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Is Jungle Scout Worth it? A Review of the Powerful FBA Tool

Jungle Scout is one of many Amazon FBA tools available to us as sellers. Being an active user of the software, I wondered one day, is Jungle Scout really worth it for the average seller?

I went ahead and looked at all the features the service offers, and as a current user, I can tell you there are many positive ones.

Below is a look at the most critical features that the Jungle Scout FBA tool has to offer.

Jungle Scout Features

  • Pinpoint profitable products while doing research
  • Look back at long-term product sales information
  • View valuable Amazon search data
  • Enjoy advanced supplier research tools
  • Get PPC campaign suggestions
  • Leverage Amazon listing optimization suggestions
  • Send out emails automatically
  • Get help launching new products

Jungle Scout is an Amazon seller’s dream tool equipped with a mix of different capabilities that should help boost sales.

Below is an overview of the main functions of the tool that will hopefully help answer the question “Is Jungle Scout Worth it?” for yourself.

Research Product Ideas

Jungle Scout works very well for evaluating different product ideas to find out how they are selling on Amazon.

The tool will look at sales volume, sales history, product-specific keyword searches, product competition, reviews, and more to help with finding profitable products to sell on Amazon.

While it takes time to locate valuable product ideas, Jungle Scout can help improve that process and lead to more success when researching products to sell.

Watch Products Over Time

After coming up with ideas for products to sell on Amazon, the tool makes it easy to monitor specific products and product categories over time.

If you’re wondering if the niche hunter is worth it, Jungle Scout is a tool that will help you pinpoint stable or upward-trending niches to sell in.

Watch key points like units sold, average price, and average daily rank over days, weeks, or months and decide whether a product is going to be worth selling over time, all with help from Jungle Scout.

When you consider how well it helps you avoid launching products that are destined to fail, it’s much easier deciding if Jungle Scout is worth it or not.

Build an Effective Product Listing

Most experienced Amazon sellers come to understand that making good product listings is one of the most important steps to being successful over time.

Most new users don’t have to ask Is Jungle Scout worth it for long because of how much it improves the process of developing effective product listings.

The software is excellent at pinpointing the most useful keywords to include in product descriptions. It also helps explain what should be done as far as formatting and design when crafting a description to make it more effective.

For sellers looking to optimize their performance any way they can, the improvements to product description development should justify paying the subscription for the software all on its own.

The software should help push more shoppers to your pages. This is one reason why we bring up the keyword and description capabilities specifically when people ask about Jungle Scout and if it’s worth it.

Get Help Locating Suppliers

While this isn’t a concern for all FBA sellers, some prefer to source their products from traditional suppliers and then resell them on Amazon.

For people that do this sort of thing, Jungle Scout is a powerful asset in another way. The platform has information on countless reliable suppliers.

Members with access to the tool can tap into that database of suppliers to source products and speed up the process to start selling a reliable stream of products.

The only issue is there is more competition for products from suppliers listed through the software than there is for independently located suppliers.

While the supplier help likely won’t transform your business into a successful one overnight, it can serve as a nice little boost to an already successful business.

Enhance Customer Service

Ratings are everything on Amazon, and the sellers with the most positive reviews are going to enjoy better rankings, more customer confidence, and better results over time.

That’s why it’s so essential to make the customers happy when they order through you.

All those asking on Reddit if Jungle Scout is worth it should take a moment to consider how the software enhances their customer ratings and reviews over time.

The Launch Tool

Jungle Scout comes with a tool known as Launch, that will enhance your customer interactions with your business.

Launch helps to automate email communication with the customers and helps with building up different promotional campaigns as well.

Launch can help you update your customers more effectively and reliably. It will make you seem more professional and should result in an increase in positive reviews over time.

If you want to improve the way that buyers perceive your store, or your product listings separately, Jungle Scout is a useful tool to help with that as well.

Is Jungle Scout Worth It?

After overviewing the different features of the software suite up above, it’s time to answer the question directly.

The answer — it depends on what you’re doing on Amazon. 

Some people who aren’t using FBA may have a harder time justifying Jungle Scout. The truth is, the software platform is suitable for anyone selling on Amazon with a decent volume or decent monthly revenue and profit.

If you’re making several times the subscription price in profit from your Amazon sales each month, the software is likely going to be a good investment for you.

For brand new and veteran sellers, Jungle Scout is worth the cost.

As long as you don’t mind making an investment you may not get back immediately, I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

Test the platform out for yourself and see how much it helps improve your profits and efficiency each month. That’s the only real way to judge if the software is worth it to you, but many other sellers are happy with the capabilities that Jungle Scout offers them.

The Jungle Scout Chrome Extension

Jungle Scout is split up into two different software solutions, the web software suite and the Google Chrome extension.

Each of the products offers value all their own, but they have to be considered independently.

When people ask if it’s worth upgrading to Jungle Scout Pro, they are actually wondering about the extension and not the tool that runs through the Jungle Scout website.

