Heading to Louisiana for work or pleasure? Renting a limo or party bus is an ideal way to see the state in luxury.

Both options take the responsibility of driving off of your plate. That can reduce stress when you’re in an unfamiliar place. It also eliminates the need for a designated driver if your group’s plans involve bars and drinking.

Whether you’re looking for local tours, airport transportation, or a memorable night out while you’re on vacation, limo and party bus rentals give you a safe transportation option. While similar, the two modes of transportation have subtle differences that might change your mind.

Can’t decide which option is best? Keep reading and let us help you decide.

Basics of a Limo

Stretch limos area easy to spot. They’re iconic and often associated with luxury travel. The interior amenities and decor can vary and may include a bar.

Limos are primarily meant for transportation. Because of the limited space inside, you can’t do many activities or get too crazy. You’ll spend the ride sitting since a limo is essentially a stretched-out car or SUV.

Many people rent limos for weddings and proms. They can also work for small bachelor or bachelorette parties, airport transportation, tours, and other excursions on vacation.

Basics of a Party Bus

Party buses are just how they sound: a bus ideal for partying. They can range from a large van to an actual bus, depending on the size and model you choose to rent. They have a higher profile and often have more space inside the vehicle.

Party buses are essentially parties on wheels. You don’t have to wait until you get to your first stop to start partying. The bus has the space and amenities to start partying as soon as you get on the bus.

This option is most common to celebrate birthdays, bachelor and bachelorette parties, and other celebratory events. They also work well if you’re traveling with a large group of people and want to party your way through the city you’re visiting.

Overall Vibe

If you’re looking for a classy, upscale feel to your outing, a limo is often the best choice. Not only do you feel a sense of grandeur riding in a limo, but other people who see your limo pull up get that same impression. The tinted windows give you a sense of privacy and create an air of mystery around who’s inside the vehicle.

Limos are ideal for formal events, such as weddings, proms, or black-tie fundraisers. They can work for more casual outings, but sometimes limos look too flashy for casual, party-type events.

Party buses lend themselves better to the party vibe. They’re considered more casual. They may have party-type features, such as fog machines, light shows, and loud music systems.

Party buses can work for a large wedding party or other events, but they often look a little too casual for very formal events.

Desired Intimacy

Is your party a small, intimate affair? A limo often fits that intimate feeling better than a party bus. The smaller size of limos keeps you close to your party and gives it a cozy feeling.

If you’re traveling with a larger group or you’re out for a good time while partying the night away, intimacy isn’t your main goal. A party bus lets you spread out, get loud, and even get a little rowdy, within reason.

Group Size

Get an accurate headcount for your travel plans before deciding to rent a limo or party bus. Limos come in a wide range of sizes, some with room for up to 20 or 30, but the most common options have a smaller capacity of around 10 to 12 people. You’ll pay a lot more per hour for the larger limos with higher passenger capacity.

Party buses naturally hold more people. You don’t have to upgrade to a more expensive vehicle in the fleet to hold a larger party. The overall larger, more open design can also make a party bus more comfortable for larger parties compared to a limo with a similar capacity.

Available Space

Beyond the passenger capacity, consider how much space you want in the vehicle. A limo is designed for sitting on the available seats. You can’t move around much inside the limo.

If you want more room to dance, move around, and socialize, a party bus gives you more space. The higher ceilings let you stand up comfortably so you can move around without crouching. Most party buses offer open space in the middle of the seats where you can dance or do other activities.

Cost Comparison

Limos typically cost less than party buses, but several factors go into the pricing for both. The location, demand for the date you book, size, type, and amenities all go into the pricing.

A basic six-person limo averages $65 to $100 per hour. That number can climb to $300 or more per hour for a vintage vehicle, larger limo, or limo with extravagant amenities.

Party buses typically run around $100 to $300 per hour. Some companies require a minimum number of hours, so take that into consideration when calculating the cost comparison.

If you’re splitting the cost of the vehicle, a party bus may work out to be cheaper per person. Since you can fit more people onto the bus, you can divide the total between more people and pay less for the experience.

Get limo and bus quotes from different companies before you travel. Do the math for both options based on how many people are going to decide which option is best financially.

Choose Your Ideal Transportation

Whether you choose a limo or party bus, you really can’t go wrong on your Louisiana trip. Both options let you travel as a group in style and have loads of fun without dealing with traffic or parking. Comparing the differences helps you decide which option best fits your desired experience for the night.

Make a reservation for your upcoming trip to ensure you have the perfect transportation for your Louisiana visit

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