some cases, you may want to qualify your outbound (or internal) links with Google. This is done through the addition of specific coding in the tag, otherwise known as “rel attribute values.”  Link Whisper does not support the addition of the attribute values.

How much does Link Whisper cost?

Choosing to invest in Link Whisper can be a great way to increase the productivity of your WordPress website. However, before putting out any money, you should be aware of the different price points, and package levels that are available through the service. Presently, there are three different packages available through Link Whisper, with each consisting of different features, and carrying a different price point. The three packages are as follows:

1. Single Site License:

  • Includes all features for one WordPress site
  • Smart Internal Links
  • Full Internal link reporting
  • Billed annually until cancelled
  • Cost is $77 USD

2. Three Site License:

  • Includes all features for three WordPress sites
  • Smart Internal Links
  • Full Internal Link reporting
  • Billed annually until cancelled
  • Cost is $117 USD

3. Ten Site License:

  • Includes all features for ten WordPress sites
  • Smart Internal Links
  • Full Internal Link reporting
  • Billed annually until cancelled
  • Cost is $167 USD

Is Link Whisper worth the money?

If the intention of your WordPress website is to generate traffic, achieve higher rankings, or create a revenue stream, then it needs to be maximised for on-page SEO. Creating internal links is both a very effective, and extremely underutilised strategy for promoting on-page SEO. Internal links are designed to drive potential traffic to relevant pages on your website, and they have proven to be most efficient. When building or adding these types of internal links, it can be done either manually, or by using a plugin tool such as Link Whisper.

If you opt to build or add internal links manually, the process can be very involved. You will need to select your keywords and target areas, and then search your entire site for other articles or posts that are relevant to, or in support of the post which you are creating. Once you have made your selection, you must build the link for each individual posting. Link Whisper does all of this for you, significantly reducing the amount of work and time you will need to invest into your WordPress site.

When utilised correctly, Link Whisper can and will increase traffic to your individual articles and blog posts. If your WordPress site has been monetised, this puts you in a much better position to increase your revenue stream. Therefore, based not only on what Link Whisper is, but also the potential of what it can do for your website, yes, Link Whisper is absolutely worth the money.

Who should be using Link Whisper?

Link Whisper is an excellent solution for many different types of writers, and WordPress website managers.

Beginning Bloggers: Those who are new to blogging can become frustrated and disappointed rather quickly if they don’t see an immediate influx of traffic to their site. While it certainly takes time to build a strong following, a little bit of help can go a long way in getting you there much faster.

Professional Bloggers: For those who make a living by writing blogs, either for themselves or for someone else, building a loyal and consistent readership is vital to success. If you are a professional blogger who works on platforms managed by WordPress, then Link Whisper can be another very helpful tool at your disposal.

Freelancers: Freelance writers must be able to deliver the highest quality work exceptionally fast. Spending the time necessary to create internal links is simply not practical for them. Link Whisper is a fantastic and efficient way to promote both yourself, and your work.

Agencies providing SEO services: Any organization that offers SEO services to their clients are promising the best possible results. Therefore, it is important for those agencies to set themselves up for success by utilizing the most advanced technologies, tools and plugin software available.

Coaches and Consulting Firms: If you are an individual or a business who assists writers and bloggers in bettering their websites, and achieving for desirable results, then Link Whisper is definitely a plugin that should be on your radar.

While it is certainly understandable that you may be sceptical of Link Whisper, the program truly delivers all of the features and services that it claims to. While there are obviously no guarantees, as your success will always be due primarily to the quality of your content, Link Whisper absolutely does allow you to work far more quickly and efficiently than you would if attempting to build internal links manually. And also, it is very reasonably priced. At just $52 for a single WordPress site, it is by no means a steep investment. And the possible return can potentially be rather substantial.

Additional advantages of using Link Whisper

In addition to what has already been covered in this article, some of the other benefits of using the Link Whisper plugin are:

  • Eliminates the need for content audits and spreadsheets.
  • “Link juice” is quickly and easily passed to “orphan” web pages.
  • Link Whisper is a tremendous time-saver.
  • Quickly and easily add links to newly created, and pre-existing web pages, articles and blog posts.
  • Link Whisper is the merging of artificial intelligence and anchor text creation.
  • Automatically link URLs to any keyword that you choose.
  • Identify and repair broken links quickly and efficiently.
  • The dashboard provides reports on every link you currently utilise.
  • Designed specifically and exclusively for WordPress site builders.
  • Link Whisper also offers a plethora of training materials, including “how to” videos detailing every aspect of their services. There is also 24/7 customer support available to assist with installation and usage.

An Unexpected Benefit Of Link Whisper

When I purchased Link Whisper I did so thinking of how much time it would save me tidying up all the old ‘orphan’ posts I have with no internal links that were being neglected.

Then, a funny thing happened…

Going through the process, the automated suggestions brought up articles I’d long forgotten publishing, and I could link to them. Simple.

However, what I have found since then is now when I write articles, I’ve got those existing articles in the back of my mind, and I can think of ways to word sentences that keep things flowing, keep them natural, and also give me an opportunity to add an internal link.

It’s like the ultimate 1-2 punch.

Using this strategy, I’m now seeing a lot of articles climb up the rankings in Google, all thanks to a small initial outlay for Link Whisper and a bit of creative thinking.

Is Link Whisper Worth The Money? The Conclusion

Internal linking works amazingly well for individual keywords; especially those that are not particularly competitive. However, creating and building internal links is incredibly work-intensive, and time-consuming. Most bloggers or web designers simply do not have the time to build these internal links manually. And that isn’t even including the time required for routine maintenance and review of your internal links. This is what makes Link Whisper such a valuable tool. What would have traditionally taken upwards of thirty minutes or more, Link Whisper can do in a matter of seconds.

Link Whisper, quite simply, is a revolutionary breakthrough program that will allow you to take your WordPress site to the next level. If you are serious about your content, and the overall success of your site, then it is time to get serious about what you have in your toolbox.

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