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How To Wash Vegetables and Fruit- DIY Cleansing Wash

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Have you been struggling with how to wash vegetables and fruit? When removing harmful bacteria, I prefer to give my produce more than a little rinsy-rinse with water!

There are many pre-made washes on the market that allow you to conveniently wash vegetables and fruit; however, they’re not always made with the best ingredients. A majority of these products contain harmful chemicals themselves and are pricey for the quality of the product. Therefore, I’ve created my own ways to wash produce with a few simple DIY versions in the comfort of your home! I like to know exactly what is in the products I’m using, and it’s also cheaper to make your own batch from scratch using a couple of ingredients!

Below are a few reasons why it’s essential to wash your produce:

  1. Conventional produce is sprayed with harmful chemicals and pesticides that are not safe to ingest. By choosing organic produce, you can reduce your exposure to chemicals and pesticides. While purchasing organically is recommended (when possible), it may be expensive at times. The EWG’s Shopper’s Guide to Pesticides and Produce annually update their lists of the Clean15 + Dirty Dozen foods to buy organically and help consumers prioritize their organic shopping needs.
  2. Think about the number of people that have come in contact with your produce. Customers touch, shuffle, and squeeze foods trying to find the perfect ones; you have no idea what that person has done with their hands or what they have come in contact with throughout the day before touching that food. Foods are transported state to state and from other countries. You can help limit your food miles by purchasing from local and organic farmers. By the time the product has reached the shelves, it has been handled by many workers, from farmers to truck drivers to those who stock the shelves; for all you know, someone could’ve left the bathroom after taking a giant crap and started stocking up your product without even washing their hands.
  3. Produce is covered with dirt, debris, and bugs! It grows outside (most of the time), gets transported, etc., and it’s bound to have something on it! I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve found dead bugs or even live ones, including spiders, in my fruits and veggies. It’s crazy how much residue will be leftover when you remove your produce after washing them. Gross, but intriguing, lol!



Recipes – How To Wash Vegetables and Fruit


Recipe 1:

4 cups of purified water

Juice from 3-5 limes

1 tsp of sea salt


Recipe 2:

3:1 Ratio

3 parts purified water

1 part distilled vinegar




  • You may adjust the amount of mixture using the given ratio in the recipes based on how much produce you’re washing.
  • Fruits and vegetables should be covered in water with the mixture (some may float, that is okay – I like to rotate them around).
  • Soak the fruits and vegetables for 15 minutes and gently scrub off any dirt and residue.
  • Rinse thoroughly at room temperature with purified water.
  • Always use purified water
  • Gently scrub produce
  • Never harshly rub produce
  • Be mindful when using a bristle brush – you want the bristles to remove dirt and debris but be gentle enough not to remove the exterior layer of skin on the produce.
  • Purchase organically when possible or follow the updated EWG Clean15 and Dirty Dozen lists
  • Use room temperature water – never hot or freezing water
  • I allow thick-skinned produce like lemons, squash, etc., to air dry in a dish rack.
  • For softer skinned foods like berries and mushrooms, I prefer to add the mixture to a spray bottle, spritz the produce and rinse with water; lightly pat dry with a paper towel or drying towel. Avoid soaking these foods in the mix as they easily absorb liquids.


I hope you enjoy these produce washes; share yours on social media & tag @wholisticwanders to be featured!

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