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The Vital Areas of Digital Marketing: A Helpful Guide on the Basics

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Digital marketing is integral for small business advertising these days.

Marketing isn’t quite what it used to be. Billboards, postcards, and radio spots are not nearly as popular or effective as their digital counterparts. But, if you’re not totally plugged in as a new entrepreneur, digital marketing might seem like a daunting prospect.

There’s a lot to learn, this much is true, but we’re here to help. Today, we’re going to go over the different areas of digital marketing and how you can use them to your advantage. Don’t get left behind in this ever-progressing field.


One of the most important facets of digital marketing is your ability to rank well on Google searches. When someone types in or terms related to your business or brand, you want to rank, not only on the first page but within the first few results.

SEO is a loaded topic that you’ll need to spend some time unpacking, but it encompasses several other digital marketing concepts. If your social media, content, and online reviews are in good shape, chances are, your SEO is in good shape as well.

Many businesses hire services like Clutch Creative Company to handle their SEO. These companies analyze and develop strategies to boost SEO in ways that regular small businesses can’t.


So many people are on social media now that it’s imperative to have your business on there as well. Setting up accounts on all of the biggest platforms (and some smaller ones) is the easiest way to build your brand and interact with your target audience.

Use social media to grow your reach and get valuable feedback directly from your customers on how you’re doing. By paying attention to what your customers want to see and hear from you, you can gain more and more followers, which you can then turn into sales and web traffic.


Content can mean many things. Basically, anything you’re putting out on the internet that’s either informative, entertaining or meant to engage with your audience is content. It could be a popular blog, the videos you put on your YouTube channel, or a podcast.

Giving your viewers/customers high-quality content on a regular basis is a proven system for growing awareness around your brand and improving your SEO numbers. More businesses than ever are allocating resources specifically for content creation.


Both email and Messenger marketing take old-school approaches to marketing and bring them to the digital age. You’ll have a list of customers that you send emails to that update them on what’s going on with your company or offer deals. As long as they’re subscribed to your list, they’ll get your emails.

Messenger marketing works in a similar way, but on apps like Facebook Messenger and What’s App instead of email. More and more people are actively using these communication tools in lieu of their email, where a lot of advertising ends up in the spam or junk folder.


It’s important to put time into learning the different areas of digital marketing. Being able to utilize different channels will broaden your reach and allow you to appeal to the most customers possible.

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