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Learning How to Drive and Things First Time Drivers Need

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Have you been wondering, “What do I need to drive safely?”

Although everyone looks forward to their 16th birthday, getting your license comes with a lot of responsibilities. Before you can sit behind the wheel with confidence, it’s important to test your knowledge and take your time adjusting to this new skill.

Are you ready to start this new chapter of having a more independent lifestyle? Keep reading for 5 tips that will make learning how to drive easier.

1. Understand the Functions of Your Car Before Getting Started with Driving

Before you can learn how to drive, you need to gain a deeper understanding of the way your car functions. Learning how to use the blinkers, headlights, windshield wipers, cruise control, and adjustable mirrors are only a few of the many functions that can keep you and other drivers safe. Learning about the data on your dashboard is also helpful for knowing when you need to get gas or an oil change.

2. You Should Learn How to Drive in Empty Parking Lots First

Once you have a solid grasp on how your car runs, you can start practicing driving. Since mistakes are bound to happen, it’s best to find an isolated area where there are no other cars around. Empty parking lots are an ideal location because you won’t have to worry about hitting other cars or pedestrians.

Aside from getting comfortable with steering your car, parking lots are also the perfect place to practice parking.

3. Tackle One New Challenge at a Time with a Trusted Loved One

Once you’re a pro at driving in parking lots, you can graduate to rural roads, then city roads, and save highways for last. Other challenges you can check off your list slowly include driving at night, driving in inclement weather, and even driving in a different type of car.

Having a trusted loved one who’s also an experienced driver sitting in the passenger seat is the best way to stay safe while you continue to learn.

4. Keeping a Calm Attitude Is Crucial for Learning How to Start Driving

The worst thing you can do when you’re behind the wheel is panic. If you’re stressed out, you’re more likely to make even simple mistakes like tapping the gas pedal instead of the brakes. Learning how to stay calm in every situation will help you avoid accidents.

5. Having Insurance Will Keep You and Other Drivers Safe

Every driver should have good coverage for car insurance, especially younger ones with less experience. Not only will car insurance keep you and your vehicle safe, but you can also get coverage for other drivers’ medical expenses, property damage, and car repairs.

Speaking with a State Farm agent can help you understand which coverage will suit your needs best.

Learning How to Drive Should Be Safe and Fun

Although learning how to drive can be scary at times, doing your research, practicing, and staying calm are all you need to be successful.

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