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How to Get More Listings in 2022 Using The Real Estate Influencer Strategy

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If you are a real estate agent that is looking for more listings in 2022 then you should watch this 3 part training session on how to get more listings in 2022.

The Influencer Strategy teaches you how to Future Proof your real estate business in 2022 and for years to come.

Hosted by Howard Chung VP of affiliate sales for John L Scott real estate. Howard Chung has been in the real estate industry for 25 years as a top producing agent, manager, executive, and coach.

This is a 3 part video series that will cover:

  • Modern Seller Lead Generation Techniques
  • Video Communications 2.0
  • Engaging Clients ‘Upstream’ and ‘Downstream’

Along with some follow up action items, access to download the slides of the presentation and the tools necessary to build a real estate empire.

*WARNING* If you are looking for a quick fix, the silver bullet or the easy button for getting more listings this is not it. Additionally, there is no such thing. This is a workshop that will guide you to becoming a professional listing agent.

How to Get More Listings in 2022 Using The ‘Influencer’ Strategy Video Part 1 of 3

How to Get More Listings in 2022 Video 1 Highlights

How to Get More Listings in 2022 Using The ‘Influencer’ Strategy Video Part 2 of 3

How To Get More Listings in 2022 Video 2 Highlights

How to Get More Listings in 2022 Using The ‘Influencer’ Strategy Video Part 3 of 3

How To Get More Listings in 2022 Video 3 Highlights


For access to the slides used in the full presentation you can download them here:

Post workshop follow-up items:

1. Be sure to create a repeating/recurring calendar event for “Calendaring, Collecting, Categorizing, and Campaigning” at least once per week where you are committed to connecting with people through video, email, zoom, text, social, face-to-face, etc. The link to the content calendar can be found in the Scripts #1 above.

2. Work on your Objectives and Key Results (OKRs).  Here’s a link to the book, Measure What Matters by John Doerr

3. Work on your CRM/Database including name, telephone, email address, home address, home value, where they want to move next, etc.  Don’t forget about the the UCR Labs as a great resource:

4. Purchase Tools such as microphone, tri-pod, ring light, and Osmo Pocket video camera/gimbal

5. Create a free Zoom account and practice sharing your screen with one another.  Then be sure to send the calendar invite to clients and give them a market update! 

6. Download the Google Photos App on your Phone and send one on one videos by sharing the video link once uploaded to Google Photos from your phone.  You can share the photo link through text but DO NOT try to send the massive native video file through SMS/MMS.  Alternatively, sign up for a bombbomb account

7. Grab ‘B-Roll’ video footage every time you’re previewing, showing homes, out in the neighborhoods, etc.  Remember they should be 3-5 second clips (don’t worry about your audio for these clips).  Create an archive of video clips in the cloud like Dropbox or Google Photos (download the app and login at

8. Download the Promptsmart Pro app for your phone and use the teleprompter function.  Write scripts of hyper-local communities like your favorite neighborhoods, streets, sub-divisions, restaurants, plazas, etc.

9. Try out (mobile app and web versions) and/or to bring together your video clips and voiceover to tell a story of your community, neighborhood, interviews with clients, local business owners, school teachers, etc.

10. Visit and be sure to start a boosting campaign (re-marketing) to your spheres of influence with these videos!

Thank you and we hope this helps you with how to get more listings in 2022, and be sure to send me examples of some of your videos!




I always like to remind people that I sell real estate. Whenever you hear a speaker talk and they’re talking about real estate strategies or tactics you should ask if you actually sell real estate. Some experts haven’t sold real estate.

I still remember all the emotions when your own business life is going up and down and when clients’ lives are going up and down. I think that’s very important in terms of context, whenever you hear somebody speak and share about real estate strategies..

I think the principles are very much the same over many many years and generations

because we are just people. Technologies change, certain tactics change, consumer behaviors change,and that’s what we’ve got to adjust to.  We need to recognize consumer behavior is changing and where our behavior is changing. Those little  nuances.

Some people disagree with me and say you should just make a phone call. I’ll talk about that as we go along, but there are certain principles that exist.


Let’s talk about something called the influencer workshop. Do you all know what I mean by influencer?

Let me  explain what I mean by influencer because influencer can literally mean a social media influencer or media influencer.  There have always been influencers in various ways but the media that they’ve used has been very different.

Right now we’re in something called web 2.0.  I’m not going to go too much into the Metaverse conversation but we should understand a few high-level principles. There used to be something called web 1.0,  then web 2.0  and now we’re entering into a phase called web 3.0.

Web 1.0 was the classic where you went to a website and you looked at information on that website. You needed to have search engines like Alta Vista and Lycos,for those of you who remember those days, Yahoo became very popular in that space. You would search for websites by going to a search site, this is pre-google days, and everybody had an AOL email address and we had the dial up classic internet connections.

Fast forward all the way to something called the dot-com boom followed by the dot-com bust.  Those were all centralized web services or web 1.0.

Then comes Web 2.0 that is not even that old actually.  What is Web 2.0? The high level concept is ‘we created the internet’ or people created the internet. Web 2.0 is a lot of the social media content that we create. You didn’t create the content on web 1.0 you just visited websites so it was a one-way experience. Web 2.0 is creating the internet with everything that we share.

At the same time mobile devices are starting to become very popular. You’ve got the content being created by the people using mobile technology and then higher speed internet. Because if you remember in the early days where it was 3g. It had a very slow internet connection, you could not even watch videos on the early mobile devices, you could barely share photos.

Fast forward and there is this major shift and ongoing improvement of mobile technology. We’ve got to stop thinking about mobile in terms of just the phone in your pocket,  mobile now is the mobile watch. There is no need to have my phone. If your watch has its own radio band we can literally make phone calls, ect. It’s not like this is even new but all these radio devices are so fast on all the smart devices now.

We’re also going to have AR technology in our glasses, in combination with 5g and fiber internet. You add that on top of these trillion dollar companies like the company Meta.  When I say Meta people sometimes don’t realize that Facebook is now under the brand Meta.  Facebook,Instagram, Whatsapp, Oculus and others are all under the Meta brand.

According to a New York Times article that came out earlier this year 25% of jobs hired by Meta are for web 3.0.  it’s for the Metaverse that hasn’t been released yet. I have a friend who works at Meta and he’s an engineer and a developer and I asked him “what do you work on”? He said most of us are working on AR Glasses.

VR is different from AR. When I say AR a lot of people associate Pokemon Go, but do not associate Pokemon Go with AR. The way that Zuckerberg describes Pokemon Go is more of a geo based game that’s not actual AR.  With real AR you will have a heads-up display.  Many of you have seen cars with heads-up displays, you can see through that heads-up display into the glass. A quick little notification you see and it is very clear.

Apple has patents for AR and VR and Facebook already owns Oculus the VR glasses. They’re in a race to develop these AR glasses. I asked my friend what the goal is for his department and he said it’s so you no longer need your mobile device.

Facebook and Instagram, which are all about the mobile device, are working to make it so that you don’t need the mobile device. Your day-to-day communication, all the notifications, everything that you need it’s all built into the AR glasses.

By the way, your mobile device is no longer a communication tool, it’s more of a video consumption device. We used to use it as a phone and for texting. If you actually measure the number of hours per day on the average device it is used for video consumption.

You used to need an iPod then an iPad for consumption.  Mobile devices are so big now you can pretty much consume constantly on them, it’s a consumption device. If our phones are a consumption device and we recognize what influencers are then the question is ‘who am I  influencing’?  What’s the content that Ii’m sharing that’s going to help me be an influencer moving into the future.

There are crazy influencers out there and I am not talking about them,  I’m talking about us being the influencers. We have to have an influencer strategy as part of our game plan, part of our business plan.

I have to have an upstream game plan all regarding influencer strategy.  We’re going to talk a lot about that.  We’re also going to talk about time management. I think it’s great to have ideas and strategies but unless you actually have it built into a regular rhythm of your day it’s pretty much useless. It’s good to have information but there’s a lot of people with a lot of brain knowledge and they don’t really do anything with that.

We have to have a balance between knowledge and execution. Execution occurs through our habits and that’s back to time management. We can’t manage time we can only manage ourselves so we’re going to be talking a little about that later.


In order to talk about the influencer strategy we need to ask ourselves ‘what do consumers want?’

We should look at things like the 2021 Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers by the NAR and the number one thing that a real estate consumer, a buyer, seller or homeowner, is looking for in a real estate agent is the reputation of the agent. It’s actually the same every year.

If I’m gonna move from here to Arizona or to Florida or anywhere in the world, I need a real estate professional  who has local knowledge of real estate markets, the communities, the schools, the local restaurant scenes, all the things that you like.  If you’re gonna move somewhere you want somebody with a really good reputation. now

I don’t want to just go to somebody that is an influencer. I want to make sure that they have an understanding and knowledge of the real estate market and the local economy. I want to be able to trust in somebody. I want somebody who’s honest who’s not going to lie to me, that’s reputation

  • Is the agent  honest and trustworthy?
  • Is the agent a friend or family member which also is associated with honesty and trustworthiness?
  • Agents  knowledge of the neighborhood
  • Agent has a good personality and is a good listener.
  • Reputation of the agents firm

The Influencer Strategy is the answer to how to get more listings.


I’m looking for a Seattle specialist, you should use Jason and Joe, even though I was just recommended the very first thing I do is Google them. The very first thing that shows up on google is the reviews

I hope every one of you is not just on Zillow reviews. Zillow reviews are kind of secondary at this point. The very first place you’re going to be searched is not Facebook, it’s not Zillow, it’s Google.

If I type in Cindi rice real estate, Cindi Rice Seattle or Cindi Rice John L Scott and boom it instantly pops up because you created your local Google Business profile, which takes you minutes. And I don’t see any reviews, you’re in trouble.

How do you get a Google review super easy? You just say, hey friend, hey sister, hey brother, hey mom, hey kid write me a review please. The review from your broker is, hey as the managing brokers of this company Ciindy is one of the most professional and consistent… Then there’s this nice leadership review.

Sometimes you have a client testimonial and it’s on Facebook or Yelp.  Copy and paste what they wrote on Facebook or Yelp and email it to them and say, ‘hey here’s a link to my Google Page, would you click this link and copy and paste what you wrote for me right onto there’?

Where else should you have reviews?  It’s okay to have the same reviews in different places. I’m not even talking about Zillow. It is fine to have them there and you have to have enough reviews on zillow. is fine to have.

The three places I would focus most in terms of reviews is Google, Yelp ( if possible, the thing with Yelp is unless you happen to know somebody who yelps regularly then your review will not stick. It’s written but it never shows up or never populates which is fine) and the 3rd place that most people forget is Linkedin. You’re working in a city, if I work for Microsoft it’s linkedin, and I go to Linkedin I need a recent review on Linkedin.

Some of you have not updated your Linkedin and you really need to make sure your Linkedin profile is up to date.  You have a professional photo, you’re sharing content on there from time to time and just make sure your profile is complete with reviews.

Google, Yelp and Linkedin. If possible facebook then zillow and maybe  That’s all part of reputation.

I would use keywords like: honest and trustworthy, friend or family member, knowledge of the neighborhood, good personality and is a good listener, reputation of the firm.

Was I honest and trustworthy? Yes. How was my communication? Wonderful. Would you write something specific along that line?  Then I see the stars and if I did drill down at all on any of those reviews, boom, this individual is solid.

Cindy was recommended and referred and popped up as soon as I started Googling her and her reviews are solid. That is a concept that you really need to do. How to get more listings, make sure you are getting some reviews written for you.


  • Honesty and integrity
  • Knowledge of the process
  • Knowledge of the real estate market
  • Communication skills
  • Negotiation skills
  • People skills

These are all very important. When it comes to communication skills we all think we’re good at communication.

Agents are notoriously horrible at communication. If you have been in the business for a while you know that some agents just never respond to you and you’re doing a deal with them. How in the world is that agent in the business? They literally do not respond, they don’t pick up the phone, they don’t respond to text, they don’t respond. How is this person in business? Sometimes they’re successful!

Communication skills are so critical so we need to understand how the other person likes to communicate. That’s such an important piece to make sure you’re talking about your level of communication.

We will cover this in more depth later in the video.


I would recommend as you take notes you put a little checkbox next to the note. You’re making a commitment when you create a little checkbox and over the next three to five days, it cannot be seven days if you take a class a week ago you’ve already forgotten a bunch of stuff, so within the next three to five days max you commit to an action item. Today, tomorrow or the next day, up to five days you are going to do this action item. Committing to it right now because that’s what’s gonna make a big difference.

For Example, checkbox number 1: download the slide deck. Checkbox number 2: review the notes.  Checkbox number 3:  Memorize the 6 areas of content.


We recently had the Olympics and there were three medals: the gold medal, the silver medal and the bronze medal and there are 2 categories of content ideas in each level of medal. If you’re going for six percent of commission make sure each area is worth at least one percent. This is the best way to get listings in 2022.


#1 is my Market Expertise. When somebody says, ‘how’s the market?’ Remember it is how the market is in relation to them. That’s the question.

You cannot say the market’s fantastic, it’s incredible and they are thinking; ‘oh really I’ve just lost like the last seven offers I’ve written’. It sucks for them and you were saying it’s fantastic. ‘Five percent interest rate crap it was a three now it’s at five my payments have just gone up sucks for me’.

You need to understand the context of the question. It is How’s the market relevant to me. What’s the market is also what’s the job market, what’s the local economy, what’s happening in the national economy,  what does it mean the war in Ukraine, the more knowledge and news that you have the more of a market expert you will be.

My trust in you starts to increase the more as you’re able to talk about things like, the days of inventory,  percentage of homes that sell in the first 30 days,  what interest rates mean for me, the fact that you understand what an ARM (adjustable rate mortgage) is. There’s people who might not know what an ARM is.

Why is an adjustable rate mortgage very relevant for you to understand right now? Because the interest rates have gone up considerably and it may be a better financial fit. The average life of a mortgage used to be all the way down to two years, maybe five. Do you really need a 30-year fixed rate of five and a quarter when you can go for an adjustable rate mortgage? Chances are you’re not gonna keep your mortgage for five years.

Maybe this is your first home and you should go ahead and get an adjustable rate mortgage and make it more affordable so you can actually buy the house. Then if the economy does shift and there is a recession what’s most likely going to happen if the inflation isn’t going to go up well it could go down.  It could be fairly safe to get an adjustable rate mortgage. Go ahead and talk to your mortgage advisor.  If you’re absolutely fixed you’re going to keep it for 30 years even though most people don’t, that’s great.

