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Junktastic Removal & Recycling LLC Launches New Branch in Minneapolis

Junktastic Removal & Recycling LLC, a renowned waste management and recycling firm known for its dependable and sustainable practices, is excited to launch an expansion into Minneapolis. This expansion comes in response to the region’s rising demand for eco-friendly waste removal and recycling services.


St Cloud, MN, May 30, 2023— Junktastic Removal & Recycling LLC, a top-notch enterprise specializing in waste management and recycling, is excited to announce the launching of its latest extension in Minneapolis. The primary objective of this expansion is to cater to the increasing need for environmentally responsible services related to waste removal and recycling in the Minneapolis locality.

Junktastic Removal & Recycling has established a good reputation for delivering effective and dependable waste management resolutions. By opening a new branch, the company aims to expand its market of junk removal in Minneapolis and provide top-notch services to households, businesses, and industries. This extension will offer a broad spectrum of services, including removing unwanted items, clearing clutter and rubbish, eco-friendly processing of different materials, and their safe disposal. Junktastic Removal & Recycling promotes eco-friendliness by appropriately sorting recyclable items and disposing of non-recyclable waste sustainably.

The CEO of Junktastic Removal & Recycling expressed his enthusiasm for extending their reputable services to the residents and businesses in Minneapolis. “Our objective is to make waste disposal uncomplicated for our clients while emphasizing eco-friendliness and the conscientious management of resources,” he said. “With our skilled staff and cutting-edge technology, we are fully confident in our capacity to satisfy the requirements of the Minneapolis population.”

Junktastic Removal & Recycling is proud of the commitment of its trained workforce, who are determined to provide unparalleled customer service. The expertise of the company’s employees enables them to effectively manage diverse forms of waste, such as hot tub removal. Their service team makes removing your old or unwanted hot tub or spa as simple and stress-free as possible, resulting in a seamless experience for all clients.

In addition to offering a wide range of services, the Minneapolis office of Junktastic Removal & Recycling will also focus on shed removal, serving customers who need help removing unwanted sheds from their properties or businesses. Ideally, the corporation aims to work with community groups in Minneapolis to promote eco-friendly movements and endorse sustainable practices. The company will be dedicated to its local community and participate in outreach programs to educate residents and businesses about the significance of appropriate waste management and recycling methodologies.

About Junktastic Removal & Recycling LLC:

Junktastic Removal & Recycling LLC is a top-rated, highly recommended, locally owned, and family-operated junk removal service. We are based in St Cloud, Minnesota, and service Minneapolis and all surrounding areas and deal with removing and recycling unwanted items. Additionally, we are a highly regarded waste management and recycling company, providing comprehensive solutions for junk removal, debris clearing, efficient recycling, and proper disposal services. Our company strives to simplify waste management while reducing environmental consequences through a steadfast dedication to sustainability and top-notch customer care.

Contact Information:

Organization: Junktastic Removal & Recycling LLC

Contact Name: Austin Brownie

Contact Address: Cooper Ave N #350, St Cloud, MN 56301

Phone number: 320-380-5312


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