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5 Best Supplements for Women to Build Strength

5 Best Supplements for Women to Build Strength : If you have been working on a strength training program, you may be wondering if there is anything else outside of the gym you can do to help you build strength.

Supplements can be a great addition to your fitness regimen and using the right ones can thoroughly improve your results. So what are the best supplements for women?

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It’s no secret that protein is an essential part of building strong muscles. So when focusing on a strength training routine, it’s important you increase your protein intake.

Even if you think you’re getting enough protein in your diet, you likely aren’t. Which is why it’s crucial to add in a protein powder to your workout routine.

The faster you can get protein to your muscles after hitting the gym, the quicker your muscles will grow. Protein should be taken immediately after a workout for best results.

Amino Acids

Branched-chain amino acids are an excellent way to boost protein synthesis in the body. These BCAA’s increase your body’s production of insulin, which directly affects your body’s ability to synthesize protein and increase strength.

These amino acids don’t occur in the body naturally so you must take them in supplement form in order to receive the nutrients. You’ll want to take this before working out to get an added boost of energy.

You can find BCAA’s in these EHP Labs Supplements.


Creatine, much like protein, is a familiar name when referring to strength building supplements. It is one of the best supplements for athletes or those strength training because of its impactful benefits on the body.

Creatine helps give you energy and drive to get through a few extra reps, stay in the gym longer, and boost your muscles water retention. All of which ultimately lead to increased muscular growth. This can be taken both pre and post-workout.


Magnesium has a lot of various impacts on the body. And if you aren’t getting enough from your diet, you may want to consider adding it to your supplement regimen.

With low levels of magnesium, you are likely to experience issues with your energy levels, nervous system, and even bone strength. Taking magnesium can also aid in muscle recovery and balancing out blood pressure.

Vitamin D

Whether you are strength training or not, vitamin D is important to your overall health. This becomes even more important when trying to build muscle since you are using a lot of your body’s energy to do so.

If you are worried your vitamin D levels are low, consider adding it in as a supplement. Not only will this provide your body with crucial nutrients but it will also boost your training performance.

Best Supplements For Women

With this list of the best supplements for women, you’ll be giving yourself that added edge to your strength training. Adding in these supplements will help your body perform better, produce muscles faster, and will increase your energy levels.

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5 Best Supplements for Women to Build Strength

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