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How to Landscape Around Ground Mounted Solar Panels

Many people are tired of paying the electric company large sums of cash. On the other hand, what’s a viable alternative?

Depending on where you live, ground mounted solar panels might be a good option. If you’re one of the people that don’t want to put panels on your roof, this could be the perfect solution for you.

The problem many people see with solar panels on the ground is that they might make their land look unattractive. The good news is that there are ways to landscape around your solar panels, so they don’t look out of place and ugly.

Continue reading this article to learn more about landscaping your yard when you have solar panels ground mounted.

Make Sure You Have Enough Space

Before you decide you’re going to call home solar installation to get your ground panels set up, make sure you have enough room. You need to have enough room to not only fit your panels, but you should have enough room to make your yard look nice.

Using Trees

If you don’t want to see the solar panels and you have a good bit of land, you can use trees to help you. The panels are going to be faced in a way that they will get the most sun possible. You can put trees behind them to create a natural fence, so you don’t even have to see the solar panels.

If you’re worried about blocking the solar panels or don’t want to keep up with keeping the trees under control, opt for some smaller bushes that don’t grow too wild to block off the ground panels.

Gravel Is Your Friend

It can be a real pain to try to keep up with the grass under your solar panels. Instead of fighting grass that is trying to creep up on your solar panels, why not get rid of the grass altogether?

Instead, get some attractive gravels or pebbles and put them under the solar panels. That will make things much easier for you in terms of maintenance. Besides being easier when it comes to maintenance time, it also looks really nice.

Get It Off the Ground

If you want another way to grab the rays, you might even opt to put some of the solar panels off the ground. No, not on the roof.

Instead, you could use the solar panels as a shade for your porch. They look sleek and not only block the sun but grab it and turn it into energy for your home.

Keep your options open and see what is best for you.

Soak Up the Sun With Ground Mounted Solar Panels

Now you can soak up the sun with ground mounted solar panels without worrying about making your yard look like a disaster. Instead of worrying about how your yard looks, you can focus on all of the money you’re saving not paying the electric company.

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