That’s all knowledge, information that you’re sharing, that’s all market expertise.  You understand the real estate market, you understand the ebbs and flows and all these changes that are happening and you’re gonna have confidence when you’re able to talk about the real estate market.

Whenever somebody asks you a question like how’s the market?  (this is just sales 101, when somebody asks you a question you’re able to ask a question back) What are you looking to do?  What’s your current situation? Always ask a question back.


What is your Marketing Expertise? The fact that they understand that you are a marketer, that you understand how to market homes.

I always need to be sharing content in relation to ‘when I list the home one of the first things that i do is I check to see if there’s…’.

If you guys are gonna actually sell a house in the suburbs what’s the first thing you’re gonna be curious about? I would say the internet. I was just in Pullman. I saw a new development and right on the A board they marketed Fiber. We’re out in the sticks. What’s the situation with the internet? fiber, we got fiber. That’s huge,  some people hate Comcast, for example, what’s my alternative?

What about all the 5g, AT&T, Verizon and T-mobile commercials we are seeing about the 5g devices. With download speeds like 500 or 600 down. People have a lot of mixed reactions with them in terms of actual use cases. I had it for 3 days and it just wasn’t good enough yet. Where these things are available makes a big difference, the internet is huge.

What’s the water situation, what’s the internet situation then what are the restaurants like, what’s the school’s like, what’s all these other things but the internet thing is huge.

One of the first things I check when I market a house is if there’s alternatives to Comcast. What’s the high-speed internet connection? Is there 5g available? All those little things I additionally market in terms of how I market a home.  It  is so crucial especially in a COVID Post COVID  environment and moving into the future. It’s just one of the ways I market homes.

I’m constantly doing a listing presentation all the time because I’m just giving a quick little marketing tip.  Such as; ‘hey everybody happy Spring if you haven’t checked your attic and your crawl space this is an important time for you to do that’. Why? What are you checking for? When you check a crawl space or an attic look for water and pests. I’ve been in so many home inspections where we do the home inspection and we discover water which can be a major challenge to a transaction’.

One of the first things I always like to do is tell everybody to check the crawl space for water and check the attic to see if there’s been any water intrusion over the winter time. You might discover that there was water leakage somehow. Take the sniff test which is if it smells funky at all. Mold, water or pest situations are a major issue especially if you’re not trying to finish a transaction.

Get it taken care of early. That’s a great marketing tip. Get ahead of that rather than taking the listing and finding out there’s dry rot or there’s water or there’s pests. There’s all of all these things now you have to do before you actually get the house on the market.

Do marketing expertise types of things; ‘hey everybody I’m with my home inspector today and we’re about to do a home inspection but before we start Mr. Inspector: What’s the first thing you do when you come to a house’? 

I do what’s called a walk around’.

‘During the walk around what are you looking for’?

Anything that’s touching up against the house, any kind of dry rot situation. I’m looking through my binoculars. I’m looking to see the debris on the roof. I’m looking for some basic things. You can walk around your house like you’re a home inspector and see if there’s any brush, etc…’ 

This is all content gold.  Every single time I’m in a home inspection, every time there’s a sales meeting or my mortgage person shares updates that are content.  If your mortgage person shares about the fact that jumbo rates are actually lower than conventional rates, what the heck jumbo rates are lower than conventional so if you’re gonna get a mortgage close to 760K you might actually end up being able to buy more house, get a higher mortgage to be qualified with a slightly lower interest rate and get a jumbo rate.

These are all about market expertise, marketing expertise and having an understanding of  what you can talk about.  Listen and make little notes about content gold. The best part is you don’t even have to say it yourself.

Something like, ‘hey everybody I was just at a home inspection, I was just at a sales meeting and my mortgage person was just talking about this and that. Tell us Mortgage person one more time what you were sharing today about this and that’.

Next thing you know all you’re doing is you’re interviewing. You’re curating content from somebody else but it’s through your channel.

Market expertise and marketing expertise is about  increasing your reputation. If you’re a brand new agent and I know you from your old world, your reputation with me right now is I’m not quite sure. I know your reputation in a certain context but not in this new context as a real estate expert.  Now I feel a little more confident referring to you and using you for my own sale. Asking you questions about real estate. That’s all part of reputation. Make sure we understand marketing

Let’s go over the silver medal. Just imagine if I was doing gold medal reputation content on a regular basis I’m going to be fairly good.


When it comes to negotiation skills people make up stuff all the time which I don’t appreciate. I appreciate it from the perspective that we do need to be able to say something but if you don’t actually have negotiation skills don’t say that you have negotiation skills. Work on your negotiation skills. Read a book.

Nine out of ten agents have not read a negotiation book, nine out of ten agents have not taken the negotiation class, one out of a thousand agents have gotten their CNE, the Certified Negotiation Expert designation.

I want you to be a negotiator for me especially in a market like this. Where especially if you’re representing the buyer I need a really solid negotiator.

Hi, it is Howard Chung. In today’s video I want to talk about something called the black swan. The black swan is a negotiation theory that most real estate agents don’t do. The worst thing that can happen is you go into a transaction and the deal falls apart  because of an unknown.  A black swan is what’s unknown of the unknowns.  I always try to discover those early on so that the transactions stick together all the way through closing and no surprises happen.  It’s just one of the strategies that I use.

‘That sounds amazing’.

Black Swan is a strategy from the Chris Voss book, Never Split the Difference.  The staple negotiation book.

Do not use the win-win strategy.  He negates the whole win-win Harvard negotiation strategy. When you hear about the  win-win and win-lose it is based upon the Harvard negotiation strategy.  Chris went up against those guys at Harvard and now he’s the one teaching the classes at Harvard of that whole process.

It’s very important for you to have a few negotiation skills and he gives great phrases such as; How do you want me to do that? When you ask a question like how do you want me to do that all sorts of stuff comes out from the other party. I’ve got 3 more negotiation skills than the next person.

Hangling, by the way, is not negotiation. Whenever you split the difference you are haggling and just because you like the process, you don’t mind it or you’re a little bit more of a hard-nosed haggler that is not negotiation.  You can actually kill transactions and deals through that process.

I knew a great negotiator. He was a negotiator for Boeing in terms of multi-billion dollar deals. Do you think he’s a hard-nosed haggler? No, he’s a researcher. He does a ton of research constantly. Who’s my client?  What’s the need? He dives as deep as possible and doesn’t make assumptions. Ask the right questions, that’s negotiation.

When you are really really good with some of those negotiation questions and your approach. Face to face and voice to voice is different from an email. Nine out of ten agents will just email back and forth and never even meet the other party. That’s your best shot of negotiation? What?

Negotiating with your own client in terms of having conversations like how much do you want this property? What would happen if you lost this one? What would happen if in three years another house like this one never comes back on the market? Interest rates have actually gone up as well as if home prices go up and you would never be able to afford a house like this again how would you feel? How much off are you asking right

Now, for what purpose?

You understand. Your ability to negotiate on their behalf is with your own clients sometimes. There’s so much in terms of the negotiation theory and understanding. Become an expert at negotiations, make it a goal. Negotiation theory, by the way, and your ability to execute it takes years of practice. Just like the Chris Voss situation, asking the questions, understanding how to utilize all those strategies and skills. Just understand them, just use some of the negotiation skills.

There is a book that is literally one of the best books in the world called, Influence. If you’ve not read that book, read that book.

If you’re a personality type that buys books that never reads them and it literally sits on the shelf don’t buy the books. I kid you not, you buy a book assuming that you’ll read it.  You won’t read it. If you’re in the car and you’re listening I think everybody should have an audible account. Audible, do the month subscription.

Download, Never Split the Difference which is your negotiation book already mentioned. Download Influence by Robert Cialdini which is an amazing book.  He’ll go through all the strategies of influence, not influencer strategy, the things that cause people to make decisions.

Understand a few really solid negotiation skills and that way you’re gonna become a negotiator and that’s content for you. ‘Hey everybody, one of the additional ways I  like to negotiate is I like to instead of just emailing a contract, whenever the agent’s available Zoom in with them’.

There’s a whole talk right now in the state of Washington about also making it illegal for the love letters thing. I think we might become the second state to abandon love letters. I always like to talk about love letters because some people really like love letters. Ii used to teach them way back in the day before I understood what it actually did in regard to diversity,  the whole fair housing act and all the different ways that they can actually be abused.

The other thing is you can give them all this emotional information with this love letter from the buyers they can give to the listing agent and the listing agent gives it to the seller and the seller can get mad at the listing agent for sharing that love letter.  You’ve just influenced them  to pick this offer which might be lower than another offer but I feel guilty for not giving it to that person. You should have never given me that letter. There’s a whole lot of theories regarding love letters now I’m in the camp of no love letters just the terms.

If I know a reputable agent, who’s a producer, who’s ethical I’m gonna do a deal with them and feel really confident as an agent. Versus just like what company does this agent work for. I’ve never heard of this agent.

You can do a little research and maybe find out they only did two deals last year. I know I’ve got to do double or triple the work. I’m going to be less confident in that agent unless I’ve had a conversation with that person. They’ve given me a little confidence.

‘I’m  just letting you know if you do a little research on me. I know I’m a newer agent, however I just want to give you some assurance that I’ve done all the right things.  I’ve got a really solid team behind me.’

‘Thank you so much for sharing that I’m much more confident’.

I’m just more confident in the agent having done the due diligence. You can even share something like, ’last year 100% of my deals went to closing on time with no delays and when I present my client I go through every last detail and also we’re fully underwritten’.

When you’re able to articulate those details, even as a new agent, the other agent feels much more confident. Versus just a, ‘hey I just emailed you an offer text’. That’s all good but you can take it to the next level.

How to get listings in 2022? Make sure that your negotiation skills are on point.


Operational integrity means that my transactions are tight,  not Lucy goosey. I’ve got a process regarding the transactions.

‘Hey everybody it’s Howard Chung with John Scott real estate. I just want to let you know I just did an analysis and I knew this all the way through but in all of the last two years during COVID every single one of my transactions 100% of them closed on time’.

If you’re able to share something like that online my confidence in you and my idea of your reputation just went up.

If you’ve ever done a real estate transaction where there was a delay and you were nervous about it closing at all or on time, that’s a big concern for a lot of people.  One thing I take a lot of pride in is my operational integrity.

I like the word integrity, people like the word integrity, so you use the word operational integrity.

It has everything to do with the transaction process and the negotiation; it’s the overall process. Basically saying I’m an A-type personality even though you’re not you’ve got A-type transaction and management processes. You need to be extremely tight when it comes to real estate transactions and you share that.

Pay attention to the 6 categories and create content on a regular basis in regard to that whenever a situation happens during a real estate transaction. Jot down a little note, you all have a notes app. Your notes App should be constant  content.  I should do a video about this one, got to do a message about this one.

Every time you get emails that come from your mortgage person, title and escrow any of those types of things take a minute to read it just 60 seconds.  There’s content gold here.

It Takes 60 seconds to review a title,  a lot of people just file it, they don’t read it at all.  Take 60 seconds to just make sure you’ve glanced it over, no big deal.

‘Hey everybody just wanted to let you know one of the things that a lot of agents do is they don’t even review the title, they don’t review CC&R’s, and resale certs. I take the time to understand what’s basically going on because it is critical for you’.

Then share it, but you can’t say if you’re not doing it.

Number one it’s increasing your operational integrity,  increasing your negotiation skills and then sharing the fact that you’re being solid about that.


Consistent communication, not constant communication, consistent communication. Consistent communication is, I know how often you like to be communicated with. Minimum once a week, minimum.

‘Hey Terry, it’s Howard happy monday just want to let you know we had the open house over the weekend here’s the statistics,  here’s what happened,  you could take a look at the links below it was a great open house. We’re probably going to get two offers on the house I’m anticipating on the tuesday offer review day’. 

‘Terry, just wanted to let you know we’re still waiting on the appraisal. I’ve made a bunch of communication calls calling in favors because the appraisers are so backed up right now as soon as I know I’ll let you know, I still don’t have the answer though’.

That’s better than not telling him. Or hey, I  was waiting to get the answers and then I was gonna tell you.  I have to tell them.  Every single Monday after the weekend I’ve got to do a little update to all my sellers.

I will save some of you some time or maybe you have already felt this.

‘Hey jason, just want you to  know a brand new listing just hit the MLS and I want to tell you about it and meets all of our criteria’.

‘Thank you so much but we actually bought a house three weeks ago’. 

‘What, where did you buy’?

‘It’s not your fault it’s completely outside the area I told you we were looking in and it’s more expensive and it’s much smaller in lot size and square footage. My mom just happened to text me. I toured the listing and the agent there said they had three other offers and I had to write it with them on the spot. Thank you so much, you are great’.

Whose fault is this? It’s my fault.

If you have a buyer that is a B1 meaning; ready, willing and able buyer who’s waiting for a house to come on the market they will not wait that long. They will get anxious and because you’re not showing them what they asked you to show them because it doesn’t exist it’s your fault.

‘Hey Jason, happy Monday. I know nothing this last week came on the market; however, just for fun, it went a little higher in terms of price and smaller in square footage out further into the boonies. Just for fun, I’m going to text and email it. We might want to take a look at it, just for fun’.

At least once a week if not twice a week.

Just for fun is a magic word, it’s a magic word you should use all the time.  Just for fun, just for kicks.  ‘Hey, just for fun, I was out there anyway’.

Whenever somebody says we’re looking for a house in Bothell…

‘You know what’s really nice?  Mount Vernon.’

‘It’s like 45 minutes from Bothell.’

Just for fun, it’s beautiful out there. Do you know what you can get for $800K’?

‘I never thought about that.’

‘There is high speed internet there’.

They think Bothell is more affordable than Bellevue but it is still so competitive, good luck. This is the world we’re living in.

Keep consistent communication once a week at a bare minimum.

With your B1’s not your B2’s and B3’s. Again, a B1 is a ready, willing and able buyer they’re ready to buy right now with no contingencies.  B2 is somebody who has a contingency of some kind we need to wait for some reason. Such as they need to get their credit in order or we need to sell a house first or something to that effect. B3 is someone who if the perfect house came on the market in 10 years I might look at it.

A B3 is often a B1 that you don’t know because they’re about to get fired or they’re about to get a divorce or they’re about to have a baby. There’s a whole series of things that can happen where a B3 instantly becomes a B1. They didn’t even think about it, just keep that in mind.

VIDEO 1 – 39:46 | TECH STACK

The number 6 content category for how to get more listings in 2022 is your Tech Stack.

I’m not very techy’.

Don’t ever ever say that, if you have a mobile device you’re techy. You’re tech savvy enough and you’re becoming more. You are literally one Youtube video away from being way more tech savvy on that one topic than everybody else. Never give that impression that you are not very tech savvy, you are.

