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If the Shoe Fits: How to Find Comfortable Shoes

When it comes to shoe shopping, is it style over comfort or comfort over style?

But does it really matter if your shoes don’t fit properly? Yes! If you wear shoes that are not appropriate for your foot shape and size, you’re putting your feet at risk. For example, corns, blisters, bunions, deformities, back pain, and more.

You may even need surgery to get your feet back into shape. And all for a pair of stylish shoes!

But the good news is you CAN find comfortable shoes that are stylish. How? Read on for a step-by-step guide.

Step 1—Shop Til’ You Drop

When choosing women’s dress shoes, sneakers, flats or any kind of footwear, timing is essential. It might seem odd, but experts say that you should always go shoe shopping in the afternoon.

This is because as the day goes on, your feet naturally expand and swell. If you shoe shop in the morning, you’ll no doubt buy the wrong size. This will lead to blisters or worse.

Step 2—Get Real with Shoe Style

Sure, it’s easy to say “stick to flats and comfy sneakers”. But in reality, you need a variety of footwear styles for a variety of occasions.

High-heel dress shoes for women are often not made for comfort. Stick to flats if you can work it. But if you can’t resist a few pairs of skyscraper heels, wear them for special occasions only.

Step 3—Size Matters

Shoes that are too big will rub, and if they’re too small they will pinch. Instead of buying shoes that are like tiny torture devices, get the size right by taking measurements.

Have a salesperson measure each foot EVERY TIME you buy new shoes. This is because your feet will constantly change with age. After you get measured, you can start trying on shoes.

Of course, if you’re not at a shoe shop that takes measurements, you can DIY. Take a tracing of your foot and place the chosen shoe on top of the tracing. If it’s too narrow or short, don’t even bother trying it on.

Step 4—Test Them Out

Try on some shoes and take a walk for at least 5 minutes. If they feel uncomfortable at any point, you know it’s not going to work.

But when testing them out, what should you look for?

  1. Is there enough room around the balls of your feet?
  2. Do they pinch your feet or feel loose?
  3. Is there a (much-needed) half-inch space between your big toe and the end of the shoe?
  4. Are they sturdy enough to protect your foot from sharp objects?
  5. Are your women’s dress shoes stable to walk in? Or do they topple easily?

If you’re looking for comfortable walking shoes and sneakers, make sure to wear the socks you intend to wear with the shoes.

And whatever you do, don’t believe the myth that you should break in your shoes first. Find comfy shoes that fit from the offset!

Try These Comfortable Shoes on for Size

If, after years of mistreatment, your feet are in really bad shape, you may need to use orthotic shoes. But prevention is better than a cure, so look after your feet by picking shoes that include comfort in their design.

For the most comfortable sneakers that look stylish AND don’t harm the environment, take a look at Allbird Shoes.

Relief at Last

From measurements and timing to high heels and flats. Follow these tips in finding comfortable shoes, and you’ll find relief (and style) at last!

For more fashion-forward tips and hacks, check out the “Clothing and Accessory” section of our blog.

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