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How to Make a Phone More Fun and Personal

The number of smartphone users continues to grow every day as people discover more and more uses for their smartphones.

It is, however, not the number of users that count nowadays but how you’re using it. With the digitalization, the smartphone has many hidden uses that you need to discover to make your life easier.

Want your cell phone to reflect your personality more? Learn how to make a phone fun for you with the suggestions in this guide.

Change Your App Icons

If you want to play around with your app icons and give them a customized look, you can do it easily. You don’t need any IT expertise to do it, and don’t worry because you won’t mess up any of your apps.

If you’re using an iPhone, you can choose the icon style of your desire. There are several apps on Play store that can do this. You can either choose free apps or go for the paid ones. It all depends on the features that you want.

Learn How to Make a Phone Turn Your Computer On

If you’re an Android user, you can start smiling because technology is giving you everything you need to make life easier. You can now turn on your computer and perform other simple tasks using your phone. You don’t need any special rooting to turn on your computer remotely.

All you need is a Near Field Communication (NFC) antenna. Set this on your smartphone, and you can turn on your computer from wherever you are. You can also use this antenna to share important information and put your phone on driving mode.

Create a Specific Contact Tone

Now with a smartphone, you can identify your callers even before looking at the name displayed on the screen. This is a straightforward task, just like saving a contact on your phone. You simply need to choose the contact that you want, edit, and scroll down to select the best ringtones.

You will also find Vibration Setting on the options—tap it, and choose your preferred vibration for iOS.  While this option may not be readily available for Android users, you can use special apps such as Vybe to create a custom vibration for your preferred contact.

Clean Your Phone

Too many unnecessary apps and downloaded documents can slow up the speed of your phone. You need to make your phone new again by cleaning out those apps that you’re no longer using. You don’t have to do this manually because there are special apps that can do that for you.

De-clutter Your Phone

Your screen needs a special touch to look beautiful. There are various ways of how to clean your phone screen and make it look stunning and easier to use.

Look at all those apps that are covering up your screen. Think about the frustration you have to go through to find important apps.

Make life easier for you by categorizing all the apps. Doing this can get your phone looking new again and easier to use.

Turn Off Wi-Fi with Your Voice

With just a simple voice command, you can easily turn your Wi-Fi off. Simple apps like Google Now, Siri or Cortana can do the work for you if you just lend them your voice.

With the app you choose, say “turn off Wi-Fi” and get it done. You can also do this to turn off your phone’s Bluetooth.

Set Your Alarm to Increase the Sound

When you get too tired and fall into a deep slumber that your normal alarm volume doesn’t wake you up, you can get your phone to increase the volume automatically. Your Android phone now allows you to set your alarm tone louder and louder until you finally wake up.

It’s very simple to set up this feature, and you don’t need another app on your phone for this. On your alarm page, go to the menu, find the gradually increase volume, and help yourself get up earlier.

Have Your Contacts on Your Lock Screen

You don’t have to unlock your phone to make a call because you can now access your contact list on the lock screen. This is available for both Android and iOS users. If you happen to misplace your phone and a Good Samaritan finds it, they could easily contact any of your contact lists and return your phone.

If you’re using Android, this feature is in your Settings. For iOS users, go to Health. Windows users can edit their wallpaper to use this feature.

Find Out What’s Draining Your Battery

One disadvantage of smartphones is how fast they can consume your battery power.

Thanks to improved technology, you can easily find out the apps that are consuming most of your battery power. To find the culprit, go to the Settings of your Android phone and uninstall them.

Discover New Possibilities

It’s exciting to know how many hidden features you can use on your smartphone and make your life easier. With these tips, now you know how to make a phone more fun and personal to you and your needs. Some of the apps are available free of charge, while some features are already on your phone.

What are you still waiting for? Download some of these apps in your Google Play Store or Apple store and start experiencing unlimited possibilities.

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