Go to Costco, ‘hey everybody it’s Howard, I’m at Costco today and I just bought a bunch of these Feit wi-fi light bulbs. These are smart light bulbs for every single one of my listings. These are Google and Alexa enabled. Remember when they used to cost $50 back like eight years ago, they  are now $5  and there’s no hub necessary.  I can literally take my  app and change all the colors.  Most homes have an Alexa or Google device.  I just swap out the bulbs and check this out… Alexa turns on the kitchen lights. Boom, Alexa changed it to the Seahawks colors. Boom, that’s so cool right? It just makes the house look a little cooler. For every single one of my listings I like to change a few of the light bulbs and put out a little sign that says’ Alexa turn on the lights’.

Now I am a tech savvy agent. I  highly encourage you to start understanding everything regarding tech.

‘Hey everybody, iI just watched a youtube video on cryptocurrency,  I just watched a youtube video on decentralized finance called defi, I just watched a video on,  iI just learned about, I just heard about, I’m here at Best Buy and I  want to feature…’.

You’re now looking very tech savvy.

Hey everybody, I just got a new CRM system, our new whatever system’, there’s always something new you can talk about briefly.

You’re very tech savvy’.

All the little tools. ‘Hey everybody, this is my cool little gimbal or camera or whatever,  you always look tech savvy’.

People  want to work with somebody who is tech savvy or tech forward.

6 broad categories that  you can do millions of pieces of content around, 1%  for each one. You won’t get the question, ‘What kind of discount would you give me’?

I’m constantly working on my reputation in those three medals or six categories and that is how to get more listings.




Here’s one of the biggest problems of all. Go ahead, take out your phone and open up your calendar app. Open up your calendar account, everybody has multiple versions of the calendar app.

When you look at today you can scroll right and almost every single calendar app is such that when you make it horizontal it shows you the week view. What’s nice about the week view is it shows you what’s happening this upcoming week. Now, swipe left and it’ll show you what you did last week. Simple concept right?

The thing that is not calendared as a repeating event, by the way a lot of us don’t do repeating events, are your daily routines.

Everybody here for the most part eats every day, everybody here for the most part sleeps every day. I would recommend you actually put sleep in your calendar, it’s important to sleep. What’s your nightly routine right before you sleep? I don’t even call it sleep, I call it refresh, dream, meditate, rest, relax, literally words matter.

These are the things that I’m doing during this time and it’s consistent. One of the things that’s not a repeating event for most of you is every Monday at nine o’clock communicate with your existing buyers and sellers. I think that should be built-in every single 9 a.m on a Monday. Could be earlier if you’re doing a one-way push. People are super impressed when email communications come early, not text necessarily because if they’re later people. If you send an email and it comes in at 7am people think they are communicating with me early. If there’s a one-way video push where you are updating the seller on a Monday morning about what happened over the weekend, that’s super impressive.

Every single Monday moving forward I do my updated communication with my B1s and my sellers, those people I’m communicating with.

Then there needs to be a block of time when I’m doing business development. I like Mondays for this, you know why? Hopefully you met some people over the weekend or you got to do follow-ups on monday.  You can’t wait 3, 5 or 7 days to do this stuff.  If you meet somebody on a sunday, especially at an open house, the latest you’ve got is the next day or Monday. It should be at least one level of communication the same day.

‘Hey we met at the open house yesterday,’ ‘hey we connected over the weekend remember me’? Monday is an immediate follow-up so I’ve got that time blocked up.

A really good time for follow up to connect is right around that 10 a.m to Noon time frame.

Before 9 a.m is when we are all most creative, assuming you had a relatively good night’s sleep.

Have you ever been on a walk and you’re not thinking about anything and something brilliant pops into your brain and you’re like i should write this down?  But you don’t.  You should.  Sometimes you wake up in the middle of night with a brilliant idea. Write it down. Keeping notes out is a good habit to have when you’re in the shower.  Do not listen or consume in the shower. My recommendation is to think of shower time as creative time. Let your brain actually come up with creative solutions.  When you have a problem, write this problem on the bathroom mirror.  A little note taped up there and in the shower without you having to come up with it, it will naturally come to you.

The most creative time is somewhere between 5:00am and 8:00 am for 99% of people except for night owls. For most people that’s a really important time where you allow creativity to occur, so let that happen.

10 a.m all the communication that only requires a little creativity.

Anything that doesn’t require a lot of creativity such as admin work is 12pm – 3pm. Admin work doesn’t require you to be too creative.

You can follow up on communication and all that kind of stuff throughout the day but just know that you are the least creative around that time frame.  Those are  little cycles to be aware of.

There’s a book called When:The Scientific Secrets of Perfect Timing by Daniel Pink, that explains this well.

The first thing you have to do is make sure you have time blocked.  Let’s say on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday, especially Friday, from 1:00pm all the way through 5:00pm, own this. Be the most diligent real estate agent, more diligent than everybody else in the city.

Think about that for a second… What if you were more diligent on Friday afternoon than everybody else in the city and did that for one year straight. You worked every single Friday afternoon on your business. You know what would happen to your business? It would explode.

Most real estate agents don’t measure on a weekly basis how many hours you actually worked last week.  When the Association of Realtors did a study and they asked busy agents how many hours do you think you’re working in a week they said 60. When they measured hours consistently it was 34 hours.  We remember the exceptional days where we did a lot of showings and we remember a day that we had a really late night. When you look at all the other days there’s massive gaps all over the place, there’s a lot of downtime. You’re just at home, you’re just kind of doing something, it’s kind of like real estate but not really.

When you actually and truly measure work hours you only worked like 34-36 hours. That’s like part-time work and you want to earn 3, 4, $500,000 in this business.

We need to make sure we’re very mindful in terms of our calendars. Be diligent to 1:00pm to 5:00pm on Friday afternoons.

You swipe left on my calendar app and the reason why you have no referrals this week is because last week and the week before that and the week before that I did no business development activity. I don’t mean creating content by the way, creating content is one thing. If content creation leads to zero listing appointments and buyer appointments or referrals then it’s a waste of time. Everything I’m talking about in terms of content creation is all useless if it doesn’t lead to a buyer appointment or a listing appointment or a referral. That’s the measurement and if you’re not measuring that then what’s the point?

That’s why the calendar app is the most important app on your device. If nothing else, use the calendar app to schedule and manage yourselves on time through that app.


The second app and this is a major problem, is your contacts app.  Pick one of your favorites, somebody in your favorite section. Somebody you recently called or texted. Click on a favorite.  In that contact section of that one individual you will have a name, maybe a photo.  Maybe, name, telephone number and email address. Maybe some of you don’t even have an email address. You know what’s missing with 99% of you right now? There’s no home address.

One of your favorites right now that’s on your phone, they’ve got your number, you’ve got their number, they’ve got no problem texting you back and forth and you don’t have their home number or home address.

Here’s the problem with that, everybody who owns homes is curious whether they can sell it and how much that home is worth right now.

For every single one of your contacts that you don’t have a home address for, which is virtually all of them that is a problem. You don’t have a home address and you also don’t have a general idea of how much that home is worth.  You’ve got tools to find that out instantly but you need a home address for every single one of your contacts.

When you look in the contact section where it’s phone number, email one, email two, home address one, home address two.  What typically is address two, it is a business. Are they a small business owner? If so, write down the business address in. The other really important address is if they own an investment home, which some of you have no idea about. Most people either own an investment home or are curious about an investment home at some point. The addresses are really important information.

Then you have the notes section.  The note section should be things like;  what’s the anniversary date, what are the kids’ names. You can start a deep dive;  how old are the kids?  What’s their current mortgage? You can start to gather more and more data.

A big problem right now is that big data companies have more data than you do on your customers and clients. You should have more data than the big data companies. You should have an intent of why and when they would want to move.

A big challenge is if you go through a hundred contacts right now and this is a statistic every single year on average 3% up to 7% of people move every single year. That’s on average every once in a while you might have a database where only one person moves.  The reality is if you have a database of 100 people right now three to seven of them will move every single year.

Which 3 to 7 will move this year? That’s a problem would you agree?

They don’t have to live here in your area in your marketplace but if they are part of your network chances are you can help them and still receive a referral fee.

You don’t know who’s gonna move. Ouch, that’s a problem.

You know what’s another problem,  last year 3 to 7 of them moved and you don’t know that they moved.

Try this exercise; ‘heyJason it’s Howard, hope you’ve been really well. Hey if you were to move where would you move to in the next 10 years’?

‘Howard, I just moved last year.’

‘Oh you did [I sold you that house].’ 

‘We were not planning on it.’

That kind of stuff happens all the time so you need to have a gauge for the hundred people that you are closest to in your database. Who likely will move this year, who moved last year,  some of them we don’t know if they’re going to move this year and yet it’s going to happen.

You need to check in and find out when, where and why they would move next. They need to be the ones who get your content.  It’s not the world, oddly you think that you’re going to make money from people you don’t know.  It’s still mostly people that you know and people that they know.  Let’s focus first and foremost before anybody else on the 3 to 7 people who are going to move this year in our own database.

If you have 100 people in your database right, I know you probably have more but let’s say there’s 100 people in the database.  Over the next two weeks  or 14 days, this is a checkbox commitment,  take two days off and commit to five days per week that’s ten days total over the next 2  weeks.  Not a goal over the next 12 months to do this, but 2 weeks. What i need to do is take a hundred people and get their Name, Telephone Number, Email, Home Address and find out when, where and why they would move next.

There’s 100 people and I’m just taking 5 people a day. That’s not that much or maybe 10 people a day. If I did 10 people a day this week, 10 people a day next week how many does that give me over two weeks? 100. There are 100 people.  10 people a day is not hard. You know what sounds harder: 20 people a day tomorrow that sounds way harder.  Skipping 2 days and now it’s 30 people that day. That’s much harder, you’re much less likely to do it.  10 people today.

10 texts. You could make the phone call but this could happen. When you receive a phone call that’s from an unrecognized number the first thing we think is;  ‘what, who the hell is this’?

When somebody who’s not on our phone calls and it’s just some random number even with a recognizable area code, we are still very skeptical. Even as an agent and we’re in real estate it can be a million dollar listing but we don’t know and we’re very skeptical. l We’ve all received the scam calls,  hey your extended warranty is due or whatever.  We avoid those calls. Then there’s no voicemail and we’re super annoyed. They do leave a voicemail and we’re annoyed. We’re annoyed either way,  at least if they leave a voicemail now it  transcribes to text. We generally get it and we just delete it or it might be a client of mine. When a number comes in the first thing we feel is kind of mistrust.

Let’s say my insurance agent calls Allstate. What the hell do they want? It’s probably a sales call. You let it go to voicemail. Sometimes they leave a voicemail, sometimes they don’t and I’m ignoring it either way.

Verses I get a text, the text is the following; ‘ hey Howard this is Jason, hope you’re doing really well.’ You have to say this is Jason Fox John L Scott real estate. I might know it’s Jason but let’s say I switched phones or something didn’t sync and his number is not actually in my phone. You never want that situation to happen to you so introduce yourself.

‘Hey this is Jason Fox I hope you’re doing really well. Keep an eye out for an email invitation from me.  I’m giving all my clients a little update of how much equity they have in their home in 2022.’

How does someone respond to something like that? I hold the text down and I give it a thumbs up or I hold it down and I give it a heart.

‘Awesome I love that’, or ‘ sounds good.’

Send that text and then send a Zoom calendar invite for 15 minutes on a Friday at 12 noon.

What happens on Friday at 12 noon?

We’ve been Zooming for two years now and some of you have never actually hosted a Zoom. You’ve received the Zoom invite and clicked on it. Some of you have never hosted a Zoom where you have shared your screen. I think that is a little ridiculous at this point. You need to be able to do a listing appointment, a buyer appointment,  all sorts of appointments. You need to know how to share your screen,  how to optimize the sound button, and how to check the Audio box.

Don’t create that environment where you don’t know what’s going on, ‘give me a minute here’.

‘OMG are you kidding me?’

Practice with somebody first. We’re two years into this now.  I love the glaring window behind and you are a shadow and  I can’t see your face because you’re sitting right in front of the window. Come on. What you should be able to do is host the meeting, send a calendar invite,  they click the link, and share your screen.

In 15 minutes, ‘ hey Jason, really good to see you. I have your home pulled up here.’

What am I sharing by the way?  I  can share a million things; I could share the MLS, I could share Cloud CMA, I  could share my own personal website.  Share your personal website, your personal John L Scott website.  I’m going to click this orange button if you ever want to do this yourself but i’m going to sign you up for this. Click the orange button which is Percy, formerly known as Buyside. Then a new website pops up and I type in their address and it auto populates then I hit enter.  All of a sudden it shows me their house with a google image.

I’m not doing this on my phone or in the car, I’m behind a computer so they see their house or the neighborhood rotating. It gives them three numbers. Tell them those numbers are wrong, although what I’m finding more and more is once in a while they’re right. Once in a while one of them is right on.  The Zillow one is getting close sometimes and sometimes it is right.  I start scrolling down that tool and they’ll stop you.  Wait a minute my house is in better condition, let’s just do this together.

If this is the first time you’re hearing about what this tool is, I’m shocked. Hopefully you’ve all done it for yourself and every single month every single one of you should be receiving your own Percy report.

I see my agent’s photo, and I see my 3 price evaluations. I get an automated home valuation from Zillow, I get one from Redfin, I get one from Realtor and I get one from my agents. Every single one is something a little different, and I’m curious about all of them. I’m not going to sell my house, I’ll never sell my house.  In my head I will never sell my house. right

Then I get my Percy report and I also receive on a regular basis new listings in the 98275 zip code that come on the market. I’m curious what’s going on in my city.

I have the entire zip code on my property tracker and I don’t get emails every day because there’s not that many listings.  There are still not that many listings coming on in Spring.  When they do come on I’m a little curious.

That is how all this communication should be happening. When an agent says, ‘ hey here’s your house, here’s the information, here’s a little bit about what’s happening, here’s what the five percent mean, you fixed up your house and all that’s happening in 15 minutes.  People will find that helpful.

How does the conversation end after 15 minutes?  I think it needs to be a call to action. The call to action looks like, ‘ did you enjoy that?’

‘It was great, thank you so much.’

‘I set you up on this Perfy tool now so you’ll get a little update every month.  You can’t just respond to it if you ever have any questions.  Just click reply and we can communicate. I also signed you up for something called the “housing updates” that gives you the overall marketplace as well as neighborhood updates as far as what’s happening in the real estate market.’

‘Awesome thank you so much’. 

‘My clients really appreciate these. Do you know anybody else who would like one of these?  I’m giving all my clients this little update. Do you know anybody else like a family member or neighbor who might appreciate one of these?’

