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Delta 8 THC: Separating The Myths and Facts

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The explosive growth of delta 8 has been a blessing for countless individuals throughout the U.S. However, growth that quickly is not without some minor drawbacks. These products suddenly popped up seemingly everywhere, and the most noticeable side effect related to this boom is the lack of reliable online information surrounding the cannabinoid. There are without a doubt many reputable sites and media outlets that accurately explore the profile and market of delta 8. However, some less-informed delta 8 sources have unintentionally spread myths that continue to persist within the hemp community.

In the interest of dispelling a few of these unreliable nuggets of info, this post is going to highlight a few of the most common myths — and provide the facts that support what we know.

Myth #1: “Using Delta 8 is the Same as Using Marijuana”

Fact: Delta 8 comes from hemp which is cannabis with <0.3% delta 9, but it is its own separate cannabinoid. 

Like the rest of the cannabinoid family, Delta 8 grows naturally in the flower, leaves, and stems of hemp.

However, while many of the best-known compounds such as CBD and delta 9 THC exist in abundance, delta 8 is found in tiny amounts. So tiny, when using cannabis, any effects are completely overshadowed by delta 9 — the cannabinoid responsible for the psychoactive feelings. And it is important to note that delta 8 and delta 9 are two separate and distinct molecules.

They have different potencies, and they bind to the receptors in the body in different ways. This in turn leads to two very different experiences.

This means that using delta 8 products is different from using cannabis. Delta 8 and delta 9 THC are not interchangeable, just as CBD and delta 8 are not interchangeable. All of these cannabinoids come from the same natural source, but generate very different sensations.


Myth: “Delta 8 is Illegal”

Fact: Delta 8 is Federally Legal as of 2018, Making it Available in Most U.S. States

People often have trouble wrapping their heads around a legal form of THC. But Delta 8 is 100% federally legal. When the U.S. government passed the 2018 Farm Bill, the groundbreaking law kept delta 9 banned, but removed the majority of the other cannabinoids from the controlled substance list.

That meant delta 8 was no longer trapped under heavy regulation, and could be explored for any potential uses.

It also meant that delta 8 was legal in pretty much every single state. This includes the states that have yet to legalize delta 9. Even major states like Texas, Florida, and North Carolina all allow the purchase and consumption of delta 8 products.

For you, the potential consumer, delta 8 may be available where you live right now.



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