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In-Store Experience Expands in Response to Significant Growth in 2021

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In-Store Experience, an award-winning retail design firm, has recently added to their Westport, CT-based staff.  Two newly created roles in Operations and Engineering add to their core strengths and enables the  firm to continue providing top-line support for new and existing clients.


Michael Allen has joined as VP of Engineering, reporting to Adam Silverstein, VP of Design and Engineering.  Allen comes to In-Store from Stanley Black&Decker. With over 27 years of retail display experience, Allen has a diverse background in electro-mechanical applications as well as consumer and industrial products. He also has a great deal of experience with injection molding, sheet metal fabrication, LED lighting, retail testing, and 3D printing.


Michael Gentilozzi has joined the Operations department to support vendor management, shipping and logistics, and procurement. Reporting to Frank Cirillo, VP Product Development, Gentilozzi brings significant experience in customer service and operational support roles, as well as a foundation in process management.

“As we looked at our impressive growth in 2020, which has continued this year, we saw an opportunity to build our team,” said Chris Anderson, founder and CEO, In-Store Experience. “Despite the Covid pandemic, we’ve been very busy, and we don’t see things slowing down any time soon.” continued Anderson. “As always, we’re fortunate to attract top talent, and both Michael Allen and Michael Gentilozzi are leaders in their respective fields. The entire staff is excited about them joining the In-Store family, and we’re anxious to get them involved with both existing and new client projects.”

In-Store Experience is an award-winning designer and manufacturer of experiential retail displays, fixtures and retail environments focused on delivering successful retail programs that engage your customers in-store and beyond. We start by understanding your brand and auditing the in-store environment.

Next, in a blending of art and science, we leverage our deep understanding of materials, digital innovations, and customer psychology to create your design.

Finally, using our proprietary methodology, we prototype your concept to ensure performance and budget requirements are met. With our comprehensive manufacturing capabilities, we can engineer, build and scale the most impactful solution to ensure a successful retail program.

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