‘My mom would love one, my sister would love one.’

‘Would you do me a favor and give me a little email connection with her?’

‘Of course I’ll do it right now.’

You’re asking for a referral from your one appointment and that should always lead to another appointment. That’s sales.  Back to Sales 101,  every listing we should get another listing or another listing appointment.  At the end of every one of these 15-minute calls the call to action is getting a referral.

Imagine if that was just your behavior and it came out naturally.

‘Hey, I’m doing this for all my other clients anyway. Do you know anybody else who would appreciate something like this?’

I ask for a referral, not in the Buffini way which is a little bit dated to  use that particular phrase. This is a very simple way or another simple way to get a referral.

‘Hey now that I know that you’re actually interested in investment opportunities. I’ll text you from time to time or I’ll email from time to time. What do you prefer, text or email? If it is something that’s really hot is it okay to text you?’

‘Yeah, OMG.’

Then I make all the little notes in my contact section of that client, who’s also now interested in investment property. I can go to my John L Scott mobile app and find a home where the numbers crunch out really well. I text it to them.

‘Hey this one has really good numbers that crunch out at $200K down.’

‘I don’t have $200K.’

‘If you know anybody else who’s interested in an investment opportunity, forward it onto them if you would, or let me know who they are and I would be happy to share with them.’

‘Sure I will.’

Make it easy for people to refer you based upon the number one thing that people are curious about which is listings. We talk about listing inventory all the time and we’re not leveraging IDX after all these years. Using other people’s listings to get opportunities to sell real estate. If i texted Cindi a listing that is not mine saying explaining that it is a really good investment opportunity with $200k down.  If you’re interested let me know. If you know somebody who might be interested, forward it on to them or share their information with me. I’d be happy to share it with them if the numbers crunch up really well.

The reason why I say $200k is that you will find properties within a 50 mile radius of where we are where the rents will cover the principal, interest, tax and insurance.  People are sitting on cash, my mother-in-law, myself, I know so many people sitting on cash.

What’s super annoying is inflation. Inflation is rising faster than the value of the savings account. We’re also nervous about stocks so we don’t want to put it in anything. People are sitting on so much cash. Crypto people sitting on cash. What an amazing time where there’s so many people sitting on cash. You know what is still a really good investment? Real estate and they are curious about real estate investment.

The numbers crunch out really well especially since the renters are paying the mortgage.  This is the Robert Kiyosaki, Rich Dad Poor Dad,  concept. You want to

invest in real estate over in Kitsap county, Jefferson county, Pierce county, Thurston county, Skagit county there’s opportunities. Maybe in King county.  $200K down sounds like a lot and then you realize there’s a lot of people with $200K right now.  Where the numbers are going to crunch really well.

How do you find the local rental rates? Go to Zillow, go to a million different sites where you can find that kind of stuff. Talk to a local property management company. Do a little research. Talk to agents at  John L Scott in that area. ‘I was just talking to a colleague of mine down in Pierce county and the rents in Tacoma are going crazy. It’s one of the hottest markets.’

If you guys didn’t know this, Tacoma is one of the hottest markets around. (as of the recording of this workshop). There’s development going on everywhere prices are going up like crazy. That might be a really good place for you or go down to Thurston county. You could go to Mason county, do you know where mason county is? Maybe the Shelton area  close to Olympia, they’re market is blowing up like crazy. People from Seattle and Tacoma are all moving out there. You know why?  Fiber, because of fiber.

They see your reputation is growing not only as a residential real estate broker.

‘Hey everybody, Howard Chung, I was talking to a colleague over in Mason county where you can invest in real estate. It’s only an hour outside of Ocean Shores. It’s a great investment opportunity where fiber is coming in, the home prices are increasing, it’s beautiful out there and you can still afford a house with $100K down. Even with a little higher interest rate.  It might be one of the best places to invest in right now. If you’re curious about real estate investment let me know.’

I’ve got scripts but if you know the topic you can come up with a script. You can also take any one of my scripts and tweak it.

Let’s become known and get a reputation as an investment expert.

The three most important apps ; Calendar App with repeating events, Contacts App with name, email, phone number, home address and notes and Messages App.

Some of you will do as I suggest  and block time for actual business development 3X’s a week. Do you agree it should at least be 3X’s a week? That is not that much. Then during that time you get ready to contact people.  Finding information and doing research and then spending five minutes of the two hours actually contacting people.

We’ve all done this. In order for me to do something i have to clean my room first or i have to clean the kitchen first. That’s what happens to our brains.  You have to set aside a separate time to work on scripts, to work on systems, to work on CRM  prior to the business development time.

You’ve got a two hour block,  one hour is dedicated to the preparation time and one hour just committed to the 10 people I’m gonna contact.  After that hour you better have 10 texts sent.  You better have 10 zoom emails and invites sent. Imagine, today I sent out 10 zoom invites. My week just got really busy. How am I going to do this again tomorrow? Just schedule the Zooms further out.

I love it when somebody sends me a calendar invite and it is four weeks down the road and  my calendar still looks relatively empty. Just continue to do that and you are working what’s called upstream.

There is a chance of them blocking it out or when it gets closer  they need to reschedule, no big deal you’re rescheduling.  You’re always doing that. When the appointment is coming up I’m gonna give them a little reminder. ‘Hey, I’m looking forward to connecting on Friday with you or on Thursday with you.’ People that are closer to you can go ahead and send them Ubereats or Postmates, send them lunch where they are. That’ll freak them out. You can do it for anybody, my son gets food delivered to him all the time from people he does not know.  He does some streaming stuff, it is crazy.

VIDEO 2 – 27:48 | TEXT APP

‘Hey do you have time for a quick phone call?’

‘I’ve got time, maybe in a couple hours.’

‘Okay let’s touch base then.’

We should just normally do that but we’re not being very strategic about it. Instead of just calling I would recommend text then call on a regular basis.


There are many books about Upstream you can start to download, including the book called Upstream by Dan Heath. You should be constantly listening to motivational and educational books. I have already mentioned Influence you can start to upload these on Audible.

There’s this concept called Upstream. These are the people I’ve never done a real estate transaction with but I want to get their business and referral business from them upstream. I’ve got to do all my reputation building upstream so that they feel good about using me and referring to me.

Midstream is when I’m doing a transaction with somebody. I’m working with a buyer right now that’s midstream.

Downstream is after I’ve done a transaction with somebody I stay in communication with them on a regular basis for repeat referral business.

What’s the statistic of the consumers that say they would use you and refer you, and were satisfied with their services at the time of closing? What’s the percentage of those people? It’s high, it’s 95% on a national basis. What’s the percentage of people who forget their agent’s names within 12 months? 72%.  The same people forgot your names.

I gave a referral, my cousin who works at Zillow as a developer and he bought his second home through this agent in Seattle. Great place.  They had one child when they bought the house then they had a second child.  With the second child they are already thinking the space is starting to become cramped and now they’re thinking of the suburbs.

I was over there at Christmas time and I asked them, ‘hey do you know what the house is worth?’ This is a guy who works at Zillow and he’s very loyal.

‘I guess, well my zest…’ that’s what he refers to as a Zestimate. 

‘Haven’t you  received an actual evaluation from the agent I referred you to?’ 

‘No he hasn’t been in touch.’

I refer to a bunch of different agents so I asked him which agent I referred to him.

‘Who was the agent that I referred to you again?’ 

It has only been 3 years since he bought the place.

‘The guy,  you know the runner.’

‘He hasn’t been in touch?’

‘No not really, he was great.’

I’m the one giving him the market updates and I don’t even sell real estate anymore. He was no longer loyal to that agent, he was great but he forgot his name and there’s no loyalty there whatsoever. The agent did really well. He had a good year but he’s not keeping in touch. My cousin is going to sell a well over a million dollar place and the place he’s looking to buy is well over a million dollar. Do the math and the commission is 60-70 grand. 1 client, 2 transactions plus all the other techy people that he knows.

Amazing agent just not staying in touch. No email drips, no pop by’s, no none of that. His downstream is poor.

Midstream we’re doing a poor job at the end of midstream.  You work with a client you get under contract and then there’s closing.  Toward the closing period most agents are really bad at communication, are really bad at showing up and often don’t show back up to the house. That’s a problem, we will talk about that here in the second.

I want you to understand that there’s Upstream, Midstream, Downstream, your past clients, there’s your spheres of influence and then there’s everybody else. The unattached buyers and sellers. People who have not bought real estate or have bought real estate before but they forgot their agent’s name.

They would work with anybody who’s competent in front of them. Contrary to the idea that they interview three agents, they usually work with the first one they talk to.  Every once in a while you do get that where they still need to talk to 2 other people but most of the time it’s, ‘you sound great let’s just go for it’.

That’s because the reputation is all there. I need to understand this concept,  I need to constantly be working upstream.

The power of moments. It is psychologically proven that people remember the ends and the beginnings but often not the middles.  Think of it like a vacation where you think about the beginning of the vacation and toward the end of the vacation we often forget the middle.

The end of a real estate transaction is the key exchange, the actual signing of the documents,  make sure those are amazing moments. How do they receive the keys? What’s your communication like during the key exchange, what’s your communication like during the signing? If you have a good escrow person they can let you know when they’ve come in for signing and email or text immediately when they’ve left.

‘Hey, I just heard that it went really well.’

Or you pop by toward the end of the signing and you’re there, ‘hey congratulations, how do you feel?’ 



‘That was really nerve-wracking.’

Some people say you shouldn’t be at closing. You don’t have to be in the room you could be hanging around or be close by.

‘Hey, where are you going to be in the next hour?’

‘We’re going to be here.’

‘I want to pop by.’

That’s a big moment.

Make sure you’re there at closing on the day of moving. Bring them a little package. You can have prepared 10 bags for 10 closings.  Paper towels, trash bag, granola bars, and some cleaning supplies. it’s not a closing gift it is a moving day basket of tchotchkes. A couple of extra things and an opportunity for you to touch base one more time on moving.

Some people actually go in and help move. I don’t necessarily recommend that. Popping by with something like that is nice.

‘Hey that came in handy,  that was really nice, it was so sweet.’

After they’ve moved in right or if it’s a seller maybe you have a different experience. If they’re moving somewhere far away you’ve got a coffee basket, you’ve got a wine basket, something nice. Boom. That’s going to cost you $30. This one might cost you $50, $100, $150 depending on the client. They are thankful.

Then you show up with the sold sign because it’s a very proud moment and many people don’t upload their own moving pictures.  After closing you’re gonna show up and you’re gonna take a photo or take a little video clip of them in their new home.

‘Hey how’s your new home? Do you mind if I take a couple photos? Hey can I get a quick little tour?  Is it okay if I film it?’ 

‘Yeah sure.’

You’re filming them while they’re touring around and showing you a couple of little things. Ask them if it would be okay to post it on your Facebook & Instagram.  They will either say yes or no or I’d rather not.

You need to get permission.  How about just the photo. You upload the photo up to their wall. What are you gonna type in? You guys were amazing clients who love you. A nice comment complimenting them. When you give a comment based on influence chances are they will reciprocate with a nice comment back. These typically are going to get a lot of traction. You’re going to be part of a huge thread.  That’s another way of getting a referral. After they write this nice little comment  about me I’m gonna copy and paste it into an email and send it to them with a link to my google review and Yelp.  Would you just copy and paste what you just shared.

That is operational integrity, that’s a process.  How many deals are you doing where you can’t do this? Show up. It’s a big big big big deal.


We’re talking about content creation now.  Jason and I have talked about this for many many years and are still trying to share the importance of email drip campaigns.

There’s this myth about email.  The emails that you subscribe to, all the ones you’ve deleted today where you swiped left without even hardly looking at it, that’s not spam. At some point you gave them your email address.  You’re not willing to click unsubscribe yet because you might need that service. You might want that deal from them at some point.  On average of the emails you currently get you open 1 in 5 or 20%. 20% get opened,  that’s high.

They send five emails and sometimes you’re getting these every day from these people. You’ll read one in five on average. Every once in a while you’ll look at the subject line. If you have a particular need  at the time that’s when you actually look at the email. If you have that particular need then you’ll do a click through. Click-throughs are 1-3%. The fact that the sender and the subject line still made an impression.

You need to share content by email. Where it’s relevant,  it’s interesting, it’s quick and it’s also shareable. Have you ever forwarded an email because it was relevant? You liked a good piece of content of some kind.

Email is still very relevant.  Young people don’t check email anymore. They still have to have an account in order to access everything.  Everybody with a job still checks email.

It’s important that you have an email mechanism, a drip mechanism.

If i look at any one of your phones right now and i go to the sent box you didn’t wish anybody happy birthday today. Yes, you did it through Facebook possibly. You didn’t write a nice personal message in a one-on-one email today.  You didn’t send any kind of note-like email.  A nice one-on-one email.  I

If I look at your email app you’re not sending any of those Zoom calendar invite links. That’s a very quick indicator that you’re probably not doing as much of the business development stuff as needed just using email. Some people are still old-school email people the older you get that’s still where they are they’re still gonna check that email.

Do you know what the open rate of mail is on real estate items? It’s 100%.  Check it out the next time you check your physical mailbox and there’s a piece of real estate content in there about the local community.  Not because you’re a real estate agent but because you live there. You will look at it.  You’ll take a quick look at the front and you’ll take a quick look at the back and then you’ll toss it away.

This multi-pronged approach where I receive an email,  I see stuff on social media and I see stuff in the mail that’s  multi-channel marketing.  That’s all going upstream as well as downstream.

“Save 10%”, “A bold way to increase your home’s value”, that’s coming from handy, it’s not coming from my real estate agent. “Get your trees trimmed before the next storm”, that’s a reminder. “We miss you at Gamble Sands”, it’s brilliant.

You know what’s really good about email campaigns from the larger companies? These larger companies pay millions of dollars for research on open rates and click-through rates,  copy them. Whenever you see emails from the larger companies; the design, the content, the subject lines, there’s research.  The time of day that they were sent. Maybe I should copy exactly what is happening and piggyback off of it. Every time you receive an email check into that.

Text based only no image and it seems very tailored to me. ‘Dear Howard, find your next BMW today.”  Very clear in the subject line who it’s from.  My son owns a BMW.  “My team reviewed the specs of your 2014 and we have matched you with a great opportunity for a later model,  reviewing my offer”. That’s a hyperlink and I’m so curious what he’s talking about so I clicked it.  The click-through rate must be so high. The open rate is going to be super high. It’s customized to me.

