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Keep Moving: 5 Mobility Exercises to Keep You Pain-Free

Mobility issues plague nearly 19 million Americans, both young and old. Mobility is defined as the ability to have full use of your muscles and joints. If you can improve your mobility, you can improve your flexibility, fitness, reduce pain, and reduce the likelihood of injuries. 

If you are suffering from mobility issues, doing some mobility exercises can help you regain the full use of your muscles and joints. Here are 5 different exercises to try to help improve your ability to move. 

1. Inchworms

Inchworms work your hamstrings, hips, and calves. To do them, stand with your feet hip-width apart. Reach your hands towards the floor and keep your knees straight.

Then, walk your hands forward until you get into full plank position and then walk your hands back towards your toes. Keep your knees straight as you walk your hands back. Once your hands get back to your toes, stand straight up. 

Try to do three rounds of 10 reps each. If your fitness level is low, start with 5 reps and work your way up. 


2. Band Pull-Overs

Band pull-overs work your upper body, including your shoulders, scapula, spine, ribs, and your hips. You will need an exercise band to do these. 

Lay flat on your back with your knees bent and your feet flat on the floor. Keep your shoulders, hips, back, and feet flat on the floor during the movement. Pull the band from overhead to your hips and then pause. Then, bring your arms back over your head. Make sure it is a fluid motion. 

Try to do three rounds of 12 to 15 reps each. 

3. Shoulder Pass-Through

A should pass-through works your deltoids, chest, upper back, and rotator cuffs. You’ll need a broomstick or PVC pipe to do this exercise.

Stand shoulder-width apart holding your broomstick or pipe parallel to the floor, using an overhand grip (your fingers should face away from you). Keep your arms straight and raise your object above your head. Keep your core stable and bring the object as far behind your head as possible and hold for a few seconds. 

Repeat this exercise for three rounds of five reps each.

4. Neck Circles 

Neck pain can put a severe cramp in your daily activities. Neck mobility can help reduce neck pain and neck circles can help with neck movement. 

To do neck circles, sit or stand with your hands on your lap. Tilt your neck to one side until you feel it stretch and then roll your head forward. Bring your chin to your chest and then roll your head to the other side until you feel a stretch on that side. 

Do five half circles, moving through each of them slowly and fluidly. 

5. Lunges With The World’s Greatest Stretch

Lunges help improve the mobility of your thoracic spine and your hips. To do them, take a lunge forward with one foot. Then, lean forward and put both of your hands on the ground.

Twist and reach up with the opposite arm, reaching for the sky. Take four deep breaths while in this position, and then return your hand to the ground and go back to a standing position. 

Repeat on the opposite side. Aim for five on each side.  

If stretching on your own doesn’t work, physical therapy can help improve mobility as well. 

Mobility Exercises to Improve Your Muscle and Joint Movement 

Mobility exercises are necessary to help you improve your muscle and joint movement, your strength, and your fitness. They can also help you avoid chronic pain in your joints. 

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