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A passion for science can lead to a lifelong love of learning and many wonderful career opportunities. At Cross Cutting Concepts, we think the best way to develop an interest is all things science-related is with kids science kits teachers and professors can use to encourage the exploration of scientific processes with real world scenarios. We offer an assortment of children’s science kits that include top-quality products and supplies students can use to develop a better understanding of scientific techniques.

Our educational science kits are specially prepared to be used in high school and post-secondary classroom settings in groups. We have complete new kits with everything included and refills for educational science kits that will be used again by another group of students. All kits are in line with Next Generation Science Standards. Most of our kits are meant for use by students from high school through undergraduate level.

Designed to be safely stored at room temperature, our high-quality kits cover many common types of testing procedures involving everything from DNA and handwriting assessments to the interpretation of crime scene blood splatter. Detailed instructions are included with each kit along with fully illustrated teacher’s manuals with technique backgrounds. You’re also welcome to download our training manual for additional guidance. Take a moment to explore the wide selection of kids science kits available from Cross Cutting Concepts.

An Identity Crisis DNA Typing Products for Science Education

Children’s science kits like this one come with a scenario that provides a reason to perform the tests. With this kit, the premise is two women being identified as “Louise Mondelo” after death. A maximum of six groups of up to five students per group must use the provided resources to figure out who the real Louise Mondelo is. The kit uses non-toxic gels to show DNA migration.

Inky Lead Questioned Documents Analysis Refill Kit

The scenario involving the Mondelo murder continues with this kit, which includes the supplies necessary for up to 30 students to perform a handwriting analysis to determine if receipts found on a desk are evidence or legit business documents. This refill kit includes a fresh set of solvents, development chambers, protractors, and copies of the suspicious receipts.

Blood Detection and Evidence Forensics Refill Kit

This kit includes additional supplies for the detection of blood and the collection of blood samples. It’s meant as a refill for the supplies included in the Lyle and Louise Stained with Suspicion Blood Detection kit.

Blood Spatter Refill Kit

With this kit, you’ll get new supplies to help students determine how blood splatter patterns were formed at a crime scene. Such information can be used to figure out movements involved with the injuries sustained by creating a mathematical model. Part of the Lyle and Louise series, the Blood Spatter Refill Kit includes crime scene images showing the splatter, synthetic blood, string, and Pasteur pipettes.

Desolation: STEM High and Dry Solar Water Heating Kit Refill

Intended for grades 6 and up, this is a refill kit for meant for use with the STEM High and Dry™ Solar Water Heating Kit. It includes all of the supplies necessary to build a solar water heater from sparse supplies. It’s a smart buy if all you need is fresh supplies to prepare an existing kit for a new group.

Desolation: STEM Urine Trouble: Water Purification Kit

A great way to teach students how to apply the fundamentals of science, math, engineering, and technology is to invest in an engaging and comprehensive kit like this one. The scenario with this model involves the need to use the included items to find alternate water sources while at a lunar outpost. The main task is the recycling of (synthetic) urine into drinkable water.

Desolation: STEM: Total Redox: Fuel Cells Kit

Featuring enough supplies for 32 students working in groups of four, this kit focuses on the numerical methods typically used in laboratories. The scenario involves two astronauts stranded on their way back their lunar outpost. Students are tasked with creating a makeshift fuel cell to get them back to the outpost.

Earthbound and Down Mass Driver

Up to 32 students from high school to undergraduate level may use this kit to build a mass driver to transport Helium-3 shipments to the moon from Earth. Concepts covered include linear and non-linear functions and the conversion of electrical energy into kinetic energy.

High and Dry Solar Water Heating

Students (up to 32 in groups of four) using this kit as a guide will be tasked with helping Alice Torres build a solar water heater so she can survive while stranded on a space mission. In the process, they’ll be learning how to apply mathematical concepts based on specific dimensions. The kit includes everything necessary to complete this task, analyze the results, and calculate the efficiency of the makeshift water heater.

Lyle and Louise A Burning Question Fire Debris Analysis Kit

Supplies that include diesel fuel spiked carpet reference samples, gas detection tubes, and analysis sample containers can be used by up to 30 students in six groups to examine fire debris resulting from an auto accident. The goal is to determine if the victims of the accident met with foul play.

Lyle and Louise An Inky Lead Questioned Documents Analysis Kit

Up to 30 students can work in teams to investigate the Mondelo murder with this kit. The purpose is to analyze handwriting and create an ink profile using chromatography. As with our similar kits involving crime scene scenarios, students are encouraged to come up with their own theory and prove it with evidence.

Lyle and Louise Nature’s Witness Forensic Entomology Kit

Creating a life stage/species development chart is the primary purpose of this kit. The premise is the discovery of bodies at a cabin crime scene that were badly decomposed. By using National Weather Service data as a guide, up to 30 students in six groups will determine when the victims likely met their demise.

Lyle and Louise Patterns of Murder Blood Spatter Analysis Kit

A 3D cardboard cabin model helps students using this kit to better visualize the scene as they prepare to analyze evidence related to the Lyle and Louise case. The object is to create a pattern analysis based on blood that was splattered at the scene. Up to 30 students can work in groups of six to figure out the likely point of impact that resulted in the blood splatter pattern.

Lyle and Louise Read the Found Prints Fingerprint Analysis Kit

Professional dusting powder and fingerprinting ink pads are among the resources this kit provides. Students are tasked with finding clear fingerprints to dust and collect. Results will be compared with suspect prints to determine which one broke into the safe.

Lyle and Louise Shot in the Dark Bullet Striations Kit

At a cabin crime scene, evidence was found of a struggle and a bullet was discovered in the mud. Police found another gun at a different crime scene that was left behind by the suspects. Students must determine if the same if the bullet from the cabin was fired by the gun found at the other scene. Supplies include fired bullets, bullet striations, and magnifiers.

Lyle and Louise Small Class Edition Kit Geared Towards Home Schooling

Microscope cover slips, sample containers, and other essentials needed for blood detection, evidence processing, fingerprint analysis, and forensic entomology are among the supplies included with this small class edition kit. The scenario involves a bloody double homicide at a remote cabin. The mystery also includes severely burned victims found in an abandoned truck.

Should you have any questions about our children’s science kits, the friendly, knowledgeable staff at Cross Cutting Concepts will gladly provide any additional information you may need prior to making your selection. Each one of our kits is designed to provide accurate test results and give students everything they’ll need to explore scientific processes and procedures firsthand to get the answers they’ll need to solve the cases and scenarios described in the kits.

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