How busy are you when you can’t send those kinds of emails. You have your automated systems but from time to time you need to send a personalized email to your top 100.  I know this is just an automated system.  It’s dear, {first name} that my name automatically goes in from their database, I know it’s a system and yet it’s brilliant.  The open rate is almost every single time I get one. Which is every six months or so from them specifically about my vehicle.  T

Find a quick little bit of information that i’m going to post on social media, i’m also going to use MyDesk to send out a quick drip email. You have your distribution list ready to go.

“There’s a free at-home COVID test”,  that was sent within the first hour that it was made available at the USPS. With a link to USPS, that’s all.  Free content.  Whenever you see free giveaways, free stuff, free news you need to have a distribution list of your customers and clients you’re top 100 ready to go on MyDesk and boom create the content. Text based only really fast, header, footer and you’re out.

There is creating content and there’s curating content.  That was an example of curated content. “Top three things to do in the spring for your house”, I just found a Youtube video that is not another real estate agent.  Check it out first and make sure it’s a good video,  copy the link and boom send it. You just curated some content. There’s creating content and curating content.  It doesn’t have to be from me, it could be from home depot. You get the idea.


You should have your top 100 people in MyDesk receiving a housing update.  I just shared with you that a 20% open rate was average.   Housing updates are getting a 50% open rate. Few unsubscribes from close to half a million sends that we do every single month.

We get so few unsubscribes because everybody wants to know in their specific county what’s been going on in real estate. 50% open rate but once a month is not enough. That is just their county; they also need what’s happening in their neighborhood which is where Property Tracker comes in.

Don’t forget about luxury. ‘I’m not a luxury agent’, ‘of course you are’.  You’re telling me you can’t sell luxury? As soon as you sign up the same client for luxury updates you’re branded as a luxury agent.  There’s a King county housing update and a luxury version.

Some of you have campaigns set up with no contacts, there’s no point.  You need to have contacts in the system for campaign sending. It’s like Mailchimp or anything else you need to have people to send the content to.

You can go to the John L Scott Library in MydDesk,  click on the library and then you type in “housing update”.  We’ve got all these mp4s. An mp4 is a video. On Facebook instead of just sharing an image you now share the video file.  A way of sharing video without having to create a video.

I tried to figure out how to download it with my phone and couldn’t figure out how to do it,  maybe there’s a way.   You might have to do it from the computer.  You have the mp4 file downloaded to the computer then upload it to any of your social channels; Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Linkedin.  The statistics of video open rate and playthrough rate is much higher than text or images.  You may have seen these but very few of you have actually downloaded and then uploaded them to your social media.

You have to provide context. Just sharing some of the statistics and housing updates. If there’s no context it’s just information.  Either type it in the caption or you can do another video.

‘Hey everybody, I just posted a video about the April housing updates. What’s going on here is, what this means with a slightly higher interest rate is the buying power has gone down. Appreciation therefore might decrease,  that’s not depreciation it’s just a lower appreciation.  For buyers it could be good news.  More houses might be available for you to choose from.  Sellers and homeowners I just want to let you know it’s still a seller’s market so don’t freak out. The higher interest rates does mean that it can impact the percentage of multiple offers for your home. If you have any questions let me know.’

Everybody should be getting a little housing update in terms of how much their home has increased this year.

How about the bubble?

‘Hey everybody this is Howard Chung with John L Scott real estate everybody’s talking about the bubble right now. Iis the bubble gonna burst or not?  Let me tell you the top 3 reasons why…’  I know it sounds stupid but that’s just what people are used to at this point. Why are we not in the same situation as in 2008. Why we’re not likely in a bubble. Then you’re just quoting other people.


Pull out your John L Scott mobile app. How do you become the featured agent at the bottom? Really simple.  There’s a search bar at the very top they just type in your name. If they type in your name and you’re with John L Scott, boom it’s there.  Then they just click “work with me” and now you’re downloaded onto their mobile app. You are telling all your clients; on the top of the app just type in my name and click “work with me”. They’re able to see your photo on every single listing.

This is awesome. When somebody says “how’s the market” you just pull up the mobile app and click display; active, pending and sold. Click on the gps button, this is where we’re located and then the blue dot is you.  You might zoom in and that’s the market.  Whoa, that’s what it looks like.  There’s very little yellows or pendings,  greens or open houses and blues or actives in comparison to the reds or solds!  There’s very few blues and greens in comparison to the yellow and reds, which are pending and sold.

What you can do is take a screenshot right now, you push two buttons take a screenshot you now have that photo in your photo archive.  What can you now do with that photo? Share it on  Instagram, Facebook, Linkedin.  Go and share it. Provide a little context. ‘Take a look at how the market is right now at the end of april 2022.’ You’re going to get all these views and comments. You can even throw out, ‘hey i’m giving all my clients a little market update in terms of how much their home is increasing. Let me know if you’re interested in one.’

You are using the mobile app for building your reputation and market expertise.

When you click on any specific listing can you share a specific listing on social media that’s not yours?  You can,  but you will be violating the MLS rules. It allows you to share it but you will be violating the rules,  which arguably is kind of stupid, but that’s what it is.  What you can do however is share a specific listing via text from your mobile app to anybody. Remember in the earlier exercise when we were asking everybody why they would move next and where? You can text them the listing, I thought of you. When you do that then they’re going to give a great text response back.

Share individual listings to your top 100 and share screenshots and pages with everybody on social media.  You can provide some additional video context if you want to.


Get out of the mobile app and go to your web browser and enter your personal website. You can do this on your computer if you want. Some of you haven’t done this for a while or this will be the first time you’re doing it.  Click on your orange button which says “get your home valuation report” on your personal website.  A new web page pops up and on that is a share button for your “What is Your Home Worth?” web page.  This is your Percy AI (formerly buy side) web page. Every single time that I’ve told people to do this exercise during class, by the end someone said I just got somebody to comment or I just got a listing appointment.  You’re sharing that page onto Facebook with the caption, “curious about how much your home is worth in 2022”.

People will click on it and then they’ll throw their home address on there because that’s what people do. Now they’re in the system.  How do you find the statistics of our actual people?  You just go to MyDesk and click on Buyside and it’s right there. Those are things you can additionally boost if you wanted to.  For right now we post on organic Facebook on your personal.

What’s odd about the Percy AI (formerly buyside) results is on the left there is one number saying my current value from my agents at the top left. On the right the 3 numbers are different. I need my real estate experts to explain that to me. The number that sometimes shows up on my Percy AI  is a different number than the actual value listed when they come to the site. This number is somehow adjusted.  The whole point simply being this is a conversation starter between you and your client not an actual value of the house. It’s an estimated value right or AVM (automated valuation model). When somebody types in the home address it goes to that specific home and on the top left it says the public view and then the owner view. Public view is when they are not logged in and owner view encourages them to create an account.

Your John L Scott website and the JLS mobile app is great for searching for houses but the Percy AI (formerly buyside) tool is for homeowners and sellers who are curious about the value of their home.  The one-two punch is always there. Play around with Percy AI. When you go to My Desk there is a Buyside link. When you click on it you will see all of your customers and clients including yourselves who have signed up for it and who receive the content every single month.  All those statistics and analytics are all right there on that link.  Make sure you check it out. There’s a bunch of Buyside how to’s and videos and all.

Everybody at this point should have a great video for yourselves, you’re about videos and have them loaded onto your MyDesk profile so they display on your team page and your personal website.  In addition you can share them on social media.

Bomb Bomb is great but you know what’s a Bomb Bomb alternative? This is just a good one-on-one video sharing tool. Bomb Bomb is great and what it is doing is creating a gif of your 30 second to one minute video and emailing that gig with a link out.  People click on the image which is the link back to where the video is hosted on Bomb Bomb.   People just think it’s a video inside the email.

I recommend that you not text a video.  When you text a video what happens,especially across platforms, it’ll become extremely grainy.  You’re using something called MMS which is old technology.  It was designed for photos at best, not massive 50 megabyte,  75 megabyte, 100 megabyte videos.

When you have a video created like, ‘hey jason this is Howard,  hope you’re doing really well i just want to check in with you because i’m giving all my clients a little market update in terms of how much equity you have in your home…’  I have a little video here on my phone. What i do is i just open my Google Photos App whether i’m on Android IOS.  My Google Photos app uploads all my videos to the google cloud which is the same as the Youtube cloud servers.  Except it’s not public anywhere.  Just on my phone  and on my private Free Google account.  Google photos and if you guys have never gone to you’re gonna be like, OMG there’s all these photos here. It’s been backing you up.   Using the Google photos app that video is now up in the cloud in the google photos cloud.  From the Google photos app I’m sharing the link by text to my client.  Even the image with the play button will pop up in the text.  It’s not going through MMS, it’s just the link to my Google photos server.  It’s a private message.  I don’t have to go to Youtube and upload or any of that stuff.

Once I know they have probably watched that video I can archive or delete all my old videos. Which is really great so I can just constantly have a free Google photos app for any of that. That’s a free Bomb Bomb solution for one-on-one videos that is really great.

You should be sharing that way rather than Dropbox like which gives you a certain amount of free video space but i think Google photos is absolutely the best way to do all that stuff.


Personal websites make sure you have some local imagery to show that you’re the local expert. You’ve got your video on the homepage.

Jeremy Sinis was the rookie of the year this past year out of Yakima.  Everything I’ve been talking about has been video.  The basics, 123’s.  As soon as you Google Jeremy his Yakima web page comes up.  Actually the Google Business Profile. The reviews are right there then of course you go to his website and he’s embedded his personal video right on the home page. I’m on the phone and scrolling down and I can play it right there instantly.  He put the exceptional home information as if he’s also the luxury agent so he’s branded himself for a positive reputation.  Very very quickly in  year one.

If you haven’t done basic year one things, i mean this is all stuff you should be doing and i know all of you guys have a video or most of you do. That should be on the homepage of your website.



play so all of you guys of course now jason the madrona you guys have an amazing youtube channel in fact i think


youtube is awarding you youtube however i just want everybody here to understand you guys probably understand this


youtube is long form it does not have to be short youtube is education and entertainment youtube is for seo


so your youtube page which you all have you just might not have uploaded content right it’s basically you just log in


with your gmail email address you’re already logged in you go to you’re already logged in and then it just basically wants you to upload a


video so change up the header and then this is just one good simple example none of his videos are very good by the


way this guy in raleigh right so it’s just like most but i mean he does take the time which is really important on


youtube to create those fun little like images right so how do you do those


what’s a free simple way to create those somebody say it what’s the website you can use to create


all those canva right so if you don’t have a canva account good god get a


canvas account it’s free it’s like 500 000 templates taking like three seconds just to screenshot your one thing and


then throw in some background image of you know arrows and all sorts of things but those things are very important


so then uh so then look at the titles most affordable suburbs near a rally how to buy a new construction home best


rooftop bars and restaurants most underrated suburbs how new home buyers are taking advantage of something 10 things i love about living in north


carolina who is to play for the ralston real estate market and there’s all the stuff and look the videos which has like 2100 views uh


2400 views 8 000 views they’re all long form 21 minutes 13 minutes eight minutes


nine minutes these are the ones you don’t have to worry about editing as much you’re just talking hey everybody i’m sitting down with my home inspector


today let’s i’m having a long form conversation now right i’m doing an interview so it can be long in fact when


i go to youtube and i see anything under 60 seconds i don’t even watch it on the topic because when i’m on youtube i’m


looking for a deeper education i’m looking for that eight-minute twelve minutes fifteen minute video seventy-five minute i’m like oh god no i


don’t want that one but like up to like like there’s like a sweet spot when it comes to some of the real estate education it’s just you know if it’s a


40-minute interview you’re just breaking up to four you know par part four part one two three and four right it’s a


simple seo you’re typing the little things and it’s like voila and with our mobile devices you can literally i


didn’t want to type anymore just like start talking transcribe pick something all up so it’s just like we’re not


utilizing youtube youtube is seo goal download what’s happening in dollar real


estate market 2022 that video is not done right now right you guys should be making that video right so increase your


length on youtube in my opinion then from there you can do the highlight reel hey everybody it’s howard trump just


wanted to let you know uh you know here’s basically what’s happening uh quick quick quick quick um if you want


to watch the the full long uh you know the full-length video of this uh you know click on my youtube video below


you can do one of those right now i’ll get into the audience in a second but with youtube of course it’s just for


that seo long-term player reputation i might watch one or two but man you’re solid because this is this is an


important website this is your youtube channel so make sure you’re just you’ve all started it um you guys have already set up an amazing one so maybe you just


start to take more videos and you know just create more playlists and stuff right curating more content and i know


you guys are doing great with all that crazy west seattle he’s been doing a long time i talked to him recently i said hey crazy i mean you don’t have


that many views on youtube because oh yeah yeah that’s not that’s not the point of getting a lot of plays i said


do you get a lot of business oh yeah tons so crazy is a classic you know 500 000 a year producer he his content’s not


that good either okay it’s fine right he just talks he’s not perfect by any


means he just takes the mobile device and i said do you use a teleprompter app because he doesn’t have any awesomeness


right yup i have a teleprompter app i just speak it in first to my transcribing app using my


phone then i copy and paste it to my teleprompter app and while he uses big view which is more expensive so i just


recommend uh pro prompt smart which is the one that i use uh does the same exact thing but then you know


