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How to Replace a Roof: The Steps Explained

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If you’ve had a shingle roof for more than twenty years or so, you may have noticed it’s starting to show some wear and tear. Keeping a good roof is crucial to making sure your home doesn’t suffer water damage from persistent leaks. After about twenty years, you’ll need to look at replacing your shingle roof.

Replacing a roof is a major undertaking, but it’s an important one. Read on to learn how to replace a roof and what you can expect during the installation process.

Removing Existing Roofing

The first step to replacing a roof is removing the existing roofing that’s underneath. This is especially crucial for projects where you’re replacing one shingle roof with a new shingle roof. If you’re installing a metal roof in place of a shingle roof, you may sometimes place the metal over the existing shingles.

If having a shingle roof replaced, your contractor will strip off all the old shingles and place them in a dumpster. They will also need to remove any old valley flashing or drip edging during this process. A good contractor will use tarps to protect foundation plantings and shrubs, as well as using magnetic tools to find any nails that may have fallen on the lawn.

Making Needed Repairs

While the roof is bare, it’s a good time to make any needed repairs to the structure of the roof. Your contractor will make sure none of the roofing beams have water or fire damage and replace sections that show wear and tear. If the sheathing is in bad shape, they’ll lay down new 1×6 sheathing boards, and if you’re in a colder climate, they’ll install ice dam protection.

Once the structure of the roof is secure, it will be time to lay down new roofing paper. If you had to remove the valley flashing or drip edging when your contractor was removing the existing roofing, they will replace them now. They’ll use metal drip edging nailed over the new roofing paper or ice guard.

Installing the New Roofing

The roof will now be ready to begin installing the new roofing. For a new shingle roof, your contractor will start applying tab shingles at the eaves and work their way up towards the peak. They’ll install roof vents as they come to them, and apply flashing around the chimney, skylights, stack vents, and other potential sources of leaking.

For a metal roof, your contractor will install the new roofing in panels. These may interlock or fasten together in different ways. They’ll use screws that will not loosen over time, and when the job is done, they’ll clean up any debris left over in the yard before they leave the worksite.

Learn How to Replace a Roof

Knowing how to replace a roof can make sure your house is protected for years to come. A good shingle roof can last upwards of two decades, and a metal roof can last more than a century. Make sure you take extra care to prevent leaks and clean up thoroughly before you leave.

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