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How to Find Your Favorite e Cigarette Juice Flavors

Thinking about vaping?

Evidence continues to pop up proving vaping is safer than traditional smoking. You’re not poisoning your bloodstream and neither are you burning a hole in your lungs. If you want to get that traditional tobacco kick, you can work around this by getting tobacco juice flavors.

Yes, you can get e-liquid in different flavors. If tobacco isn’t your thing, you can try a myriad of other choices like chocolate, mint, or apple.

But how do you find your favorite e-cigarette juice flavors? How can you tell, before buying, which one is worth the price tag?

You can start by looking at polls, ratings, and reviews.

Look at Polls and Ratings

Did you know 84% of consumers trust online reviews as they would do a personal reference? That showcases how powerful online reviews can affect people’s opinion regarding a product or service.

Not sure which juice flavors to start with? Look at the top 10 most popular choices. Look for those with the highest ratings and the most reviews to form a good opinion on these choices.

Polls are another great option. List down the top five flavors you like and ask people who vape to vote. Their experience with these popular flavors can help inform you which one to go with.

Know Your Preference

Of course, none of that matters if you have a strong preference. Don’t like bananas? Then don’t go with the banana flavored juices even if they rank high in polls and reviews.

Eliminate the ones you don’t like and prioritize the ones you do. If you already know your preference, you can pick your favorite and narrow the list further. This guarantees that the flavors you pick are in your wheelhouse.

You can even find tobacco e-liquid flavors. They taste like the real deal but they carry no nicotine and other harmful chemicals, which makes them great for people trying to quit smoking. This ensures you get the same experience of smoking but without the dangers it carries.

Ask for Juice Flavors Samples

If possible, ask for samples. These are smaller packages compared to what you get when buying e-liquid vials. More often than not you’ll only get a few puffs before they’re empty.

This is the ideal option to find your favorite. You can experience the full texture and taste before settling to purchase one over the other.

Keep in mind, however, that not every supplier will hand out free samples. If the shop you’re interested in doesn’t hand out samples, ask if they sell e-liquid in small doses. These are cheaper, allowing you to still test their flavor before spending more cash.

Discover More Vaping Tips Today

With these tips, you’ll find the best e-cigarette juice flavors in no time without overspending or waste time. From that point forward it’s a matter of sticking to what works or experimenting with something new.

Still on the fence about vaping? Not sure where to start?

Feel free to visit us today and read more tips and starting guides. You can start with our list of reasons to get a vaping starter kit.

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