[Music] cameras over there my eyes are over there i just read what’s in blue it


scrolls out of speed boom right it looks really good i just i didn’t smile on this image but you get


that yeah you just practice smiling right and of course you can do it this way as well right so you can do both landscape as well as vertical uh


depending on what form you’re gonna do you make you do it twice once for youtube and one is for um you know for social right so it’s just like boom boom


boom and voila you’re done right so any of the scripts that i give you practice the main thing is smile right make sure


you’re smiling and i will give you a process in terms of the whole one two three mechanism um some people know this


guy so this is my brother-in-law or ex-brother-in-law they got divorced but anyways um you know his he might be seeing him on tv now on on


tv commercials because he’s on the last game too so um uh nick created a channel on tiktok because his daughters are like


yeah there’s this thing called tik tok he got to do some funny videos or fun videos and goes ah whatever i don’t


really need to do that but he decided to archive some messages literally just to his daughters or and create a couple


with his daughters right so he just handled your korean dad and then like 18 months later he’s got three million


views last year he made like a million dollars right um from from all the uh sponsors so um he has a collab with


disney it’s on cnbc he’s like you know he’s got a deal he got a car in alaska


airlines is the most recent sponsor so like i said he just creates fun little interesting videos uh all picked up she


talks about msg and shoes and just random weird stuff um his audience


is like oddly way broader than he would ever anticipated so now he’s got like a tv show a pilot that he’s working on


with some networks but anyways my point is not like we are looking to be that but tick tock right now if you follow


garyvee with gary vaynerchuk he’s always talking about the fact that most of us um are not doing tick tock content but


that’s a really good missed opportunity uh real estate page so she is like one person that’s featured


and let me just say this so i’ve got two tick tocks i’ll play so one is hers and i’ll play another one follow but this


one is just a simple you don’t have to say anything just you know using music and dancing




right that’s that was it that was the whole tick tock how much money do you need to have down for down payment and


clapping the music the music makes a world of difference it’s crazy right that’s it mean if you


guys are stuck on tick tock right it’s just like holy smokes did you guys know by the way that tick tock is overtaking


uh google in terms of position number one google for many many years was position number one right in terms of the most


visited website of all time right per day followed by neck and neck we’re always facebook and youtube


right and then youtube always was in terms of time on site but now as of uh


december of this past year tick tock has overtaken all the platforms they’re the most visited right on a


daily basis which blows my mind but then like when i see my kids i’m like oh yeah that’s where i got my news let me get


your news i guess i mean because that’s where they’re at that’s where they get the news that’s how they found out about the


war on ukraine right it was literally on tick tock and so it was just that’s the world right so uh so this


one she’s in portland uh she’s a john scott agent brand new you’re one agent


already getting business from tick tock just doing tick tock so i’m not saying that tick tock is the strategy i’m just


saying that’s one of the places where you can create content where honestly probably none of your friends will


probably even find it right for the most part unless you already have a bunch of followers already with no content but


but this is so it’s kind of like fun testing ground but the music makes a difference now what you’ll see obviously for those of you who are not like you


used to doing this she does a long-form video in the car which is good because the car is great for audio


purposes she’s literally just holding it as you can see or she’s maybe she’s gonna stand right there so she’s parked


in this case um but then you can see where all the cuts are so what’s nice is that it’s not live


you’re just doing a long-form video then just making all the cuts inside picked up adding the music adding the little things and then it’s like oh is there


likability factor so she’s getting busy from this that does the crazy market even mean everybody’s saying it it’s


such a crazy market it’s a seller’s market what does that even mean now let me tell you we’re in a seller’s market


because there is less inventory with more buyers more people are being approved to buy homes with a lower


interest rate what their interest rates have to do with this going into a home over just when there’s a lower interest


rate will save you hundreds of dollars yes you have to be more aggressive


because there are more buyers and not as much inventory which means there’s not as many homes but if you wait to buy and


interest rates go up which they are your monthly mortgage payments can go up hundreds of dollars just by a percentage


going up so lock in those rates now get pre-approved and you fight for that


house you go with your local real estate agent and you put in the best offer you


can possibly do you’ll be thinking yourself later okay so she’s already creating a


reputation obviously as an experienced agent when she is a year one agent right and she’s doing really well so she’s


gotten some big deals and that’s not where she’s getting all of her business obviously but you know she’s becoming known in that space now now i think we


got to go a little bit more strategically into the different um


platforms like instagram versus tick tock and all that but um uh what additional like i want to talk about a


couple of different content pieces that you should understand in seattle right now that you have access to which very


few people in the country have access to is not okay now i know the other loan officers


aren’t here yet they don’t have this product yet we are at john scott in fact in


relationship with them to try to figure out like how we can work more and it’s a different kind of product for the most part but they have to offer something


called house swap so you can go to right and you can offer a house swap so


the video might go something like this hey everybody’s howard chuck with john scott real estate hey there’s a major new release for the greater seattle area


right now which is you no longer have to sell your house before you come by you can just buy and you don’t have to qualify for two


mortgages it’s one of the greatest opportunities out there uh that way you’re not having to compete with all the other buyers who are not contingent


so if you’re curious about buying you got to sell first talk to me because this is a really important program that you need to know about so it’s a great


time 2022 to buy with everything that’s happening at home huge home evaluations


uh so just give me a call okay so i could do that little video right and i wouldn’t i won’t reference not because i


don’t want them to go to them i want them to come to me then i will reference knock or priority as the option you guys


understand right but not it has something called house swap which basically and they just increased it to


like before it was up to 800 which is like ah that’s only maybe 30 40 of the deals so now it’s up to 2


million in california and seattle so they’ve gone up to two million in seattle right so basically anything


who you just must start showing a house right now they would normally have to sell first


right they just qualify for one mortgage as if they already sold the house


okay so they have to have some equity like 20 equity in their current house which most people do so as long as they’ve got basically 20 equity you can


just start showing them homes right now so this is a mortgage company so in essence what’s happening is they’re the


ones guaranteeing the mortgage is that more expensive it’s about the same right so you can talk to them about all


the details but it’s very competitive plus you’re getting the house right so they get the house then they give you a little extra money to after you’ve moved


into your new house fix up your old house which is incredible the whole house is now vacant makes your listing


life a lot easier and so of course the house value is going to be increased as well you have the opportunity to present this


99 of all seattle agents they don’t understand that or even know the program you can just use your client i mean it


gives you a very big significant advantage by you understanding not so audrey you should go to right


take a look at it i think i’ve already connected jason joe jason did i already connect you with uh karina yes okay so jason has a


connection did you do the presentation for you guys okay all right so so oh so yeah she can


do the presentation you have to first go through like uh i think it’s only like 15 or 30 minutes or something but you


have to go through like the certification or the training so that you guys understand it but then you’re kind of certified hey everybody at tower


trunk i just got certified with a really great program where you can buy before you even have to sell so you can basically have that as a solution now


keep in mind not everybody is going to do this and then if you actually qualify they just want to use the traditional


route you still have of course uh the traditional path as well who’s heard of fractional ownership


everybody nobody including even jason


no fractional ownership of real estate so there’s the traditional fractional


real ship that way the new fractional ownership so you guys hear a guy named spencer


raskoff she’s the former ceo of zillow she loves zillow and he started one of these


companies picasso in this case right there’s also another one called vacasa there’s another one called ember so


those are the three main companies existence right now and what this basically means


you know what it sure would be nice to have a second home in hawaii


or in arizona or in malibu yeah do you have four million dollars no


do you have two hundred thousand dollars yeah it’s not a timeshare you’re literally


buying a fraction right ownership of a luxury home


that’s owned by the llc that you own one eighth one twelfth one


eighth one up to up to one half right so then you can get a mortgage because it’s real property right on that portion


and so you basically you can hand it down it’s again it’s not a texture like the word timeshare but it’s timeshare


like in the fact that you can use the space you don’t own it a full 100 of the time you got to share it with the other


people you can give it away to your friends or family or whatever you want to do that’s fractional ownership


and look they all want to work with agents because you have the clients right so


you get the commissions referral fee for your fractional sale portion right and so now


oh how are you seem to know about investment properties fractional ownership opportunities you seem to know


about like bitcoin and you seem to know about all these awesome opportunities in


real estate oh i could buy before i even have to sell got it right that’s all content you can


be sharing right now because you literally watched a youtube video because you went to amber you know uh


homestuck i forgot it’s uh but you can just do ember real estate it will come up forgot what the url was right but learn


about co-ownership it’s all on video like you get it in two seconds you’ll be like well let’s take a look at listings


right so then you are the one referring the clients and voila you get commissions you need to get commissions


from all sorts of places right so again you should be getting referrals from a leading re you should be getting


of course uh relocation within the general scout network you should be doing fractional ownership here and so


on and so on and so on so that’s this is all video content gold.


What does your month look like every day uh if i’m your consumer


and i’m on facebook or instagram i should or at least once a month be seeing some of your ads


now we all know what a target marketing is i want to go after all the people who


graduated college who earn over 150 000 who live in this particular area right that’s a demographic right so i can do


target marketing and select all those of course and and and the ads but remarketing you guys don’t know what


remarketing is yeah you guys do right this group i’ve got connections i’m gonna upload these


connections i want my ads to just go to them and so the same dollar i would have


normally spend to the target group i’m i’m paying a fraction of that to my own


spheres of influence so basically instead of just posting content all the time to my personal or posting content


to my business and then sharing it to my personal i’m going to do a boosted ad remarketing 50 a month to the people


that i know right so i’m just targeting them in the form of an ad with some of the content that i’ve created so that’s a really


really important piece for you to do every single month i would say fifty dollars a minimum every single month


it’s like imagine if you have a listing you can spend 50 bucks a month just on flyers right in this case you’re going


upstream and downstream constantly doing a 50 ad most of you are not spending 50 dollars


you’re just doing regular organic posting you do need to invest in my recommendation an ad every single month


on because if you’re creating the content pieces you just need to expose it to your experience of influence regularly through social media


particularly facebook instagram that’s worldwide there okay so then of course email drip campaigns are going out buy


side uh you know housing updates it’s a purchase bus market ready plus market insights neighbor campaigns property


tracker the seasonal campaigns all of them check the box for every single one


and then your clients you will surprise they will not be unsubscribing because the seasonal ones only come out


once a month right and by the way every single time all those seasonal ones go up we hear stories all the time i just


got a listing because somebody replied to a happy fourth of july right happy mother’s day actually the


mother’s day we don’t do automatic you have to select that one to send right because that’s not one of those ones that we want to show mother’s day


father’s day is like uh one of those ones where you can optionally step but uh there’s like the happy fourth of july


all those seasonal ones on the campaign set everybody up so when all of this content is going out just by email yes a


lot of those will be swipe left but from but if they have a particular need they will click reply or let’s say there’s a


listing in the neighborhood and it looks like you’re listening of course it’s not which is like hey i’m curious about that one


that’s why they need to be signed up for all the email drip campaigns social media of course boosting


so now if you’re creating great content sending it out through all the channels including email the crazy part is uh if


you take the people that you know and then you take the people that they know that’s ten thousand hundred people


that you know you’re creating content for them and then they share it to potentially a hundred people that they


know so that’s ten thousand so you just went from on the small side if i know 100 people and three of them are going


to move this year but all my 100 people know 100 people and they also know three people that might move and i share


really good content where i get those referrals then the opportunity is to sell 30 houses just from that right


I’m sorry, not 30-300. 300 transactions just from the 100 people i know


now the crazy part is you guys all know linkedin if you go on linkedin it’ll say you either know them you’re one degree removed so they’re


second or the third degree removed you guys all know right right there’s never a four because length is just like that’s too many people the third degree


right but oh look i know somebody who knows somebody who knows that person i’m


third of three degrees removed from that person 100 times 100 times 100 you have access


to a million people right so whenever you see content sometimes that some of your people have already liked that’s basically what it


goes to that additional group when you have really good content that’s relevant and informational and you put that out


there that’s the kind of hey everybody if you like this content and you know somebody who might be also interested in this click you know click a like make a


comment would you because then that goes to the people that they know as well that’s the power


of that right so that’s the one hundred times one hundred that’s a million people just on facebook right


now with interesting content i’m not talking about goofy crazy stupid


like wacky content just good content things that this is like oh that’s really good to know in seattle well


that’s really good to know that fractional ownership i not thought about that that would be amazing i’ve always thought about owning a second home in


hawaii but i don’t have four million dollars i be like that’s the kind of content you’ve got access to that right now right so this should be a big


picture this last image i’ll get a little bit more into which is um business to business i’m not gonna play this video for time


There’s something called the Special Kickoff Weekend and the concept is very old. Whenever you get a listing or there’s even an office listing the opportunity to get another listing is


the greatest during that period of time the greatest opportunity to meet a neighbor contextually because of that


listing is during the time that you’re you’ve taken that lesson you guys all follow right so i’m gonna of course do


an open house i’m gonna create a buzz this is a benefit for my seller i’m going to try to get everybody to come in


on the opening weekend the first open house saturday and sunday so there’s a ton of people a ton of traffic so that i


want to create a fear of loss scarcity i’m creating a psychological scarcity


which is part of the influence strategy that look there’s all these people interested in this house


so then you’re going to get better offers so is that good for your seller okay that’s why you’re doing the open house for that but for you you also


additionally want the opportunity to have conversations with all the people that are coming in but the neighbors now


this is why i’m going to go into old school old school sales tactics which is very important


um so uh in order for me to get a listing based upon a listing or an open house i’m about to do


um one hour prior to the open house from 12 to 1 there’s something called early entry for neighbors right so in order to


invite people to that i need to go even earlier right either on the saturday sunday or


on friday right one of those three days and then exactly what i say


based upon what i say and one word that’s different you will have a major swing


of yeses versus nose are you ready for it okay i already gave you one which is


just for fun right that was one it should be natural vocabulary right should be one of things


you say hey just recall nuts right um or did you know how i’ve also


been doing i’m doing this for all my clients right now because they’ve been asking that’s also called social proof right


it’s psychologically saying oh everybody wants that yes i want that too okay so this is this phrase and you always


start off with an introduction hey i’m howard trump with donald scott real estate that’s why even those guys who did video


i said say exactly this remember hey or i’m howard chum with john scott real


estate right i had you guys all do that like three times some of you forgot your own names but it’s like literally


my name but donald’s got real estate you got to use the word real estate because there’s all psychological context to oh


what’s the real estate market like what’s the market like so what you’re going to say is with javascript real estate the


reason i’m knocking your door got it yes yes


why are you knocking on my door on a friday afternoon when they’re generally pretty happy right so happy fridays i’ve got my name


back on i’ve got my hat on right i’ve got an ipad and then name badge all that stuff i got my clipboard


and i give them a flier reason why is because i just listed your neighbor’s house oh you’re a community member i’m telling


you it’ll make a big difference i just listed your neighbor’s house or we just or we just listed your neighbor’s house


want to give you information about the asking price most neighbors are cursed oh the flyers were gone actually i was curious about that so where’s that house


a couple blocks around the corner oh i’m 12. yes there you go then they’ve got a flier they’ve


received something from you they’re looking at the flier yeah so i’m inviting all the neighbors if you feel like coming in people are


