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Introducing KOSTON, An Online Retailer and Independent Design Studio

Inspired by the need for quality pet accessories, KOSTON is a fast-growing online pet accessories store founded by pet owners. Doubling as an independent design studio, the company offers original, stylish, high-quality, and innovative apparel.


United States, September 9, 2022— Pets are great companions for most people because they help eliminate loneliness and relieve stress. Their playful nature makes life exciting, and they show genuine compassion. To make them comfortable and match their lifestyle, pet parents always look for high-quality and stylish pet accessories and apparel.

However, as the founders of KOSTON realized, there is a shortage of designer pet accessories that are unique, stylish, and sustainable. Out of this need, KOSTON was born to provide limitless opportunities for pet owners obsessed with design and amazing products.

“We believe in a world that’s free from limitations, so we created KOSTON- an online pet accessories retailer and independent studio. Founded in 2021, our vision is to push the boundaries of design and style. Our purpose is to serve unique products for the innovator, the ones at the forefront of style and those looking to push what’s possible,” said a KOSTON representative.

KOSTON is dedicated to creating durable and sustainable products through an ethical approach and using specially-designed materials. One of the firm’s bestsellers, the Vegan leather dog harness is made of certified vegan leather, interior ribbon layer, and gold zinc alloy hardware. It is adjustable to fit a wide range of dog sizes and comes in several colors, including cocoa, grey, black, and camo.

The company is passionate about environmental conservation and social responsibility, partnering with like-minded people to uphold its values. Collaborating with factories and brands that believe in sustainability further cements the retailer’s vision to create unique yet sustainable pet products.

“We work with the best brands and factories worldwide to source ethical and sustainable Pet accessories. To partner with us, each brand and factory has to pass the sustainability test, such as work environment, fair wages, social responsibility, and more. This enables us to build strong relationships with partners whose values align with ours,” added the company representative.

As an independent design studio, KOSTON prides itself in thoughtfully designing pet products with the owner and pet in mind. It uses high-quality and ethically-sourced materials to make long-lasting solutions for stylish pets. For instance, the Vegan leather dog collar is made of vegan leather, nylon interior, and zinc alloy hardware in rose gold. It comes in radiant colors, including sage green, white, camo, grey, black, and cocoa.

Besides harnesses and collars, KOSTON also offers leashes, dog bandanas, cat toys, pet beds, and car seats. The retailer rewards customers with first-time purchase discounts and free shipping. Additionally, customers can purchase KOSTON gift cards to gift to friends, family, and co-workers.


KOSTON is an online pet accessories retailer and independent design studio. It was founded by pet owners who identified a need for quality and stylish pet products without compromising originality and innovation. The company’s vision is to push the boundaries of design and style for pet apparel like dog collars, harnesses, bandanas, toys, pet beds, and car seats.

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