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How to Stop Spam Emails: 5 Tips for a Cleaner Inbox

Junk emails are no longer a problem.

These unwanted emails are annoying and can lead to viruses, identity theft, and even ransomware if you ignore the links attached to the email. So how can you stay safe from shady deals and promotions from junk emails and leave them behind?

We are here to help you clean up your inbox and make it beautiful again. Keep reading for five simple tips on how to stop spam emails for good.

1. Report the Email as Spam

One of the best ways to keep a cleaner inbox from spam marketing emails is to report the spam email to the appropriate email provider promptly. This will help reduce the amount of spam you receive in the future.

Start by opening the spam email and check for a “Report Spam” button. If it is available, click the button. Some email providers have an email address designated for reporting spam. You can forward the spam email to that address to report it.

2. Invest in a Third Party Email Filter

For example, investing in a 3rd party email filter from this homepage is an effective way to reduce the number of spam emails in your inbox. These filters can segregate and detect bulk emails and phishing attacks as soon as they arrive.

This is a great way to avoid the inconvenience of manually deleting dozens of messages every day. The 3rd party filter also helps identify malicious emails and keeps them away from your inbox. A 3rd party email filter is essential for anyone serious about keeping their inbox free of spam. 

3. Use a Secondary Email Address

Having a secondary email address as a tool to stop spam emails is a worthy tip for maintaining a cleaner inbox. It helps avoid reaping unwanted emails from sources you do not know about.

A secondary email address can be used to pre-screen emails to weed out spam. Whenever you register for a new website on the internet, use the secondary email address to register instead of your email address. This will help avoid future spam emails since the websites will be sending the emails to an address you never use.

4. Change Your Email Privacy Settings

Changing your email privacy settings is essential to stop spam emails and scam emails. Start by changing the settings when creating a new email address. And if you already have an existing account, review the current settings and ensure they align with your preferences.

This can be done by setting the spam filter to the highest possible level and unchecking the ‘’automatically add people I email to my contact list option. After that, turn off the ‘’how images in messages from unknown senders option. 

5. Block Spam Emails Automatically

One effective way to stop spam emails is to block them automatically. Many email providers, such as Google and Microsoft, provide options to block incoming emails automatically if they come from a known spammer. You can use additional filters to detect specific keywords or domains in incoming emails and stop them from entering your inbox.

Learn How to Stop Spam Emails

The best way to stop spam emails is to practice good email hygiene, like keeping your email lists clean and up to date and avoiding signing up for suspicious or spammy websites. Take action now and sign up for an email filter service—it’s the best way to keep your inbox free from nuisance emails.

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