Below we’ll look at the capabilities of both the Pro and Lite extension.

Leveraging the Jungle Scout Chrome Extension

The Chrome Extension of Jungle Scout is a research tool. It helps with determining which products are worth selling and which should be avoided.

This tool runs in the Google Chrome web browser and offers its features right on the Amazon website itself.

Many customers ask if the Jungle Scout Chrome extension worth it? The answer is a hard resounding “yes” for the right people.

With the extension you can:

  • View a quick opportunity score for products right in the browser
  • See rapid sales estimates for products
  • Compare with direct competitors immediately
  • Evaluate revenue potential for products deeply
  • Double-check that there is a demand for specific products
  • Use the Profit Calculator to Make Quick Buy Decisions

While on the website, you can search or click on a specific product page and get access to a web-based spreadsheet.

The spreadsheet includes things like sales volume, average sale price, monthly revenue, FBA fees, expected profit and more.

There is also a profit calculator tool built into the platform.

By clicking on FBA fees, you can open up the profit calculator and rapidly determine how profitable the product will be for you. The calculator looks at your costs and the price you will sell at.

This is the tool that most users are going to find valuable, and it’s the fastest way to decide whether a product is worth selling or not through Amazon FBA.

Look at Pricing and Sales Volume Trends for More Reliable Decisions

While it may not matter as much when buying a small volume of products to sell within a week or two, trends are vital when purchasing products in bulk.

That’s why it’s so helpful that the Chrome Extension of Jungle Scout offers a look at historical data for the price of the product, the monthly sales, and also daily sales of the product.

With a quick look through these trends, it’s easy to see what the expected performance is for the product, and whether it’s a decent option for long-term selling or not.

Look at Seller Competition when Doing Arbitrage

When doing retail arbitrage, it’s crucial to look at the number of people selling a specific product, as well as how well optimized a product listing is in general.

Jungle Scout Pro offers information about the number of sellers on a specific product, as well as the quality of the listings for a given product.

This information helps make it easier to decide if you’ll be able to outsell the competition when listing specific products and whether a product is worth the trouble or not.

Is Jungle Scout Lite Worth it?

Overall, we don’t think that Lite is worth purchasing over the Pro version of Jungle Scout.

The Lite version lacks many of the critical features that make the extension so powerful. Not only does Lite lack access to the historical data for sales volume and price fluctuation, but it also lacks the FBA fee information.

Without the historical data, it’s tough to buy products in bulk confidently. Without the FBA fee information it’s also tough to determine what price point to source products at efficiently.

Sure, it’s possible to look up this information on your own, but it’s much slower than just using the extension to do the task.

In summary, we don’t think Jungle Scout Lite is worth purchasing over the Pro version, especially not for such small cost savings.

Is Jungle Scout Pro Worth it?

JS Pro is undoubtedly the one to purchase between Lite and Pro, but do you need to get the extension at all? We’ll answer this question quickly with a few quick points.

The primary Jungle Scout tool is designed to optimize customer support, product listings, keyword research, product sourcing, and administrative things like that.

The Chrome Extension is designed to maximize quick product research, FBA price comparisons, and profit calculation.

If you do something like retail arbitrage, the extension will be your most valuable tool. If you exclusively sell using original listings or make sales through products sourced from suppliers, you’ll get more value from just Jungle Scout.

Decide what features are most important to you. You can get both products together for a discount and try everything out for a month before you decide what to use over the long term.

Jungle Scout Pro vs Lite?

To further help answer this question, let’s look at a quick feature comparison.

Below you’ll see all the additional features that you get with the Pro version, and this is with a pretty small cost increase each month.

The FBA fee

  • Whether an item considered standard or oversized
  • Item dimensions (length, height, width, and weight)
  • The final net profit (value after FBA fees are removed)
  • Access a filtering tool for more effective product research
  • Product opportunity score
  • The listing quality score

These features should help save you the time of conducting your own research by hand and give you a clear picture of the profit potential for a current product.

If you’re still hesitant about Jungle Scout Pro, decide how much you value your time.

If you’re just getting started as a reseller, you might be able to justify going Lite for a few months to save costs as you build up. We really believe that everyone should just go Pro, to begin with.

It’s also important to consider that the Pro version will only benefit you if you already have a professional seller’s account through Amazon.

Without that account, Jungle Scout can’t access that added information to give it to you anyway.


Jungle Scout is such a powerful tool for Amazon Sellers, especially those that go through the FBA program specifically.

It’s easy to justify purchasing this software if you sell even a moderate amount through the platform, and power sellers can benefit from the tool immensely.

Stop asking if Jungle Scout is worth it and just try out the software for a month to see how it benefits your sales and efficiency.

Everyone’s results will vary, but we believe it’s a good investment. The majority of Amazon sellers around today will benefit, even the ones that refuse to use the FBA program at all.

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