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How to Style a Dress: 3 Effective Tips

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Owning so many clothes is unnecessary. It’s better to have a few key pieces that you can mix and match with other clothing. And one of the most versatile pieces in any woman’s closet has to be a dress.

You can learn how to style a dress in so many different ways regardless of whether you need to look formal or casual.

Need inspiration? Here are some tips for styling different types of dresses so you know what to look for when buying a dress in the future.

1. Shop for Your Body Shape

The reason why you might feel a bit lost when styling a dress at the moment is because it doesn’t suit you. Some ladies don’t have the height for maxi dresses and others don’t have the booty for bodycon.

And that’s 100% okay because you do have a beautiful body and the right dress will show it off.

Find niche stores that sell dresses made for you. Nowadays, there are tons of online stores selling formal plus size dresses, modern Islamic dresses, and so much more.

When you are wearing a dress that fits you well, it will be much easier to choose accessories to match.

2. Choose a Timeless Dress Style and Length

As well as shopping for your body shape, choose classic shapes that work for every occasion. For example, wrap dresses are great because they will cinch in your waist and highlight your cleavage. You can also find wrap dresses with sleeves if you don’t like showing off your arms.

Be mindful of the length of the dress you buy because you might need to wear pantyhose with it if it’s too short.

Other dress options that are flattering and timeless are A-line style dresses and drop-waist dresses.

3. Don’t Underestimate the Power of Layers

Figuring out how to style a dress is all in the layers. That includes accessories, jewelry, and other items of clothing, too.

Let’s say you have a black, flowery sleeveless wrap dress. You could pair it with a denim jacket and some wedges for a smart-casual summer look. Or, you could wear a black turtleneck underneath with a leather jacket and be ready to hit the bars after work in winter.

Wear your dresses with dainty necklaces, pantyhose, and flats for a stylish day look. Or, strap on your highest heels, put on a statement bangle, and wear a sequin shrug for a night on the town. Layers can make so much difference to your dress’s style.

Now You Know How to Style a Dress for Every Occasion

Figuring out how to style a dress well takes a lot of trial and error. Not only do you need the right dress, but you need the right accessories and jewelry too.

But this guide should show you that with the right dress, you can create an endless amount of looks.

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