Curious about it, it’s open from 12 to 1 just for the neighbors so feel free to swing by tomorrow at 12. you know


and i’ll be happy to show you that okay thank you very much now this is where the magic happens


nope it’s the next four words that’s magic


okay and this is what it is would it be okay get it ingrained i’ve done even this


with jason before and he’s forgotten that’s not he’s forgotten the words what


would be you know what happens in the moment when you’re a little nervous it might come out slightly different


that’s what happens okay and so the the immediate thing that will happen is


you will say would you like so as soon as you say would you like whatever comes out of my mouth next


about 70 to 80 of the time the answer will be no thanks it’s okay okay there this is proven this was like


there’s a study on these words okay when i say would it be okay 60 to 70 percent right on in certain


contexts 90 plus percent of what comes out of my mouth next the answer is yes


okay and they did this one study with the copy machine this is back in the old days where they’re literally waiting for


a copy machine there’s a line and people would try all these different phrases to see like how can i cut in line almost


everything well no there’s a line duh gotta wait in line the copy machine until it was that phrase would it be


okay and then they thought what came next mattered and then they realized it


didn’t even matter what came next oh i’m in a real i’m in such a hurry right now my i’m double


parked but they use all these different keys to see like which which one would be better than the other to the point where they finally said


would it be okay to cut mine from you i need to make copies that was the last one that they used


and it was exactly the same effect so would it be okay the immediate answer


was sure so i’m giving you a psychological hack right now if you ingrain this almost in


any circumstance whatsoever and then additionally use a social proof um


validator you’re going to find oh my god i’m getting so many name cell phone numbers and email addresses and their


home addresses of people want to talk to me they forgot their agent by the same by


the way i mean but this works every time so it’s hey would it be okay to let you know what the house sales foreign closes


most neighbors are curious got it


if you can’t oh yeah just i think if you can’t make it tomorrow would it be okay to let you know what the hell salesforce closes most neighbors are curious


and then you get you should be getting a bit unless you look freaky


or say it in such a way that you’re making me nervous you’re you’re going to get a lot of guesses


if you’re dressed properly got your donald’s got gear on you got the whole thing you’re smiling hey i’m hardcore


with jungle scout real estate and the reason i’m not on your door is because we just listed the house around the corner we just want to invite you to get


some fire information about it open house from one to four but for just for neighbors from twelve to one do you wanna come in a little bit early


in case you can’t make it would it be okay let you know what the house sales formula closes most neighbors are curious


there it is all put together okay voila if you could do that now imagine


you’re actually at the open house and then people are walking in hey come on in welcome how are you here with john


scott real estate just need to sign in [Music] oh i don’t want to sign in you guys know


the answer to that right yeah oh gosh it’s it’s it’s seller policy


it’s for security purposes you understand we would do the same exact thing for your house if you don’t want me to contact you i’ll possibly make


that note but we need everybody to sign in for security purposes seller policy


they start signing in hey would it be okay to let you know with the house sales for when the closest most neighbors are curious most


people are curious sure permission-based marketing every single


person who signs in whether they came to the open house before the open house i’m getting names any single time that i


want to i now go to local business hey i’m how are you with john scott real estate


reason i’m coming is because i listed a house in your community i’m sure your business service is this whole neighborhood over here oh yeah


just want to use some flower information most business owners are curious about what’s going on the neighbors every year


hey wouldn’t be okay to let you know as home they’re selling whether i’m selling for including this one one closes most most business owners are curious about


what’s happening in the real estate market sure that’d be great yeah business card here oh how are you practicing dentistry here


how long have you been a vet here follow me your fridays should be extremely busy


your saturday should be busy i think fridays are like mondays right i mean you guys want to kill it in this


business master a few of these right master a few of the permission based


questions that answer is yes now we’re going to have a stupid crm system that’s right and what are most of these crm


systems designed for email drips and analytics so general scout has one of the best email drip content solutions


not necessarily the best in the analytics right now but we’re moving to salesforce by the end of the year


that’s going to be a major lift we’re already doing pilots on it it’s salesforce it’s everything but if you’ve


got no contacts receiving content it’s useless so there’s no point they’ve been telling you about it because you won’t use it so


uh all that is just basically what’s happening right now so that is special kickoff weekend use an open house as the


number one reason to like knock on neighbors doors activity all that kind of stuff now what if i don’t have a


listing this weekend howard what if none of the agents in this office are willing to let me do an open house with them


no problem take some recent souls in the community that you want to walk


same exact thing enough enough now okay i’m hard time with john scott real estate reason i’m not on your doors because i’m just giving all the


neighbors because it’s spring all the recent souls that have been happening so far


would it be okay to let you know as new homes are coming on the market what they’re selling for most neighbors are curious


sure they’ll be the same exact thing got it so the excuse doesn’t matter as long as i’ve got real estate information


talk about a power hour you want condos condos town houses


right i mean you want to go really deep dive and be smart go to like a townhouse complex or one of those own complexes


where their homes are pretty small and naturally people need to move out after three four years pick something that was


built like three four years ago not from their door they got a ton of equity built enough


hey i’m the local harbor point village expert i just want to give you all the recent souls that


have been happening in the community because all the neighbors have been curious same same thing right so would it be


okay would be okay it would be okay let you know i’ve been teaching that for years people still forget this again so anyways um all these postcards do all


these things so use special kickoff weekend for all those activities so

VIDEO 3 – 32:16 |

Go to on the top right it’ll say video tools


and lighting there’s little tips for stuff on the left there will be video workshop


and scripts two tabs you can go on your phone right now and get it if you want to right so if you click on video workshop and


scripts you’ll see this page got it it’ll say one two and three


number one is the actual scripts and content calendar which i think everybody has a checkbox on a download it’s just a


simple word document okay number two the pdf of the all these slides are


there that’s number two if you ever want to review just go there download the pdf number three


post workshop follow-up items these are action items i’ve got like a dozen action items additionally after this


class that you ought to do so that you can it’s like i forgot i don’t know where my checkboxes are just go there


right there’s a ton of things starting with uh you know create repeating and recurring events right like i’ve got all


those things there for you to do so all those things exist in the right now now when you click on number one


you’ll get to this page right or this will be one of the documents right um hold on so


scripts and content calendar so this is the content calendar okay so the content calendar what’s really


great is right now you’re not doing any hard dating one-on-one messages so i would say start with the 1ms one


messages this is all the photos google photo thing that i talked about earlier so i can talk about the yearly housing


update i can give somebody a market update an inspirational i thought i was just thinking about you be be careful of


those right uh happy birthday somebody you care about us fine uh you know happy birthday what if you did a video happy


birthday message through google photos rather than just happy birthday on the thing they’ll remember your one video i


don’t know about the singing thing maybe i mean some people who sing well possibly but um it could also be


obnoxious so uh seller report buyer communication we already talked about this monday morning 9 a.m hey


mr seller just from mrs seller i just wanted to give you a little update of what just happened this past weekend or


to the buyer hey uh just for fun let’s go take a look a little bit outside your parameter because i’ve been taking a


look online and one looks really interesting that’s just for fun right um there’s a buyer opportunity this is a b2


or b3 hey i know you’re not on the market yet or you may never be but i just thought about you i saw this house


i just want to share it with you and then you text the link but they see the video of you guys i mean you could


just do that but that’s just a great little opportunity especially if you’re in a home and you have to take a tour of


it although you got to be here careful of that with the um with the rules and mls rules i want to invite somebody to


lunch to happy hour to an event of some kind right what if like any of those you can


basically do you know at the end of the day we talked about the importance of having a buyer


appointment listing appointment or referral right isn’t that everything in this business um one of my friends was


asked this question the top producer if you had a hundred dollars left in your real estate business it’s your last


ditch effort right to make in the real estate business what would you deal with that hundred dollars and the question was accident context to probably like do


something really cool with marketing or you know invested in the boost or something like that and he goes all right i always spend on gas money


last hundred bucks i’m gonna spend on gas money i’m just gonna go visit all the people i care about the most just checking on them


right so my question is like shoot when was the last time you did that those of you who are chilling it you’re


doing things right you would love to do more of these things that’s awesome those of you who are like kind of struggling you don’t have listing


appointments buyer appointments a bunch of sales right now and it’s like like you better master some of these you know


some of these activities behaviors gas money popping by one-on-one video messages you know like that’s what’s


going to make a difference it might not lead right away but a lot of times it will it’ll lead to a referral to


somebody’s thinking about buying something very very soon so that’s why it’s just like one-on-one messages starting with right of course you can


download this whole except excel spreadsheet you gotta get much more organized in your business


now that’s the part we’ll go after after the lunch right or during lunch um so


one-on-one messages so these are some of the examples right invitation a personal introduction personal introduction so


what was your name again leah hey everybody it’s howard trump with jonathan real estate today i’m with leah with priority home lending and one


of the things i just learned about their process right now which is unlike any other place like they can actually close


a loan in 10 days right if you get all the stuff up front that’s gonna make so much of a difference to the to the sellers that


are out there that’s pretty much as good as cash right so leah tell us a little bit about a 10-day closing could you


guys actually close inventory like oh yeah got so many examples let me tell you we just said right now okay so


you get the idea right so uh introduce people right she can’t talk about rates right obviously on your video but she


can talk about programs right is that true okay so long after stage your home inspector you name the personal


introduction you get the idea right hey and today i’m with it’s okay so it’s very easy to kind of flip the camera on


and you can even do like one of these right hey everybody so we’re talking about today i’m with and you flip the camera so you can do it that way as well


right so there’s different ways for you to do that uh price jumping i love price jumping but most of you don’t know price


jumping or can’t articulate price jumping i know like ashley can do it but she did i think i saw a video of you


actually saying the script was that right was that price jumping i don’t think it was priced okay so you guys


know what price jumping is right okay price jumping is super important okay price jumping superman but my loan


officers are here because they can validate some of this stuff and plus they can give you numbers but most of you guys can’t so that’s the this is the


bottom line somebody buys a house for four or five hundred 000. they bought it four or five years ago you guys are following me equity is built out so you


buy a house four or five years ago and it was like five hundred thousand dollars at the time you know what it’s worth today


could be could be let’s say it’s worth eight okay let’s say it’s worth eight right so


normally speaking they would never consider buying a 1.1 million dollar house their brain affordability wise in


the 500 000 range which they’ve been living in the house built up the equity of 800 right so now they’ve got a ton of


equity built up okay uh let’s do a simple math there’s a gap


so one point so you you do realize that homes like five six around there they’ll tap out a little bit and then they’ll


start to slow down appreciation because there’s only so much square footage right so usually it starts to cap out doesn’t like go crazy crazy so it’s kind


of like for the hype then there’s homes that are in the higher price range it could even be the jumbo rate or


basically the luxury range right maybe there’s a view maybe there’s all these other type of things so a lot of the


higher end homes sometimes they take a little bit longer for them to sell right


so sometimes opportunities are better the higher range so now you have a two to three hundred thousand dollar gap


between the eight hundred thousand dollar house and the one million or 1.1 million right so 2 to 300 000 sounds like a lot


until you start to break it down into a monthly payment obviously right so when you take a hundred thousand dollars


right and a 30-year mortgage and let’s say the rate if even on an adjustable a jumbo or even a fix that five and a


quarter it’s somewhere in the range of agents only range-wise give me an estimate


hundred thousand dollars 30-year term three to five percent interest rate approximately what’s going to be the my


monthly payment on a hundred thousand dollars over 30 years


all the time i don’t think about it i get that all


the time it’s just like no no it’s not quite fifty dollars it’s a hundred thousand dollars right ten thousand dollars would be fifty therefore


about five hundred am i right they’re about right okay


two hundred thousand dollar difference that has doubled so you’re about a thousand bucks guys i’ll follow me right


so now do you know what it costs to buy a truck or a car right now


okay it’s like honestly you take a payment of a car or a truck


add insurance right you are looking at like a thousand dollars and people are justifying and the car


markets are going crazy cars are flying off the shelves because they’re awesome number one right but it’s just like


people are getting used to putting higher and higher dollar amounts for vehicles and loans right so hey everybody it’s howard john with


dom scout real estate today i want to talk about price jumping basically what this means is you might have so much equity in your house where you can buy a dream house so if you plan on buying a


car or truck this year or you recently got rid or about to get rid of a car truck this is the time to come talk to


me because you can be in a perfect price jumping scenario where you’re maximizing the equity in your current house to


potentially buy your dream home you would have never thought of being able to buy a million dollar house but with


the same monthly payment you might be able to qualify so come talk to me i’ll introduce you to amazing loan officer


and we might actually be able to find an appreciating asset like real estate rather than depreciate value like a car


now that’s sound financial advice in my opinion right so that is called price


jumping so it’s that gap where the equity is done it’s kind of like at the cap and now you can basically jump up


two hundred thousand dollars potentially might just be a hundred thousand but still right it’s like holy smokes i never thought about buying that house


getting that bigger square footage or the view i’m not manipulating anybody i’m just saying don’t buy a car buy a house instead


that is the type of information price shipping scenario is okay investment home opportunity we already talked about


that one and just for fun and remember one i was just in the neighborhood remember when right that type of these


are all one-on-one messages by the way right so when you can do a one-on-one message you don’t have to do video


editing no music added you don’t introduce yourself hey jason’s howard i just saw


an amazing house i thought of you because it’s like this might be a really good price jumping opportunity


great it’s easy right i’m just doing a little video hey it’s a quick little outside tour but let me talk to you


about this don’t give me a call let’s talk about it that’s price jumping


sure this is not an urgent one okay um this is this next one uh this is the


the for the broader groups categories right local parks and recreation you’re interviewing a local fire firefighter or


a mayor a school teacher or a police officer uh your favorite streets neighborhood communities everybody’s hour trip today i want to go over my


favorite street in ballard washington or ballard in seattle right and you know this little street is like on popular


street but what you don’t realize if you don’t come to bella very often this is transforming all the time there’s so many amazing restaurants my favorite


dessert place is this place nbn for those people have nothing to nbm uh meet your neighbors interview right uh web3


crypto nft metaverse to fair housing to before and after series hey everybody this is the house before this is house


after it’s been staged and decluttered and all this other stuff right so you’re taking clips before and after special program offers uh special


programs like uh fractional ownership and uh instant purchase plus a microwave plus a knock and you know priority home


lending and certified mortgage ready contests right like the um uh when a trip for example right guess what uh


your home guess what the mitchell ham shop guess what the home will sell for everybody is michelle hampshire with javascript real estate are just to give


you the listing we’re listing it at this price uh all offers are gonna be reviewed you know on monday and tuesday but guess what you think the house will


sell for right she always likes to do it toward the end when it’s actually already closed so you can actually tell them hey


everybody i just just listed it listed for this prize it just closed this friday guess what it sold for the winner


will win a 25 gift card and she gets a ton of engagement this is not boosted just for her own friends right and so


she gets all this engagement but you know when people engage and do guests like that you get to perfect them


you get to dm them right you can send them text messages right so they’re all curious and content


contextual because you’re in conversation so those are all tips so then you got a ton of scripts that you


can redo for yourself you can you know just type in your own name after an open house uh monthly housing market or


marketing insights download my mobile app investment opportunities price jumping opportunity hot market


everything get a cma market ready plus instant purchase plus listing launch special kickoff weekend early entry uh


for neighbors for posting win a trip right a buy site entry um so you can use all those things right


and what chip is great because all you gotta do is email them the form the one and trick form so then you’re like abiding by the rules of the thing but


then you collect all the information back which is when do you plan on buying next with your current home like you


