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Landing a Job, Remotely: 5 Essential Video Interview Prep Tips

Gone are the days when potential employers expect you to hop on a plane across the country for an interview.

Say hello to the video interview!

If you’re shaking in your boots, you’re not alone. Many people are very uncomfortable on video but there are things you can do to calm yourself and make sure you look like a pro on your video interviews.

Continue reading this article for the best tips for video interviewing.

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1. Testing 1,2,3

Assuming your technology is going to work perfectly without testing is the kiss of death.

Remember Murphy’s law?

It’s in full effect and what can go wrong with your technology will go wrong — right when it matters most!

Check to make sure your internet is working, your camera’s lens is clear of dust and ready to go and check your microphone to make sure you’re coming in loud and clear.

2. Power Up

If you plan on using your laptop or iPad to do your interview, make sure it’s charged. Never assume the charge. Check the charge.

You don’t want to have to scurry for a power cord to keep the interview going.

3. Pants Optional? We Think Not

Whether you’re on a live video or you’re posting a recorded video on a site like, we recommend you wear pants.

Even if the video camera can’t see you from the waist down, when you’re dressed to impressed, you feel more confident. Just give it a try and see how you feel.

You only have one time to make a first impression, so put on the pants.

4. Get Rid of Distractions

Try not to do an interview in a place where people or pets are going to be walking behind you. Having moving people or pets in the background can be very distracting to the person that is interviewing you.

Also, try to avoid sitting where you’re facing a window and able to look out. Birds, cars, people and anything else will catch your eye and make you look like you’re nervous and shifty.

5. Don’t Wing It

If you get overconfident, you might bomb the interview. Even if you’re feeling good about the interview, make notes and practice before you get started.

Have a friend pretend to be the interviewer so you can get comfortable answering questions on camera. You can also do multiple takes on a video and see how you look on video and if there is anything in the frame that you might want to change.

Preparation is key for a great video interview, so take the time to prepare for your interview, and your short interview can be an impactful and positive experience.

You’re a Video Interview Master

Now that you know more about how to do a video interview successfully, you can approach the challenge with confidence.

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