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How to Find a Doctor After a Car Accident

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Getting proper medical attention after a car accident is critical to discovering what injuries you may have received, even if they aren’t apparent at first. Some may not have presented yet, and pain may feel minimal or not at all. Don’t let lack of pain or no obvious signs of injury deter you from getting promptly assessed as some could potentially have life-changing consequences if left undetected.

Deciding what accident doctor to see is a  vital decision you must make, and your regular primary care physician might not have the training necessary to diagnose you appropriately. In addition to this issue, your doctor’s office may not have the ability to process and bill the auto insurance companies correctly, which could delay your compensation.

Tips for Finding the Best Doctor After an Auto Accident

As mentioned earlier, primary care doctors do not necessarily accept personal injury protection (PIP) policy or other accident coverage benefits. Many offices ask for payment at the time services get rendered and expect you to send your visit expenses into the auto insurance company for reimbursement. A number of physicians outright refuse to process or treat car accident victims for this reason.

Find an Auto Accident Doctor That Understands Documenting Injuries

You may decide that you want to consult with your regular doctor after a car accident, but this may not result in a proper diagnosis of your injuries. Your family physician may not only not have the training necessary to recognize the harm from your crash, but may have difficulty documenting all the details and information correctly for the insurance company. Thorough notes and documentation are crucial if you need compensation for your loss.

Locate a Doctor with Experience Billing No-Fault Insurance

Outside of getting a correct diagnosis after an auto wreck, the doctor you choose for care needs to have experience with medical billing to auto insurance companies. Accurate CPT coding and authorization of appropriate medical procedures are crucial tasks you must depend on your car accident physician to take care of on your behalf. Doctors who focus their practice on treating car accident injuries bring this level of experience with their services and proper billing practice.

Get Recommendations from Your Friends and Families

Another resource to rely on is your family and friends who have experienced car accident-related injuries too. They will have the first-hand experience with not only the process of finding a qualified car accident doctor for care but what services and expertise you should look for when making that decision.  Family and friends may even know of doctors that only treat car crash victims and help you locate their contact information

Don’t Put Off Finding the Right Doctor After a Car Accident

The first action you should take after a collision is to find a physician that diagnoses and treats related injuries. Make sure the billing service as experience keeping detailed notes that car insurance companies require to process injury claims, as well as knowing how to code procedures correctly.

The doctor you choose will have an impact on your demand, so while it is essential to get checked out as soon as possible, make sure your care provider is reputable.

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