know and you get a winning trip oh by the way i should always i always like to share this you know we do these winter


trips which technically you all pay for because that’s how these things work right when you pay make payments it goes


to programs like one a trip we don’t make any money from on a trip but we basically give three trips per year in


the form of a four thousand dollar credit you can basically go anywhere you want without four thousand dollar credit right that’s basically to um uh uh


through a triple a travel agency uh but basically you can go anywhere you want with that right and so um


you know uh lennox picks the drawing but do you know how many entries are in there when he picks


like 30 you guys ever had her contest like one chances to win one and like 400 000 or


one 100 million or whatever your clients have like like 130 chance of winning so whenever i do classes like this


there’s a flurry like oddly of like oh how come that that office keeps on getting the winning trip for the next


year because they did a class and then they did they they like really posted and remembered it and they put a few


processes and then for a little while that office seems to like get all the things so i’m just telling you right now your clients have the opportunity to win


a trip because there’s just not very many entries of that thing so you start to follow the forum you know send it all


in submit it and all that but you can literally do it for open houses for virtually anything just fill out the form properly right


okay so so yes it’s just like free giveaway type of things right power buyers the whole cell before you buy


before we talked about the vacation on second home opportunities fractional internship we talked about okay so outside of all those scripts


there’s a simple process when it comes to creating video content always


starting with this is obviously not for the one-on-one although hey hey you know you know chris howard hope you’re doing


well so of course you do that but on the general posting of content always number one it’s hey everybody it’s howard


truman john scott real estate just get that real estate part down with john scott real estate don’t say with john


scott same with john scott real estate right john scott real estate the brand is already working for your favorite


users right so happy new year’s trip with john scott real estate today i’m going to share as soon as they sit up what are you


going to share today right you’re curious about what i’m going to share uh we’re out here today with


what’s the number one what are the top three you get right you’ve seen a billion of


these but like in terms of like you being the first one to do it it’s just like oh what do i want to do then that’s


the okay so if you’re curious about click below dm me reach out to me that’s so it’s one


two and three right number one say your name number two uh what are you gonna do state your purpose number three what’s


the call to action right always those three things then here’s an example hey everybody it’s our time with john’s got


real estate today i’m going to talk about the higher level today’s what the higher interest rates mean for you today i’m going to talk about what’s about you know the fact that arms are becoming


more popular than ever before hey we’re out here today with my loan officer hey today we’re uh you know the question is uh when is the real estate bubble going


to burst if you’re not comfortable answering that question ask maybe i won’t ask her ask


uh you know maybe a local economist or ask you’re managing broker right and so like does anybody with an authority have


but you remember you’re the authority to hey really you know when it comes to real estate the bubble burst back in


2008 if you didn’t watch the big short you know it’s basically what was happening with something called the subprime mortgage interface


painful um so subprime so subprime today is not really a factor anymore it’s actually the economy is really solid and


the people who are volunteering for the mortgages really can’t afford right they actually have jobs and money and you know they can make these out you know


and they’ve got you know equity in their homes therefore it’s not the same type of bubble now we’re talking about recession the concession situation but


that’s a little bit of a different thing because potentially they’re uh more ukraine combined with blah blah blah all these other things are


happening so if you can talk to some of that great if you can’t don’t you know if you could be


wrong then be careful right so you can always use the what some are saying and what


others are saying but nevertheless for your local real estate market always come back to that of course and then the call to action so that’s the simple hey


if you click below to draw an enter f25 hey everybody i’m going to costco today hey everybody everybody on my uh i’m


harvard with johnston real estate i’m my cosplayer today i just bought a bunch of different sizes of air filters


so if you haven’t changed your air filter anytime in the recent past let me know what size you are and if i’ve got one i’ll make one available for you come


by the office or i’ll swing by and pick it up just let me know do you have me here boom they got free air filter right like


i didn’t know i had to change out air filters which some people obviously don’t because even at home inspection where


they never changed up an air filter okay so then there’s an example of one


scanner okay so um uh there you can basically just do


something on that last one just like why he loves west seattle i’m just trying to cruise through here so you guys can have lunch um so i just want to make sure


that these different areas are understood because it’s all a little bit different


youtube is to educate youtube is landscape right not vertical right


youtube shorts is vertical okay but youtube the standard youtube is all landscape educated seo embeds long


and longer videos landscape shorts similar to instagram reels and tick tock vertical videos you


can basically create one and upload it to all three platforms instagram you guys all probably know this better than


me post stories and reels right so reels are becoming very popular because of tick tock um so your your reels will


show up to i think most of the people um but there’s one habit that’s happened a


lot which is people will create a tick tock then they’ll download the video then they’ll re-upload to instagram


which you see a lot of technically that’s not right and at some point there might be more of a crackdown therefore


what’s the better probably recommendation is to create video including the music and the edit on a


third-party app okay then you upload independently the same


exact content to ticked off instagram and youtube shorts does that make sense


so you basically have three separate uploads you know for different vehicles you’re editing online now i know that


obviously there’s very specific music to instagram specific music to um tiktok so


it’s just it’s kind of up to you how you want to play around with all that stuff but you basically understand like i could reshare it to my facebook and


there’s highlights and there’s reels and reels are super short and fun and all that good stuff everything here is of


course besides youtube it’s all vertical ticked up short funny funny informational inspirational an app editor you can use


all that facebook instagram live live live if you go live right you can


do this instagram live also share the facebook live some opinions now you don’t want to make the lives too long but you also didn’t want to make


them too short hey everybody sour channel out here i’m about to knock on some doors because i’m inviting all


the neighbors to an open house i’m doing at uh one o’clock tomorrow uh for the neighbors from 12 to 1. hey if i haven’t


seen you for a while swing by it’s a great house that could be a lie no music no editing it’s just me maybe in front


of the house in front of the neighbor i’m about to walk but it reminds them that you’re out there right and what’s


awesome about live is facebook instagram love it when you go live they like put it in front of everybody


when you’ve been live right and it’s geo like all like all that stuff they love that kind of stuff um if you can go live


hey local business owner do you mind if we go live right now i talked a little about your business sure hey everybody i’m with


howard johnson real estate i’m will jason fox the local owner of the local


you know you guys been known for a famous long time here tell us you know how things been for you guys since philbin


well if you’ve never been to mbm oh my god gotta come down here and try it out i’m doing an open house uh you know really close to your blah blah so that’s


a great lie so don’t forget live right no editing literally just you’re ready to go with your 123’s um interview the


one thing about that i would say practice first because the worst are stupid


lives have you ever seen the really bad life it’s just like i mean i would say


nowadays like it used to be before just like throw anything up it’s like no you really should be good at like the


content because you can get the bad reputation for the boring reputation or the oh my god these are always so bad


right guys provide feedback to one another don’t just say it’s good when it’s not


good there’s also the people like it’s all about them


you guys know what i’m talking about yeah okay so there’s something called the story brand there’s a book called


another story brand where you’re not this hero hey everybody i’ve got all the answers


in real estate you need everybody when you’re looking to buy it’s a big journey out there okay so i’m


obi-wan kenobi you’re luke skywalker i’m not luke skywalker right so you got the heroes the client you are the guy you’re


the obi wan that’s the approach all the time that you should be thinking when you’re creating the content right so


you’re guiding them giving information educating inspiring wisdom and all that


right legal uh as long as it’s appropriate right so that’s the approach so just give people that kind of advice


B2B. What if 20% of your business in 2022 and thereafter was from your B2B? When I say B2B you only think of mortgage, title, escrow and home inspectors. I’m talking about everybody who’s a business professional. The Linkedin people, every doctor, dentist and small business owner in your local communities. get the lists find out who the owners and managers are send them a little email because those are


super easy to find obviously right so send them a little email on what’s going to be the email hey this is better yeah


send them a video hey i’m howard john with johnson real estate the reason i’m reaching out to you today is because i’m connecting with all the local business


owners and since you’re a local veterinarian uh all the clients who basically i sell real estate to i want


to be able to know who the people i as i i recommend so i was wondering if i could swing by and just you know say hello to you


i meet you face to face that’d be great you can also have a zoom meeting with them especially if it’s like a dentist like i don’t have time


for that oh you have like five minutes for a quick zoom in meeting that’d be great if you’re accepting new patients with yeah five minutes just wanna


introduce myself sure that’s the zoom meeting right so then you’re gonna go after all the local b2b right and you


guys know who the majority of millionaires are in the united states right they’re small businesses they’re


small business owners so not that all businesses are millionaires but many of them have the


secret car in the garage for the weekends right that you haven’t seen so like there’s the front car right and


then there’s the back car so a lot of them do very very well so just like oh i need to identify all the local


businesses then i’m going to do co-branding with them i’m going to invite them to happy hours i’m going to do interviews with that person that is


b2b are you focusing on that i’m not just talking about chamber of commerce chamber of commerce is fine but just


identify all the local b2b people right and you will find you’re going to get a lot of great business okay so the next


portion is all about coaching make sure you all have a canva account um now then you can also edit videos on


canva which is really great even the free templates and stuff there was a ton of free templates and by the way and jason joe um


general scott we developed a gazillion great templates so remind us to get you the templates


you can share because like there’s like a couple of tweaks for the sharing but we have all the templates like built up not the video templates but just like


flyers like a million different types for canva so everybody should have a camera account uh oh actually this one


WeVideo. this particular screenshot is we video um because people ask me all the time hey what’s a really


good simple video editor i always recommend that’s both for your mobile app as well as for online um


you can pay let’s see 7.99 a month but you’ve got to pay a year ahead of time but i think that’s a really good deal


and you can basically save all your projects and all your edits and music and all that kind of stuff and just create all sorts of funny little


simple things with your iphone really quick uh video strategies and tools oh make sure you have at least like one of these right because instead of always


being like this i mean these are like 12 20 bucks now you know and you have somebody to hold the camera for you um


you know that’s that’s close and you can and remember the camera likes hands i always say in videos hands up hands down


there’s different ways right but use your hands in real estate use props whenever possible right we have to point


to different things that’s just all part of the video strategy but uh nowadays you need almost less of everything you


literally just need to stand with your amazing 4k you know smart devices it’s just so good and just back to the


reminder of the zoom make sure the camera is facing you um properly not up


not down too much not the window in the background make a nice background you know like if you really want to do the


lighting correctly actually i’ve got a couple of photos like this should look like your home studio nowadays like what’s the cost of a light stand that’s


nothing these are super cheap right so there’s something called the three-point light and the three-point light is simple there’s a light facing me right


obviously a window is light facing me um rather than you know but that’s it’s it’s not controllable right but there’s


light facing me there’s a light to my side and there’s a light lighting up the


backdrop got it so those are three lights right one two and lighting up the backdrop so


when you do all three lights it’s gonna just oh my god you’re gonna look way better online right so on zoom meetings


for all of you so if you’re creating content like you’re literally your home studio somewhere you should be thinking like oh i should create a little simple


thing right bear printing by the way they actually create like um these those like canvas style looking things so you


can put on your wall and so you can have like living life as a contribution or like whatever you want to create they’re super cheap they’re like like 12 or 20


or something like that so you can use any of those little backdrops you know for yourself okay i’m down to it i’m down to my last


two minutes okay breathe uh so let’s see um yeah with no breaks okay so um the


reason why i show this slide guys is because if you


think that creating content is for yourself you won’t do it if it’s for your own business and growth


you probably won’t do it if i ask you hey i’m thinking about buying a second home


condo in ballard in seattle somewhere would you go around and take a look at some of the


best streets and communities for me at home as they come on the market because you’re in the area you’d be like sure howard


you guys know what i’m saying right so you have to have it in the mindset of i’m doing this for my clients who are really curious about real estate in the


various markets and all these things we talked about with rates and economy and you know inflation all that kind of


stuff like when i share information they want to know what so i’m just preparing it upstream i’m communicating that again


one-on-one group as well as you know on social media and all these other places in email so i’m doing all that though


uh we’re in seattle for good mistakes and yet probably nobody here has gone through barrhaven


has anybody here gone through everything right so a couple people uh so jason maybe joe fairhaven is a free but very


important um class put out by the association realtors for all realtors um it’s about fair housing


where we are today in fair housing and you take this little test you’re gonna miss mess up you should get way worse


than you think you uh your yeah like now i i did pretty good the stupid one was


it actually referenced like some korean family or like something like that i’m like wait a minute i am korean and in


this situation this is how i would have responded they said i was wrong i think there’s some mistakes there that


they’re gonna consider if it’s like no most now the right answer would have been this i’m like no i might have been


there but anyways okay that’s neither here there but um you need to take fair haven because always important because


did you guys know that uh you know the fair housing act was passed in and there’s fewer black homeowners today


than prior to 1968. what right it’s just like yeah that’s how far


we’ve been we’ve gone backwards since the actual fair housing laws um and it’s happening all the time whether we realize it or not of a whole to the


great schools well that is a way to say oh this is like where you want to be right like


this like there’s a whole lot of stuff going on out there so take it um and then it’s like hey


everybody’s cybertron with johnstown real estate one of the things is like you know there’s a simulation project called and fair


housing is such an important topic so is that diversity equity and inclusion i’m probably one of very few agents actually


in the country there’s one half million there was a less than 34 000 last time back in november that actually took this


class but uh i just want to let you know i’m committed to fair housing and diversity equity inclusion it’s just you know the way that i roll so it’s just


who i am i learned a lot from that so that’s important to you as well you know dmv below you know you get that idea


right so you’re not just using it for marketing purposes but you are letting it known out there there’s not a they don’t give you a badge specifically they


do give one for um uh the other one at home with diversity right they so you get a badge with that


class this one is just an online simulation you can be done with it i think in about 90 minutes or so um so i would highly


recommend you go through that okay so additional action items this week


um name updated uh contact information name phone email home address set everybody up with all the campaigns


neighborhood housing that they seasonal property checker the addition oh you gotta create categories


you wanna create categories inside of my desk it does allow you to create categories right so these are my golfers


these are my wine people these are my ipa people or beer people these are my you know star wars people and then


if you sent me a piece of content that was real estate golf or anything liquor


related i i take a look at it right so um something but whenever like some


people said certain contests no like you know thing with me it’s like you’re saying hey howard you wanted to have a


star wars party and then play golf round of golf afterwards and then go for ips yes until all three that sounds like a great


weekend so you need to know your clients really well so my point is when you start creating categories and then you


say hey this is just an investor that receives this or this is just this group that receives it your your uh the people who receive the content


just gonna be much better right okay so no it’s one where and why they would do move next number one like what where and


why would they move next spells name adverse mortgage description and all that other stuff you got a lot to do


this week right this is recorded i’ve got action items all up and down the thing you guys

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